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Wow, this post has become a true monster.  LJ has apparently become our unofficial writing site.

Different writings are on different filters.  You may not be on all of these filters.  You want to read something and can't?  Comment, and I'll get you sorted.

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Series/Story Groups:
Infinity Smashed
Reverend Alpert, the Traveling Exorcist
Battle the Universe
The Princess and Her Monster (HIATUS)
Old Bloods
The Tree That Wasn't
Disabled Cyborgs
Magical Moonbeams
Tanika, Ghost Whisperer
Writeathons and Stand-Alones
Multiplicity/Little Tin Cults

Reverend Alpert, the Traveling Exorcist

The apocalypse has come and gone, leaving behind the remnants of humanity and a lot of supernatural entities.  Reverend Alpert earns his bread and butter dealing with them.  A loner by nature, his life is simple and regulated, but then he picks up a companion and things get complicated.  You can learn more about the story set-up here!

The Sins-of-Flesh Demon: In the Gestaltist belief system, monsters reflect the humans around them.  So Alpert is less than pleased when he spawns a sins-of-flesh demon. (NSFW)
The Monster Under the Bed: As a constant traveler, Reverend Alpert makes his home by setting wards. At the inn he stays at, the children make their home by creating a monster. Bonus sketch!
La Curandera: Reverend Alpert travels to a town, only to find it fallen to plague zombies. All that remains is the child of the local curandera, and her monstrous stuffed owl.
The Angel of Joy: Reverend Alpert meets an entity that wants nothing more than for everyone to be happy. Fanart illustration!
the Rage Mother: After their run-in with the Angel of Joy, Alpert and Perfection need money, and so they end up taking on two cases of possession: a mother, and a farmers' crops. One goes well; the other, not so much.
The Black Dog: Reverend Alpert is called to deal with what seems to be a haunted house, but between the troubled boy being haunted and the nature of the spirit, things are more complicated than they first look.
The Shadow Wife: It's winter harvest season, which means more possessed produce work for Alpert and Perfection, but another Gestaltist gets involved who doesn't approve of their working arrangement. Bonus sketch!
The Curse of Opposites: Reverend Alpert and Perfection are called to the cursed town of Chelm, only to find that the curse isn't the problem, but a small puppy instead.
The Thing in the Drain: Reverend Alpert and Perfection are looking forward to a relaxing night at Alpert’s favorite bath house, but it looks like the management has changed.
The Greenwitch: Alpert and Perfection are still making their way to the central church, when they run into a case involving a very different faith than Alpert's own.
The Blood Gestaltist: Alpert tells Perfection who he used to be, why he has only one name, and why he avoids the church.
The Genie: While Alpert deals with the central church, Perfection takes some time to herself and finds another monster displeased with their master. Fanart illustration!
Alpert's Son: To train her for their upcoming work in the Scattered Cities, Alpert introduces Perfection to his son, Zachary.
The Terror-Eater: Alpert and Perfection encounter a carnivorous shape-shifter who embodies its audience's worst fears, which leads to a very uncomfortable conversation.
The Heirlooms: While gathering valuables from a city taken by plague zombies, Alpert and Perfection get separated, and Perfection has her first experience of true physical pain.
The Corpse Child: Alpert and Perfection take on a case involving a child who has died but refuses to acknowledge it.
The Deity of Forever Road: Lupa is a very good dog, and when she dies, she becomes a minor deity protecting a stretch of highway.
The Mother of All Plagues: Perfection and Reverend Alpert encounter something they can't fight.
The Librarian: Most Revered Dorothy Ives has to deal with the ghosts from her past and present, along with an unexpected letter.
The Alpert Trollface Comic: All Perfection wants is to get a rise out of Alpert.  Is that so terrible?  A silly comic done for the series's fifth anniversary.
Perfection's Birthday: It was one year ago that Perfection met Alpert, and she wants something very special...

The Cursed City: Decades after the events of La Curandera, a grown-up Prudencia cleans a city.

You also might enjoy the fabulous fanart (here and here), and fanfic (2) fine folks have fabricated!

Battle the Universe
Superheroism is a valid form of law enforcement in the BTU world, often televised and dramatized for popular consumption.  To be a street vigilante is dangerous, but one of the few ways to work on a small, local level.  Follow various vigilantes as they go about their work and lives.  This series has a big ensemble cast, so here's the 101 page!

Better Luck Next Time: Chrone is a lesbian supervillain with time travel powers... but there are provisos.
The Choice: New street-vigilante Tank gets faced with the classic supervillain choice: save others or themself? Tank breaks the rules, and the hostage situation moves inside.
One Step Ahead: Tank have just become a member of Law and Justice, an illustrious superhero team, but someone seems to be sabotaging their career...
How to Wake Up: When Law and Justice is attacked by a dream-based supervillain, Blind Justice finds herself trapped in a never-ending nightmare. How does she escape?
Return to Sender; Addressee Deceased: In Tank's system, TJ gets dreams from system members who have died, and the Zombie tries to comfort zer.
A Break From People: Lorry is starting to crack under the pressure of constantly being around news crews and his teammates, and desperately needs some alone time. But how do you get that when you're multiple?
Zombie's Birthday: The Zombie does a lot of things for its internal family, and one day, they decide to thank it.
The Gynecologist:  Lorry's system can handle a lot of things, but now it's their biggest challenge yet: a doctor's appointment.
Hamster Man: Chester "Cheeks" Maccio has come all the way from Vermont to see what superheroing is like in the big leagues, and then he and Lorry end in a firefight.
The First Rule of Blackmail: Tank lies in a hospital bed, and Lucinda and Kara plot what to do next.
That Guy at the Party: Lorry crashes, and Lucinda is stuck fronting at a party with nobody she knows, and then she gets cornered by That Guy.  You know the one.
Black Man and Cracker Jack Battle the Universe: Reggie has a bad day and ends up a costumed vigilante by accident.
The Man In His Castle: Reggie defeats a bad guy with lesbians.
The Reality Warper: A former superhero breaks out of the mental hospital, and reality starts to go horribly wrong. Tank tries to help.
Cracker On Fire: Jake's stupidity nearly kills him.
5 Times BTU Flunked Gender: T owns his Introduction to Human Sexuality homework.
Changes: Incog has been asked which face is the real one.
Fighting the D: Everyone’s scattering; nobody wants to be around when the police arrive.
Lady Luck: “In a move transgender activists are calling a huge step forward, Lady Luck has joined the team of Law and Justice, becoming the first transgender superhero today..."
Battle The Universe 5 Sentence Ficlets: Twenty-five drabbles in five sentences.

The Princess and Her Monster
In an alternate universe where the Roman Empire never existed, the Mediterranean was controlled by three different empires: Ptolemaic Egypt, Carthage, and Maccabbean Jehuda.  Judaism is the primary monotheistic religion in Europe. NOTE: This story is beyond my chops at this time, and has been quietly abandoned.  You are always free to request more stories, just know that I am not writing anymore at this time.

Broken Cup: After a transformation, Gad deals with his new body.
Against the Night: After Gate's transformation into a golem, Princess Judith keeps having dreams of how he used to be, and she's sick of it.
Given Values of Success: Tobiach spends a lot of time desperately trying to convince himself that he and his plans are NOT failures, and then something he doesn't plan goes surprisingly right.
In Service: Long after all the rest of the story, Gate gets tied up.

A Family of Fools. Mordekhai, Miriam, and Mara are a family of professional fools in the Holy City, and they're hired to work at a party involving two feuding families, where emotions are running high.
To Serve and Protect: Mara's father gets hurt on the Shabbat, and she goes to find a foreign doctor still in business.

In Which Princess Judith Does Not Spit On A Rabbess: Where there was a royal guard, there was a royal child.  Praise be. (Note: FIRST DRAFT.  I won't stop you reading it, but it was way before things got settled.)
In Which Princess Judith Does Not Get a Knight: "What's the difference between a knight and a guardsman?" (Note: VERY EARLY DRAFT.  I won't stop you reading it, but it was way before things got settled.)
In Which Princess Judith Sets a Baroness Aflame: Judith drives off another governess.(Note: VERY EARLY DRAFT.  I won't stop you reading it, but it was way before things got settled.)
Ties of Blood and Water: "They don't want me." (Note: FIRST DRAFT.  I won't stop you reading it, but it was way before things got settled.)
Chapter One: In which Sir Bertram Attempts to Rescue a Princess and Gravely Miscalculates: Sir Bertram took a branch to the face and swore. (Note: FIRST DRAFT.  I won't stop you reading it, but it was way before things got settled.)
In Which Sir Bertram Abuses the Word 'Obvious': "Tell me, do you ever have troubles with birds?" (Note: FIRST DRAFT.  I won't stop you reading it, but it was way before things got settled.)

Old Bloods
Welcome to Rochester, Massachusetts.  Depending on who you talk to, vampires are either dangerous beasts after your children, or the coolest minority ever.  It is now a fad in some teenage subcultures to get turned, so as to stay young, beautiful, and powerful forever, and the collateral damage is mounting.  Old Bloods follows the lives of ordinary vampires who carry on their lives as best they can.

 Vampires You Never See: A little comic that kicked off a lot of the original stories.
Going Home: Larry is a loving father and partner, but when he's violently attacked and turned to vampirism, he loses his job, financial security, and health insurance coverage with one bite. Which leads to the question of how he and his partner Luis can afford to pay rent...
Mao Xue Wang: Larry is having a hard time keeping blood down, and Luis is afraid for his health. Their crotchety old neighbor Han comes up with a delicious solution.
Larry's History: When Larry contracts hemophagia, his body starts rejecting some earlier modifications. Luis and Mary Ann join forces to give him something just as good.
Grand Boys: Old vampires hang out at Vasilov's, where the blood is good, the clientele merry, and the music is suitably old.
The Undying Bride: Carlisla never did like those 'romantic' stories where a creepy vampire turned his nubile human girlfriend...
Life Goes On: After being turned into a vampire, Carlisla has a bit of an adjustment period.
Acts of Kindness: When going to her Biters Anonymous meeting, Carlisla finds that her friend Rashid has just had a friendship go horribly wrong.
Blood Bank: Now that Carli has her dog back, she starts working on getting her blood safely and ethically. The Daylight Brigade decides to help.

The Tree That Wasn't
The story of two neighbors.  Maria has a carnivorous treebeast living in her front yard.  Chavela has a lover on the astral plane.  Otherwise, the world around them is ordinary, leaving the two of them to figure it out.

The Tree That Wasn't: Maria meets an entity trying very hard to pretend it's a tree.  It doesn't succeed.
A Cat's Eye View: Chavela's love affair, as observed by her cat.
How Does Your Garden Grow?: Maria now has a new garden resident, but how do you care for a giant predatory tree-thing?  On top of that, it tries to eat Chavela's cat.
Trick or Tree'd: Maria and Chavela gear up for the inevitable difficulties that comes from having a lot of candy, small children, and a predatory treebeast in the same yard.
The Uneatable Plant: Chavela's spirit boyfriend has gone missing, so Blacksockswhite goes to investigate!
Dream Lovers: Chavela has a happy relationship with Dion, but there's just one little problem... he's not corporeal.

Disabled Cyborgs
The Corporate War has ended, leaving a regiment of unemployed veteran cyborgs in need of money and maintenance.  With their human patcher, Gwyneth, they try and keep themselves going in a world where they were designed to make money, not last.

Limited Warranty: "The love that lets you patch someone up with whatever tools are necessary and then send them back to their lives."
Social Networking: The Corporate War is over, but now Gwyneth and her cyborg regiment need new jobs, and quickly. And in Megacorp, it's all about who you know...
Planned Obsolescence: Cyborg Mike05 starts having health problems that his patron doesn't want to deal with.
System Maintenance: After the war, Mem08 has a cardinal rule: never ignore a distress signal.  Even if it may not be real.
Portia, the Mechanical Girl: Despite everyone's attempts to convince her otherwise, Portia is positive she's a robot.
Hayada, the White-Gloved General: Toshi Hayada was a mediocre pianist but a brilliant soldier. And then he got blown up.

Durable Medical Equipment: Levi Ibrahim is a blind cyborg working in prosthetics with sensorimotor capability (with a trade-off in the visual appeal department).  Brand Olajuwon's path crosses with his, and they try to make their way in the gritty underbelly of the same world as the other Disabled Cyborgs stories above, though a different side of it.

The Bionic Prosthetist: Levi Ibrahim makes prosthetics that feel real. Brand Olajuwon is interested, but not as a customer. Sketch!

Cute stories about borgified animals are also here, because who doesn't love adorable cyborg animals?

The Borg Critters: the commissioned art pieces that inspired it all!
Esprit de Corps: Dead Zone Corps #000111 are a Borg unit in charge of exploring and investigating areas with only sporadic wireless access. Cut off from the Hive-Mother's constant protocol signals, the unthinkable happens: one of them becomes individual. What to do? And how to identify something that can't be understood?
The Best Messenger: Now that the cute little cybrog critters of Special Corps Unit #000111 are individuals, they must relay instructions through sound, only to discover that weather and individual interpretation can cause problems…
Dead Man's Switch: Rat is the leader of the cyborg animals, but it is now painfully aware that it is prey. It finds an ingenious way of dealing with that anxiety.

Magical Moonbeams
A meta-fiction spectacular! You know that coffeeshop so much fanfiction takes place in? Marge is a barista there. Homescross Coffee is the site of a huge crossover RP online where fictional characters (either under their player's power or their own) come to make friends, fall in love, attend support groups, and get their caffeine fix.

Ordinary Ever After: Margaret is the Moon Princess, a main character with a tragic backstory from a poorly written but mega-popular fantasy story. When she finds out a sequel will be written, she wants to escape, but how? Bonus sketch!
The Other Princess: Marge has settled into her new life working at the Homescross coffee shop. Everything is going well, until there's a mod error and another Moon Princess shows up...
God Night: Marge is stuck running Homescross Coffee alone when the gods show up to party, and everyone knows the gods tip lousy... Sketch!
The Superpowered Craft Fair: Homescross Coffee is taking part in the autumn craft fair, and Marge gets a wooden duck.
Caught in a Rad Bromance: When Marge gets harassed by someone from her past, she discovers an ingenious way to get rid of him for good, thanks to the Bromancers support group.
The Magical Girl House: Former Moon Princess Marge decides she needs to move out, and that her past history is weighing on her more than expected.  Sketch!

Tanika, Ghost Whisperer

Sympathies: Tanika is bullied at school and thrown in the local haunted house for a night, but she finds unexpected help...
Somebody's Watching Me: Tanika takes a job to deal with a creep in the women's locker room.
How Jazell Got Their Earrings: When Jazell moves to a new school, they're ordered by their brother to make a new friend.


The Other Legend of John Henry: John Henry and his wife Polly know better than to make a deal with the Devil, but when the steam engine comes, they have no choice. Illustration!
To Lose Oneself: Baku is the last survivor of a hive mind, and one day, it loses itself in the past.
The Kids Wore Red: Rhonda Burns is the school outcast, and Brent Garbo is the golden boy, but they share a secret in common...
Fly Away: Roger has the best baby girl in the world, but one day, she begins to change in ways he doesn't like...
Shades of Sara: One day, Sara discovers a glowing door in her basement, which leads her to a new family.
The Ship of Dreams: As a child, Vickie dreams of a ship that constantly changes form and substance, but yet always remains the same. She grows up and puts away her childish things, but the ship of dreams is always there for her.
Stewards of Behemoth: For millennia, stewards have cared for Behemoths in exchange for living inside their bodies, passing the duty down from oldest daughter to oldest daughter. But what happens when the oldest daughter isn't up for the job, and jealousy ferments?
We Are The Revolution: Nobody knows who They are, but every Sunday at midnight, They execute the richest person in the world. But what happens to the sanctity of their revolution when the richest person in the world is a child? Bonus sketch!
Gold and Platinum: Two raiders attempt to rob a wealthy dragon, only to discover they should've paid better attention to the nature of its wealth. Fanart!
Thirty-Four Days: One day, Amelia wakes up to find everyone gone. All that remains is a message written on the whiteboard in big red capital letters: "DON'T GO OUTSIDE."
Mrs. Cohen's Aide: Elderly widow Mrs. Cohen needs help around the house, so she hires Jael, a redoubtable mute woman who's curiously always available.  Then Jael appears on her doorstep with a duffel bag.
Where Angels Fear to Tread: After her exile from Eden, Lilith wanders the earth, until one day she meets a fellow wanderer named Cain...
Protection: Rosespar was Lila's bodyguard before she was her wife, and old habits die hard.
Small Mercies: Masego’s people do not thank heaven for small mercies out of any belief in the name. They thank heaven because at least there are no large mercies.
Very Concerned: Judy is homeless for nine months, and she keeps receiving much-unwanted gifts. Her ingratitude helps keep her going.
The Making of Fifi: In a multiple system, Fifi learns to be herself just in the nick of time to escape a creeper.
Fear Itself: A woman decides to ride her nightmare for all he's worth.  NSFW.
The Weather-Tellers: In a world where homo sapiens aren't the only humans around, two girls try to run away from their respective peoples, only to meet in the middle. Bonus sketch!
Top of the Food Chain: Vijay prides himself on being a human predator, and when he dies, his next life is chosen accordingly...
CareGivers: After many crummy jobs, shapeshifter May is happy to have a solid position as an attachment surrogate--people who offer professional emotional support and a listening ear to others. Except then one of the other surrogates gets sick, and she has to take on one of their clients.
Wealth of Ideas: In Shangri-La, art is the highest, most lucrative form of human expression. Unfortunately for brilliant novelist William Dawkins, all he wants to truly write is crap.
The Richest Shark in the Water: Sevengill lets her friends egg her into grabbing a beautiful cloth in the water. She doesn't like what happens next. Bonus sketch!
Queen Mab's Castle: Time are hard for the Fair Folk, and they've turned Tir Na Nog into a tourist resort for bored, wealthy humans.  Maeve is a harried tour guide, until one day, someone pushes her too far...
Borderlanders: Real men and real women divide themselves down the Mississippi River. Which leads to the obvious question: what happens to everyone else?
The First Mythic War: "Oh man, remember that robot and pirate love t-shirt thingy I posted? I'd totally love to read about the robot and the pirate being a happy old married couple!"
A Fiery Orgy of Wormflesh: "Genderfuck-y fantasy adventurer type and his girlfriend, and their husband... it's not so much that the guys are in love with each other as they are both with her, and just really close friends."
For Science!: "Geek girls in love. Bonding over killing zombies/aliens, reading comic books or going to see a cheesy blockbuster movie with lots of explosions. Bonus points for non-monosexuality (bi or pan, idc)."
Make You Happy: for the prompt "Give me happy consent-tastic sex between a living person (paranormal investigator? channeler? non-skeptic who set out to find out just how corporeal a dead guy/girl can get? idk.) and a ghost."
Smooth-Dressed Criminal: for the prompt "A fashionable criminal fucks a innocent musician through the glass. It must involve gun play and jewlery. space."
Fierce and the Fair: for the prompt "Beauty and the Beast.
The Wolf Girl: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who won the blessing of a good fairy: she would survive all harm that befell her. A dark fairy tale, full of body horror.
Only One Helga Macklewitz: For as long as she could remember, Helga Macklewitz had believed she was a fairy kitty trapped in a human body.
Piggy Bank Dreams: A horror-ish story about where piggy banks go when they die.

Multiplicity/Little Tin Cults
Articles about multiplicity, especially cults involving it.  Not our personal stories; those are here. (NOTE: that entry is filtered.  If you want access, ask.) This is going to be divided into sections for specific cults/cult leaders, and general purpose stuff.

General Multi Stuff (with no cults)
Feel free to check here and here!  That's where we keep the 101 stuff.

The Handy Dandy Loony-Brain Uncloseting Guide
On Building Headspace
Headspace as a Metaphor
How Systems Lose and Gain New Members
When Healthy Multiples Aren't Healthy
Plural-Positive Media: Support your fellow plurals!
Harvey Dent and Big Bad Harv: about Two-Face from Batman: The Animated Series
Repressed Memory Guide
Recovered Memories: How our recovered memory process works.
Death and Multiplicity: Sometimes, system members die, and sometimes, it's good to commemorate that.
False Memory Syndrome Debunkings
The Thing About Fictives
Better Miserable Than Crazy: Back when we tried very hard to will ourselves into singletude, there was an unspoken belief that it was better to be miserable than mentally ill. You too?
Impervious to Weirdness: For all you folks out there who are secretly (or not so secretly) terrified that you're a faker who's just doing it all for the attention, even as you never tell anyone you exist.
The Systems Everyone's Ashamed Of: Even in plurality, there's a sort of hierarchy of weird--having people in your head is okay, as long as they're the RIGHT KIND of people. This is a take-down of that idea.
System Is Not a DID-Only Word: Tumblr urban legend claims that 'system' is for DID systems only.  Bullshit.
Multiple Is Not a DID-Only Word: Tumblr urban legend also claims that 'multiple' is for DID systems only.  This is also bunk.  Also busts down the idea of multiplicity being something that can be 'appropriated.' (No, it can not.)
Ralph Allison and the Word 'Multiple': A follow-up to my earlier post, where I track down some of the history of the word 'multiple.'
The Ableist-Critical Thinking Thought Trap: Another tumblr thought-trap is that to criticize certain faux-progressive urban legends is proof one is oppressive.  Another debunking.
Our Life Without Non-DID Multi: Our life would've been much impoverished without the various kinds of multiples and plurals we have known.

General Douchebaggery/Little Tin Cult Crap
Why 'Little Tin Cults'?: where the name comes from.
The Charismatic Leader
Dissociation as a Tool of Abuse
Crazy Chasers
The Secret-Keepers
Multi-Specific Abuse
Fandom Cults and the Power of Story
Little Tin Cult Leaders: A lot of cult leaders are older than folks think.
Just Like You: Acting good and doing good are two separate things.
How to Oust a Douchebag: Okay, you've got a dick in your community.  Now what?

Andy Blake/Amy Player/Jordan Wood/Victoria Bitter/etc.
MST: Andy Blake, The Most Multi of Multis part 1
MST: Andy Blake, The Most Multi of Multis part 2
My Interview Regarding Andy Blake

Tristan Grey/Desiree Hamm
The Rapes and Kidnappings of Tristan Grey: Rough draft form; I won't stop you from reading it.
The Tactics of Tristan Grey: Rough draft form; I won't stop you from reading it.
Cultiples #1: A pay-what-you-want ebook PDF version with edited and revised versions of the above two posts.
Cultiples #1 Old Article Collations (the Appendices): Due to the nature of Tristan's crimes (sexual assault of children), early newspaper articles regarding the victims' disappearance were deleted from the Internet.  However, thanks to the intrepid newshounds of, I was able to find copies of these old articles.  I screen-capped and censored them, and am posting them here (along with text-only transcriptions) for my readers, since the print versions of those screen-caps are awkward to read.
A Final End Note:  Turns out I knew a friend of a friend of the kidnapped girls.  They are doing well!  So there's at least that.

Fanfiction isn't my strong suit, but I'll write some every once in a while, particularly if it's requested at a writeathon.

Transcendence: Gravity Falls.  The first time Bill enters Ford's mind, it's transcendent.
Fairy Tales: Labyrinth fic.  Sarah knows her fairy tales, and she knows that princesses are good and weak, while queens are evil and strong. She'd rather be a queen, and she'll do whatever it takes to get it--how convenient that a Goblin King shows up... Bonus sketch!
Waiting Out the Storm: Persona 4 fic. Years after a gender crisis, Naoto gets rained into a Chicago coffeeshop, and gets a blast from the past, which pulls up issues that were supposed to be laid to rest.
Makoto: Persona 4 fic. The Tarot is sometimes interpreted as being a psychological journey towards wholeness, but is that the same as oneness? The Persona 4 team try to find out. (Rise and Teddie-centric)
The Story of Dink: King's Quest V fic. Dink remembers nothing before Mordak's castle. Then one day, he and his buddy Sam meet a princess who gives them something new to think about...
Relativity: Callahan's Place/Firefly crossover.  Wash smashes a spaceship into a New York bar parking lot.
Phantom Stranger/Dr. Thirteen Crackfic: What it says on the tin.  I completely blame this monstrosity on my friends.
Stretch Marks and Freckles: JLI dark ages, Booster Gold/Ted Kord, fluffity fluff fluff
Dignity Left to Lose: Booster Gold/Gladys.
Attack of the Beetle Bomber: for the prompt "cool toys." Beetle has merchandise!
Claustrophobia: Booster and Ted trapped in a cave-in.  Let the freak-outs commence!
Six Boostle Drabbles
Say & Spell: Ted is rendered speechless.  The JLI rejoices... right before getting trapped by a teenager calling himself the DM.
Five Times Boostle Fucked Gender: For a genderful prompt on the Boostle kink-meme.  From G to NC-17.
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