Oct. 9th, 2017 05:57 pm
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Inserting an indent into an HTML document is proving more complicated than I expected. O_o


PS from Mori: I'm positive there's some deeply elegant super-important reason that HTML seems to be moving towards longer and longer tags, but I'm tech-dumb and don't get why <strong> is superior to <b> or <p align="center"> is better than <center>.  Or why apparently you need CSS to do a simple thing like indent.

EDIT from Sneak: Okay!  I've pretty much finished overhauling!  There are still little bits and stuff I'd like to fix up, but for now, I've got everything how I want it! *flops* PHEW!  And now I eat a very late dinner and sleep!
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Found an awesome book by Carrie Dearborn called Quiet In The Tornado: A Disability Primer.  Thanks, library!

Its sections on "Disability 101: Where to go for Housing, Work, and Benefits," "Work and Benefits," and "Getting on SSI or SSDI" are some of the most concise and readable I've seen.  Highly recommended!

Will add to when I can.


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Hey guys, I got some new folks who joined up recently, so I'm gonna forward y'all to the Big Dreamwidth Multi Introduction Post and remind everyone that it's open unto perpetuity!  If you want to keep an eye on it without manually checking it over and over, you can track it by by clicking the little bell icon directly underneath the post body. (You can see an example of it on this post too--it's the little bell at the far right right at the bottom of this post, right under the post body and just above the words 'Reply.')

If you track it, you will get an inbox message (and/or email) whenever someone new comments, so you'll know when the party's starting up again!

Have fun and play nice all y'all!

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We've had some folks come join DW from tumblr or Discord recently, so I thought I'd do a little Dreamwidth 101 post for you guys! :D I hope it helps!

Access, subscriptions, tags, cuts, memories, and communities, oh my! )
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Okay guys, after my post about Split, I wanted to make a list of awesome plural folks with stuff for sale!  So here’s a quick list of for sales and shop pages for plurals and plural-positive media!  Please comment  to let me know about more things to add to the list!
  • Phineas Frogg's Disability T-shirts: Phineas Frogg is an awesome plural-friendly person who does queer, disability, and politics T-shirts.
  • Navelgazed’s Patreon: art and fiction
  • Artists of the Desired Constellation: Paintings and such, but @1ff needs to make a shop page to more easily funnel money. :p
  • got parts?, by ATW: a DID self-help book by a DID system.  Awesome nuts and bolts.
  • Cuckoo, by Madison Clell: autobio comics about having DID.  Clell has since integrated, but she is awesome!  And she probably has other work for sale on her site somewhere.
  • Amongst Ourselves, by Alderman and Marshall: another DID self-help book, made by a DID system therapist and their wife, also a therapist. (Woo, queer plurals!)
  • When Rabbit Howls and A Creature of Habit, by the Troops for Truddi Chase.  The Troops have passed on, but their work remains!  All of us who’ve ever criticized the medical model owe a debt to the Troops.  Read and remember! (A Creature of Habit was published after they died.  We haven’t read it, but we want to!  It’s expensive due to being lavishly illustrated by the Troops’ paintings.)
  • I’m Eve and A Mind of My Own, by Chris Costner Sizemore.  Ms. Sizemore has also passed on, sadly, but she is also an inspiration to us all due to her fighting a hard legal battle to regain the rights to her life story.  The Three Faces of Eve was inaccurate; please, read her books in her own words. (Also, handy because her system was quite different than how we think of DID systems now.  Learn your history!  Her papers are also a special collection at Duke)
  • Ysabetwordsmith is singlet, but her Polychrome Heroics poetry series has a pretty awesome multi superhero, Damask!  Ysabetwordsmith was also a huge help to us when we first started working in art.  You can prompt and sponsor poems in her regular Poetry Fishbowls!
  • @spacerobotcrew ‘s Etsy store, which includes great things like multi pride jewelry.
  • Alien Shore, by C. S. Friedman, is by a singlet but apparently quite good in its depiction of a multiple!
  • And of course, we, LB Lee, have a Patreon (for fiction, art, and comics), and ebooks and paper comics.
  • @chocolate-oxygen​ is offering pay-what-you-want writing/fanfic commissions right now, in part to help start paying for DID-focused therapy! I don’t think she has any specifically multiplicity-related works available for purchase, but it’d still be money going to supporting (a) multiple artist(/s) 👌


Oct. 12th, 2016 05:10 pm
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Well, this is embarrassing.  All this time, it turns out that I've been doing the whole friending business on DW wrong.  And here I thought you all were just inordinately quiet.

*goes through the list to get things sorted*


Sep. 13th, 2016 01:21 am
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We made a Facebook.

…I have NO IDEA how this site works. o_o

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The new index is a GO!  I’ll be updating it as more articles come in, but as of now, I at least have the basics up!

I of course welcome more articles folks recommend.  My big requirements are:

  • It be written in language people can understand even if they haven’t been in the community long
  • It is of immediate practical use (so no stuff on the philosophical theory behind plurality, sorry–besides, @solipsistful has that covered way better)
  • Is written in a way that acknowledges the basic humanity of plurals (so yeah, I’m not posting stuff that, say, recommends completely discounting system members’ needs and importance)
Oh man, I’m so excited, I’ve been working on this since June! :D
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TA-DA! Behold! The Big Multi Resource List is live! (Though still being revised.) Let me know if any links are broken!

Contained are (mostly) free public PDFs and websites that I thought would be either useful or entertaining to fellow multiples. It includes multi books/articles/stories, trauma recovery, suicide prevention, gender, and poverty skills—since let’s face it, multiples often deal with all of the above.

All of the things on this list should be entertaining or hands-on useful… well, except the academic articles, but you know, I figure I’m not the only intellectual masochist around.
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Hey everybody!  I come to ask your feelings concerning Dreamwidth.

See, a lot of my friends have upped shop from LJ to DW, and I'm trying to decide whether I should set up a mirror site there.  Note that even if I join DW, this LJ is not going anywhere; I've been using LJ for seven years, so it's still my preferred platform.  I would merely be duplicating posts; the DW would be merely a clone of the LJ, though obviously missing a lot of the archive. (I would duplicate the writing table of contents posts so everyone can find their stories, though!)

What are your feelings on DW?  What are your feelings on making a duplicate of this LJ there?  Would that make it easier for you to follow my activity?  What say you?


New name!

Mar. 8th, 2014 11:20 pm
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Don't worry everyone; we just changed our LJ name from baaing_tree to lb_lee.  For many years, the old name served us well, but it dates to a high school in-joke that isn't really relevant anymore, and we wanted to have all our online things unified under the one name.

Also, our mood theme has changed, at long last!  Huzzah!

So please, don't mind the construction.  Just long overdue digital renovating.
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Sorry friendly anons, I'm having issues with spambots trying to sell my flist handbags, so anon commenting is turned off.
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Because people on this flist probably have more tech under their belts.

So, the space that hosts all of's stuff is going down.  No surprise, really; it should've vanished a year ago!  So, everything has to get packed up and moved.

The documents can be hosted on the website itself, no problem, but images are a bit of a problem.  Size is one thing, and another is... well, microsoft officelive (for whatever stupid reason) doesn't allow making directories in its image gallery.  And must have at least a hundred pictures on it.

A hundred pictures, in no order except alphabetical, and no way to rename the files once uploaded.  So, to organize, everything would have to be renamed beforehand with an organizational prefix.


Obviously, that much effort is more than it's worth.  So, dearest flist, does anyone have some recs for free image hosting that allows directories?  The old DA account is still around, I guess that'd work...
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