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(Note: more Princess and Monster character bits.  Same as last; Judith is about six, Gate is human, and nothing has gone to hell yet.  Also, as a random note: Judith's name is pronounced YOO-dith.)

Summer had come to Itzak.  Taking advantage of the sunshine and the greenery, Princess Judith had darted to the courtyard straightaway after lessons.  Her guard sat sprawled on the grass, boots off, idly sharpening a dagger.

She stepped into the boots.  They came up past her knees.  She tried an exploratory step and nearly fell over.

"What's the difference between a knight and a guardsman?" She asked, trying again, more successfully.

The guardsman didn't look up. "Knight has a sword and a horse."

The princess waited, but not more was forthcoming. "That's it?" She asked. "That's the only difference?"

The guardsman held his blade to the sun, squinting one eye shut. "Well, if you ask a knight, they'll give you some sweet la-di-da about being chosen by the king and by God for their valor and goodness, but they just say that to get you into bed.  Sword.  Horse.  The rest is money and blood."

"That's not true!  Anyone can be knighted if they're proven in the court of battle," the princess said.  She tried to stomp a grasshopper, but it leaped out of the way.

"Aye, but it's a lot easier to have valor when you can afford a sword and armor." The dagger passed muster; the guardsman put it away.

"You're brave, and you don't have a sword or armor."

"Can't afford it, can I?  As your guard, I eat well, sleep well, and can afford good boots, but a sword and mail?  Out of the question."

"That's dreadful.  I could knight you, if you wanted.  I am a princess." She tried kicking a stone across the yard.

"Please don't.  As a guard, I prosper in peacetime.  Don't want to starve the men who watch over you sleep, eh?  Knights, they prosper in times of war.  No war, no money, you understand? They want to keep themselves in ale, they have to be fighting someone, either in tournament or on field proper." The guard laid back with a sigh of satisfaction. "No, princess.  I prefer to prosper in peacetime.  Which I do--I'm the only member of the royal staff you haven't set your toys on, and your family loves me for that.  I'd be a wretched poor knight, but I make a good living as a guard."

Judith tried jumping in the boots.  She missed the grasshopper again. "Knights get all the tales and lovely ladies, though."

"Pfah.  I've no need for tales, and as for lovely ladies, they deserve more adoring company than I."

"Right.  I forgot." The princess stomped around a little more, then stopped.  She frowned.

"What is it?" The guardsman asked.

"If you have no sword or armor," she asked, "what will you do if a knight attacks you?"

The guard thought it over for a bit, then smirked. "Run."

She threw herself at him, swinging her fists; he laughingly fended her off.

"You wouldn't!" She cried.

"I would!  But don't worry, princess, I would take you with me."


"Oh yes.  You think I'm joking?  Even with a princess under my arm, I expect I could outpace a knight in full armor; have you any idea how heavy that mess is?"

Dubiously satisfied, the princess ceased her onslaught and flopped on the grass with him.

"Another nice bit about being a guard," he mused, "you're not required to act chivalrously.  Long as you're all right in the end, I expect I've done well."

Date: 2010-10-07 12:22 pm (UTC)
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D'AWW! I love Gate even more now!


Date: 2010-10-09 12:07 am (UTC)
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He is pretty awesome. I enjoy writing him.
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