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This prompt is for [ profile] nevacaruso, who wanted scary stories in the Old Bloods vampire universe!  Happy spookathon, Annie!

This story will make more sense if you read Grand Boys first, but it's not necessary.  I also drew Carlisla almost three years ago; I'm so glad to FINALLY write her story, which was the seed that started the entire Old Bloods universe.

The Undying Bride

“…And then he made her his vampire bride, forever young, forever beautiful, and forever happy.  The End!”

“Ooh, how romantic!”

“Gag,” said Carlisla. “What a pedo.”

The two other girls gave her offended looks.

“What?  He totally is!”

“He’s still in high school,” The storyteller said, rolling her eyes and snuggling into her sleeping bag.

“Yeah, for two hundred years!  I’ve been here one, and I’m already sick of it.  What kind of creeper would stay there, willingly, for two hundred?”

“It’s a fantasy, Carli.  You know, for fun?”

“Yeah, Carli, don’t be such a buzzkill.  It’s not like things like this actually happen.” Sigh.

“Good,” Carlisla said, turning over and pulling the blanket up to her ears. “Because if it did, that’d be the scariest story I ever heard.”

Carli ran, roots and branches tearing at her legs and arms.  Something was wrong with her eyes, night vision flickering on and off like a bad camera filter.  Bleeding.  She was bleeding.

And she was so.  Hungry.

Run.  Run.  No thoughts, no feelings, no pounding pulse in her head (I will make you happy) ignore the redwarmhungry dripping down her skin, just runrunrun.  Focus.  She knew this park, and once she found the trail, she’d be out, she’d be safe, she could get home.  Away.  Safe.  She was faster than him.  As long as she kept running.

(Come back, you’re supposed to be happy, I’ll make you so happy)

The railroad ties and roots gave way to mulch.  The trail!  Up, left, up the slope, to the road, she just had to make it to the road, almost there, almost there, asphalt, yes, good—

(STUPID UNGRATEFUL BITCH) It seared like a pulse through her head, and her vision went gray.  She fell.  She heard brakes from a million miles away surging towards her head.

“Oh my god!” Voices like strobes, in and out like ocean waves. “Miss?  Miss, are you—”

Warm hot life chew bite eat—gone.

“Shit.  Luis, call—”

Fade to black.

It was three days before Carli woke up and stayed awake.  She was strapped to a hospital bed.  There were blackout curtains on the wall, and a pouch of plasma hooked up to her IV.

She lay there, oddly perplexed.  Oh.  Was that it?  Was that all?  One bite (many bites) and she was never going to get gray hair or wrinkles?  She’d never experience menopause, or menstruation either, or Jamie’s kale stir-fry, which he’d been promising her for ages?  She’d never experience another sunset, or day job, or double-fudge vegan chocolate cake?  How could that be?  Could a vampire be vegan?

She couldn’t even turn over, curl in a little ball, and cry.  Straps aside, she couldn’t feel anything.  Just a mild confused disappointment.  She couldn’t not age.  She had so been looking forward to it too!  But she couldn’t bring herself to feel upset.

Maybe that was a good thing.

(Hello, sweetheart.)

Carli screamed.

“You’re saying you knew your attacker?”

“Yeah.” Carli’s head felt overstuffed with muddy cotton wool, but at least the orders in her head had faded to a dull, resistible throb.  She was numb and confused and stupid, but still under her own control. “His name is Terry.  He’s my… my ex.”

“It says here you have a restraining order on him.”

Carli frowned and rubbed her forehead.  The thoughts and memories seemed to take forever to bubble up. “Yeah.  Uh.  Three months ago?  I think.  It’s October, right?”

“Did you know he was a vampire?”

She tried to understand the meaning of the question, why it was being asked, but it took too much effort. “No.  Um.  It’s new.  It must be, right?” Yes. “But I haven’t heard from him in…” she couldn’t remember. “A while.  Yeah.  I thought the order thing… I thought it did the job.”

“Uh huh.  So you’re alleging he met you in the park, where he attacked you and bit you.”

“Uh huh.”

“How did he know you’d be there?”

“What?  Oh, yeah.  I run in that park every day after work.  It’s… it’s my thing.”

“You didn’t change your habits after you broke up with him, or after you got the restraining order?”

“I… maybe?” Carli felt like she should know something, but couldn’t remember what. “He moved out… out to… to Waltham.  I thought…”

“You had a stalker ex who wouldn’t take no for an answer, and you chose to run in this park alone, in the dark?”

Carli frowned.  In the haze, she couldn’t manage anger or even shock at the tone in the investigator’s voice, only a tip-of-the-tongue feeling.  She dug around in her mind, chasing it.

“I… I didn’t.  I…” Now she felt something. “My dog.  Where’s my dog?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I… I don’t run alone.  I have Lacey.  She’s my dog.  She’s a pit mix, a rescue dog.  I brought her.  Where is she?” Terror now, remembering the initial hunger haze. “Did you find my dog?” Oh, please, not Lacey, she’d only just started to trust anyone…

“Ms. Delfona, please.  We haven’t found your dog.”

For a moment, Carli only felt overwhelming relief.  Oh thank god.  Lacey was still alive then.  The hemophagia virus had no effect on dogs either, so Lacey was maybe frightened or alone, but not… wait.

Oh no.

Carli knew where Lacey was.

(Smart girl.)

Carli couldn’t eat Jamie’s kale stirfry, but at least she could watch him make it and smell it.  Usually when he cooked, his face was a picture of cheerful serenity, but now his brow was furrowed. “Have they found him yet?”

“No.  And you know Terry.  He’s probably somewhere in the fells, camping out.  All I’ve got is a stupid restraining order, and how’s that supposed to help me get Lacey back?  The cops are too busy to care about a lost dog; I think they think I’m just a vampire groupie with regrets.  Those pills are awful, and I can’t keep going to the old bloods to keep my head clear.” She sighed, came up behind Jamie, and wrapped her arms around his skinny frame, resting her head between his shoulder blades.  He let go of the salt to squeeze her hand. “I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Jamie turned his head.  She could see one of his dark eyes behind his long hair. “Yes you do.”

“Yeah, I do.  I just don’t like it.  I don’t… I…” She pressed her face into Jamie’s back. “But he took my dog.”

Jamie put the wooden spoon in the pan and turned in her arms to face her.  When she looked up his face was carefully controlled. “Do you want me to call the Daylight Brigade?”

She hid her face in his neck. “Yes.”

“And you’re going to the old bloods?”


“Good luck.”

Carli heard the barking long before Jamie made it to her door.  She leaped out of bed and rushed down the stairs to find Lacey clawing at the door, going into paroxysms of joy, with Jamie holding the end of the chain.

“Lacey!  Oh, Lacey!”

Carli threw her arms around the deliriously happy pit-bull, who promptly slobbered all over her face.  Jamie had his usual sleepy smile, watching peaceably as the two women in his life reconciled.

“He won’t bother you again.  Oh, and Toriana says never to ask her to work with O’Sullivan again,” he said.

Carli nodded, and laughed, and cried, in joy and delayed fear and most of all, relief.

They never told her what exactly happened to Terry.  She was okay with that.

Date: 2013-11-24 12:39 am (UTC)
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My thoughts about twiglet/Twilight exactly. Also, I tried reading a library copy and could only read a few pages before the not-English made me want to throw it across the library. Luckily I had not checked it out!

P.S. I loved this! Yay Lacey!
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We were actually given a copy of Twilight as a gift, before it hit big. Not knowing the comedic goldmine we'd been given, we tried to read it earnestly, not expecting much since vampires are a hard sell for us. We made it through maybe the first chapter, went, "meh," and dropped it never meeting Edward Cullen.

Then the fad hit, and we heard about the sparkling, and saw the movie, and it was glorious. STILL haven't managed to push through the book though. I know people say it's an easy read, but it's a killer for us!

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