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Hi everyone!  This might seem a little strange, but I am reposting an edited version of the first Reverend Alpert story, which was originally entitled Exorcism.  That story was originally written without any intent of a follow-up, so I hadn't figured out what I was doing or where I was going with it yet.  Also, it was done entirely in the comments.

So please enjoy this revised version of the first Alpert story!  There be BDSM chalk-kink porn ahead!

The Sins-of-Flesh Demon

Reverend Alpert was being haunted by a demon.

This was not unusual.  Alpert got haunted by a lot of things.  It happened to professional exorcists, particularly ones who’d been at it for as long as Alpert.  Vengeful spirits, vampiric pumpkins, and even one addle-brained zombie who somehow imprinted on him and got the idea he was its mother. (Alpert had raised it as his own, taught it to live only on previously dead, and had eventually found it a nice job at a chicken farm where nobody minded the smell.) After twenty years, Alpert had seen it all and done it all before.

However, this was the first time that he’d banished a demon three times.  First in Nuevo Angelo, again in Guadalupe.  The third time, in Hayward, he was positive he’d done the job—he’d had his chalk sanctified by the local priest for just the occasion, and given her a good dose of holy water in the bargain.  And she had thrashed and screamed and wailed very satisfyingly and vanished back to whence she came, as per his holy orders.

And now she was back again, a flitting flutter in the corner of his peripheral vision, easily dismissed as a trick of the eye.  The faintest scent of smoke on the air, with a hint of something sweet, clinging to his clothing and the sheets when he woke up.  It hadn’t even been a week since Hayward.

Alpert wasn’t angry.  He wouldn’t have made it as an exorcist for twenty years if he were short-tempered; unspeakable horrors had cooled all self-righteous indignation and rage into quiet resignation.  But he was starting to get a little bit annoyed.  He didn’t understand.  She seemed to be a fairly average sins-of-flesh demon, all about the lust and the wrath and the gluttony.  Why was she being so tenacious?  Perseverance was not a trait often found in sins-of-flesh demons.

It was time to change tactics.  After paying the innkeeper well to insure privacy, Alpert shut himself in his room and purified every inch of it with chalk circles, backing it up with prayer and salt until he was absolutely sure the demon was gone—for the moment, anyway.  Then he pulled back the rug, opened his chalk belt, and got to work.

When Alpert was ready, he licked his thumb and made a gap in one of the circles.  Then he sat on his bed, reading a book, until he felt the fluttering wisp as the demon-girl slipped into the room, edged over the salt as soon as it would allow.

When she had gotten close enough to approach the bed, Alpert smiled and snapped his fingers.

Under the rug, the chalk start glowed.  Then the searing white lines leapt off the floor to wrap around empty space and shadow.  The moment they connected, there was a sizzling crack as the demon was brought fully into the earthly plane, and the now-visible girl crashed to the floor with a howl of indignation.

“Good morning,” Alpert told her without looking up.

The demon-girl cursed him and his ancestors up to thirty generations back.  When that didn’t get a response, she began to struggle.  Her claws tore into the rug, and her tail cracked against the wall hard enough that the portrait of the Virgin Mary fell off.  The timbers shook and she howled with rage, but the chalk lines were as strong as Alpert’s will, and she was no match for it.

Alpert kept reading.  He was a patient man.  He could wait.

Eventually, the demon-girl calmed down, or more likely got bored.  She glared at him, tail swiping against the floor.

Alpert kept reading until he came to a good stopping point.  Then he slipped a bookmark between the pages, sat up, and moved to the edge of the bed, book in his lap.

The demon was apparently still recovering from the exorcism at Hayward; she was a little faded around the edges, as though she barely had enough substance to be visible.  She was voluptuous and Rubenesque, with strong shoulders and the horns of a ram.  Despite her near-invisibility from lack of substance, Alpert kept his distance.

“Are you gonna pay attention to me now, Reverend?” she asked.

“Why are you following me?” Alpert asked.

The demon-girl rolled onto her back and grinned at him.  Her lips were full, but her teeth were very sharp. “You don’t know?”

“That’s not a helpful answer.”

The demon-girl looked positively gleeful. “Wow.  I mean, I assumed you just liked having me around, not that you were stupid.”

“Would you prefer to answer my question, or would you rather I cast a binding star on you and banish you again?  It’s your choice.”

The demon-girl tested the chalk bindings again appraisingly.  When they didn’t budge, she settled a little, tail curling around her ankle.

“I’m a sins-of-flesh demon.” She said simply, shrugging as best she could.

“I’m aware.”

“You know how we get here, right?”

Alpert gave her a reproving glance.

“Come on,” she encouraged. “Tell me how we get here.”

“You’re a manifestation of repressed desire.”

She looked at him expectantly.  Alpert frowned.  He didn’t know what she was waiting for; that’s all there was to it.  Sins-of-flesh demons were repressed desires that came to life and tried to express the desires that had been stifled for so long, leading to raging orgies, mass brawling, and uncontrolled feasting.  It didn’t explain why she’d so tenaciously followed him; sins-of-flesh demons tended to stay with that which created them, cities or families or…

Or individuals.

The demon-girl must’ve seen the change in his face.

“You got it, Reverend,” she said. “Why do you think you couldn’t banish me?  When you tell me to go back where I came from…”

Alpert was not fond of irony, especially at his expense. “So to exorcise you…” He started.

“You need to catch up on all those suppressed desires,” she agreed, wriggling against the bonds a little too happily. “So what are you waiting for?  Let’s fuck!”

Alpert blinked.  Then he started laughing.  It was not an encouraging sound.

The demon-girl looked at him with confusion… and a little annoyance. “What’s so funny?”

Alpert stood, stripping off his waistcoat. “I would expect you to be more knowledgeable about my desires.  Or did you hope I wouldn’t be, so you could keep following me until I teased it out?”

The demon-girl had no remark this time.

“I thought so.  It’s my own fault, I suppose,” Alpert said, hanging his waistcoat neatly over the chair. “I should know better than to work long hours.  Thankfully, you seem to be solely focused on me, so no harm done.”

He snapped his fingers, and the chalk bindings tightened.  The demon-girl whimpered and squirmed, and Alpert chuckled.

“My dear, you’re very charming, but I’m sure you realize that the desires I’ve been putting off satiating aren’t entirely sexual.  Now.  Since you’re here and I need to exorcise you anyway, let’s see if I can’t make you repent first…”

The demon-girl’s skin was tough as leather, but to him, it felt soft and supple, and it marked in pretty streaks of pink and red where he dug his fingernails in.  Her writhing against the bindings was quite satisfying to watch, and the little sounds she made stirred Alpert deep in his gut.

“But you’re pious!” She protested even as she tried to rub her body back against him. “You’re supposed to be repressed!”

“Self-knowledge is the path to enlightenment,” Alpert chuckled. “I’m not sorry to disappoint you.”

She made a sound of aggravation that morphed into a whine as he ran a proprietary hand up her thigh.  She wriggled, trying to get it higher, but Alpert didn’t oblige.

“Very nice,” he purred. “I should have known you were my demon.  You’re just right.”

The demon writhed. “No!”

“Is that really a no, or is that a ‘keep going’ no?”


“That’s what I thought.  If you really want me to stop, recite holy verse.  Any you like, I know them well.”

The demon-girl made a sour face, which made him laugh; demons could recite holy things, of course, but they generally preferred not to. “Aren’t you at least going to get my clothes off?” She pleaded

Alpert hummed thoughtfully as he twisted the bindings tighter. “And unbind you?  I think not.” He reached for his chalk belt; the demon-girl saw it and her eyes went wide. “I’m sure we can work around them.”

She made a sound of frustration and her tail lashed at Alpert’s ankles, only to be pinned down by one of his boots.  She writhed and growled, but her demonic strength was gone for him.  She had come from Alpert’s soul; his will was stronger than her power.

From his belt, he pulled a stick of white chalk.  He breathed on it, and it glowed for a moment before settling down.  Then he bent over her and smiled. “Now.  Let’s see which parts of you are the most sensitive…”

Exorcist’s chalk was generally harmless, except to the supernatural.  Against their skin, it burned, scratched, or scraped, as per the exorcist’s will.  Some exorcists didn’t find it intimidating enough, but Reverend Alpert enjoyed the versatility.  As he drew it down the back of the demon-girl’s clothes, the chalk cut through like butter, leaving a thin red line down the demon-girl’s striped back to the base of her tail.  She cried out and lurched, but didn’t actually attempt to get away.

“Yes, very nice,” Alpert purred, and slashed hard white chalk lines down her back, which welted up instantly.  The demon-girl moaned and went limp, panting.  Alpert gently lifted her head up by the hair.

“It’s almost a shame you have to go,” he whispered as he drew bruising circles across her shoulders. “I haven’t had a chance like this in decades.  Get up on your knees, please; I won’t unbind your legs, so if you want relief…”

The bindings made it difficult, but the demon-girl got her knees under her surprisingly quickly.  Alpert rewarded her by sliding a few fingers into her, and leaving chalk scratches up her thighs.

“Wait!  Wait!” The demon-girl gasped, though the way she was thrusting back on Alpert’s hand didn’t seem to correlate with the words, so he didn’t stop moving.


“I have an idea!”

“Oh really?” He added another finger.  The demon-girl arched, hissed, but steadfastly clung to her train of thought.

“M-maybe… maybe you don’t have to exorcise me!”

“I’m afraid I have a professional reputation to uphold, my dear.” He drew a nice red ribbon over her ribs, and the moan it dragged out of her made him smile.

“I repent!” She wailed. “I’ll be good!  I swear!”

He laughed. “Well, I certainly believe you right now, but it doesn’t work that way.  You’re a sins-of-flesh demon.  You tend to cause havoc until,” he found a spot that made the demon-girl lurch almost entirely off the floor, “exorcised.”

“No, nonono,” she panted, moving frantically now, “I can just keep following you around!  I won’t cause havoc!  You can just keep me and use me and I’ll be like a nice not-demon thing, and—and—and I’ll be good and everything!”

Alpert stopped laughing, but couldn’t keep from smiling. “What a nice offer.  Unfortunately,” and he gave her a tap with the chalk that transmuted into a resounding smack, which made her howl “neither your needs or mine would ever get satisfied.  You would tire of that very quickly.”

The demon-girl’s tail thrashed under Alpert’s heel, and her claws dug into the rug.  She chewed her lip. “But—”

“I would tire of that very quickly.” He adjusted his position to go rougher and faster, and the demon-girl’s voice hit a keening whine.  His voice was beginning to get rough. “I would prefer to have one delightful time with you and exorcise you with a good memory.”


“Hush now.  Enjoy yourself.” He kissed her hair, and when she began to scream in earnest, he drew a banishing star on her back, snapped his fingers, and said, “Till next time.”

“Next time?  But—” but then she clenched around his fingers, her eyes rolled back in her head, and the banishing star on her back burst into white fire.  There was a rush of air, and then the demon-girl was gone, her bindings a smudged diagram on the floor.

Alpert stayed on the floor a moment, breathing deeply and enjoying a feeling of relief and relaxation he hadn’t been able to savor in months.  That had been good.  He’d have to remember that demon-girl.

Then he stood up, put his chalk back in its place, and put his book away.  If he had to wait another few months to get the sins-of-flesh demon to manifest again, it would be worth it.  She seemed quite lovely.

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