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In Service
Description: Gate gets tied up.
Notes: This is Lee's fault.  It's always Lee's fault.

Gate's skin is cool and his hands are rough, but the skin of his lips is smooth and a little more forgiving, especially softened like he is now with heat and pleasure. He's always careful, mindful of the weight and force of his body, and his hands never stray—not out of fear, but of pragmatism. He's destroyed furniture, torn off doorknobs, and warped metal handles in moments of distraction, and Trick isn't nearly as durable.

Which is why Trick has them bound behind his back.

Gate's strong, but he's subject to the laws of momentum and leverage like any man. It took a good few experiments to find a bond that he couldn't break, but it's certainly possible. Done properly, it can be done with ordinary rope, and Trick is good with a knot.

Trick makes some claim that it's for Gate's peace of mind (and the structural integrity of the room and Trick's body) but he's sure Gate sees right through it. But after a cursory flex to make the ropes will hold him comfortably, he relaxes into it with characteristic good humor and a knowing smile. Trick has never been good at concealing his intentions, despite the years of practice at the yeshiva, and he's sure his burning cheeks and fluttering hands render him transparent.

But oh, by His Holy Name, Gate does look good in rope. All the more so when he smiles like that.

It's no wonder Princess Judith adores him so. Like all the best soldiers, he serves beautifully.
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