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Oct. 26th, 2014 07:30 pm
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Hello! Welcome to the writing site and blog of LB Lee, AKA Loony-Brain.  We're a multivarious entity who makes mental health comics, draws pretty pictures, and writes about reality melting.  This is the sole site we use for social purposes; if you want to keep tabs with us outside of Dreamwidth, use email.

Quick Links For New Folks on Dreamwidth:
Quick Links for Our Work
  • The Big Ol' Story Index: All the stories, organized by series
  • healthymultiplicity.com home page: Multi resources!  Links to our homepage, which contains our shop, our info, and our comics for free reading.
  • Our filters and intro post: What our opt-in filters on this blog are, also a quick intro to us as a whole. (This post is locked; introduce yourself and ask to have access.)
Stories Up For Voting
  • The Binding (Reverend Alpert): Decades before the series begins, Alpert and Dorothy Ives are caught by the High Church and punished for trying to overthrow it.
  • The Unbinding (Reverend Alpert): after the events of the Librarian, Dorothy Ives realizes something has gone badly awry, and does her best to fix it.
  • Ana, Chronistic: The first day you join the ChronoDefense League, they tell you about the guys who tried to kill Hitler and only made things worse.  Most people don't listen.  Ana listens.
  • Madame Farsoud's Matrimonial Assistants (the Princess and Her Monster): Tobiach tries to get a gift for Gad, and ends up getting something both of them can enjoy. NSFW
  • We Are The Clan of Bones (Infinity Smashed): Armor Alone works as a salvager, gathering dimensional junk all over Silver Fern, and it finds some very, very unusual (and hopefully valuable!) salvage.

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Hey guys, Freyas published a thing they and Irenes made for plurals in the workplace!  To quote them: 

"Are you curious about what it’s like to work with or manage someone who is plural? Or, if you’re plural, perhaps you’ve wondered how to get your coworkers to better understand and accept your neurodivergence. In 2016, FreyasSpirit and Irenes realized that they could write a guide to plurality for all three of these audiences and help other plural systems come out in the workplace and thrive.

This document is the product of that effort, and was published internally with the benefit of feedback from other plural systems. Hundreds of employees read this guide or used it when coming out to their teams. Personally, it was helpful for me to be a better ally at first, and even more useful after we awakened as a plural system ourselves."

Congratulations, y'all for posting this!  Spread it around and make it work for y'all!  So thrilled to see something like this come around for professional use; so many plurals are stuck in the closet or up the creek without a paddle, and this helps break down that isolation!  May we all have equal access to the workplace one day!

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"The unpleasantness of having upon one's hands an unexpected and unaccountable corpse is only exceeded by the unpleasantness of becoming the corpse oneself." Dion Fortune's Psychic Self-Defense, pg. 116.
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Hey guys.  So, as y'all know, the past year or so, I've been re-evaluating my writing process.  I started selling my writing in 2013, and honestly, at that time, I was just kinda hurling myself forward without any real set plan or strategy.  All I cared about was creating content, quickly.  It was very three-sheets-to-the-wind improv style, which is fine for just generating short stories with no greater plotline or arc.

Now it's 2019, I've been working on omnibusing my longer series into books, and I've been wanting to put more thought into those series and where they'll go from here.  Combined with my event obligations, Patreon obligations, and a slight decline in health, I need to give myself some breathing room, but I don't want to keep asking for time off.  Part of how I manage my health is by getting away from it with work.  I don't LIKE giving up writing.

So, I was wondering guys: would y'all be okay with me maybe doing nonfiction essays and having them get added to the voting pile?

Details under cut! )
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Hey guys!  The weekend after this one, I will be tabling at Pleasure Pie's Feminist Valentine's Market and Party!  Come check me out! (I'll also be reposting this announcement as the event comes nearer.)

Saturday, February 9, 2019
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Democracy Center
45 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA, 

Event description behind cut. )
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Hey guys! I dug up this zine at a garage sale, Mapping Our Madness: A workbook for navigating crisis, extreme states, or just foul moods. It's... er, exactly what it sounds like. Kinda a beefed-up version of the tiny self-help one-pagers I do. Covers things from self-care, triggers, things to do when you're in a bad state, and things that the folks around you might need to know.

No name or organization is listed as creator, but I tracked it down online as coming from Back Pocket Zines! You can buy/trade/nab a copy of them through that wordpress there, or alternately download a PDF here and then print it out. (Note: the pages are in PRINT order, not read order! This is very much NOT a book that works in digital read-only form.) The book definitely comes from the sort of political standpoint of groups like the Icarus Project, so if that's not your thing, pass it by.

I thought the zine would be of interest to the folks here, but the zine, while beautiful, is totally inaccessible as far as screen-readers go, from what I can tell. So for the benefit of everyone, I'm making a text-only version here. Feel free to use and redistribute as you will!

Text-only version behind the cut! )
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The hell with it.  I looked over the idea of breaking the Infinity Smashed book in two, and I probably WILL eventually end up doing so... years in the future, when I have the required material.

As it is, right now I have a lumpy book that's 98% completed, and I might as well finish.  50% perfect and 100% done beats 100% perfect and 50% done any day of the week.  Especially since however lumpy and fractious the book is, it is STILL an improvement over what's currently up.  So I'm continuing according to my original plan, with the understanding that I'll probably later reshuffle.

Besides, the petty part of me wants to print a copy for my own gratification and breaking it in two books would mean I don't get to do that for a long time yet.  Selfishness wins!
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Me: "Hahaha, I did the Infinity Smashed overhaul!  Time for typography!"

Book before typography: 292 pages

Book after typography: 440 pages


(No, I have not.  It's just 100K words apparently.  TIME FOR TRIMMING AND SLIMMING BECAUSE NO WAY CAN I PRINT THAT.)

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I've been reading a manga compilation of Satoshi Kon's early work.  You might know Kon for his animated movies; Paprika is my #2 favorite movie, and Tokyo Godfathers is about the only Christmas movie I can bear to watch anymore, so I was eager to compare his later animation work to his early comics work.

General talk about Dream Fossil )

Spoilers for 'Guests' behind the cut. )

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Comment "hit me up" and I'll pick 3 of your icons for you to comment on! Here are the three [personal profile] itsamellama picked:
Icon meme! )
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Hey guys, it's the last day of the Cursed Book Sale, and there is only ONE COPY LEFT!

...or there would be, if I hadn't discovered three more lurking in the bottom of a box among my stock.  So there are FOUR left.

Buy one of the remaining few for $25 before they're gone forever!  After today, they're returning to their normal price of $30, and the signed/doodled/sticker deal is gone!

Comments are screened, anonymous turned on; leave your name, mailing address, and email address so I can send you an invoice!  Thanks for a great sale, everybody!
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Two!  Two cursed books remaining!  Ah-ah-ah!

Who will get the final two?

For real though, if I somehow manage to sell out of these things before 5 PM today, I will... I dunno, have to do something special.  Draw something celebratory, do a happy dance on video surrounded by books, SOMETHING.  For y'all are truly the best fanbase.

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Hey kids, it's a bright and shiny new year, here in 2019! A time for new beginnings, a time for resolutions... a time to get rid of cursed books!

See, there are only seven copies of Cultiples #2 left in existence. No reprints, no new editions, this is IT. And just last night, I found out that I've had an incident report filed against me at Arisia, made specifically with the intent of keeping me from selling this awful book. (For those of you who missed this brouhaha last time, I created Cultiples as a record of the public crimes perpetrated by plurals for over twenty years.  The backlash has been exactly what you'd imagine; dig through my "little tin cults" tag if you're curious.)

So, in honor of this buzznucket wasting Arisia's and my time, I AM SELLING THEM AT A DISCOUNT!  Right here, right now!

Do you want a cursed book? A RARE cursed book? A rare cursed book that is signed, numbered, doodled on, and included with a sticker of your choice? THEN HAVE I GOT A DEAL FOR YOU, FRIEND!

Just for this week (until Thursday, January 24), I am selling Cultiples #2 for $25!  Each copy will be signed, numbered, and doodled on the back cover (which, due to a printing error, is blank).  When it comes to stickers, you have the following options:
  • Rainbow Lisa Frank-esque sparkles, unicorns, and stars
  • Steven Universe watercolor fanart
  • Kink pride flags
  • Red hearts
Note that depending on demand, you might not get your first choice of sticker, so give me your top TWO!

Comments are SCREENED!  Please leave a name, email, shipping address, and sticker preference in the comments below, and I will email you an invoice!

EDIT 8:59 PM: *Sesame Street Count voice* Six!  Six cursed books remaining!  Ah-ah-ah!

EDIT 9:30 PM: Five!  Five books!  Ah-ah-ah!

EDIT 10:30 AM: Four books left!

EDIT FRIDAY, 11:21 AM: Two!  Two cursed books!  Ah-ah-ah!

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Hey guys, here's some exciting work news: my one-pagers are being used in Sweden!

Yes, a month ago I was contacted by an LGBT rights organization there, asking to use my one-pagers in a workshop.  I said yes, and after reformatting my one-pagers for A4 paper sizes, it's all systems go!

I'm super-excited about having my work used so far away!  WOO! :D
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Hey guys, come next weekend, we will be tabling at Arisia, plus doing a bunch of panels, and I could use some assistance!  Namely, the table schedule is such:

Fri 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Sat 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Sun 9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

However, some of my panels are during this time, namely, Queerin Comics and That's Not How This Works.  Can any kind souls cover me for those times?  I'd super appreciate it!

My Arisia panel schedule:

Queering Comics: Tremont, Sat. 11:30

That's Not How This Works: Disability in Truth: Newbury, Sat 2:30 PM

Neurodivergence, Disability & Comics: Winthrop, Sun 8:30 PM

Can't Magic Me Away: Disability in Fantasy: Mon 2:30 PM

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AAAAAAAAAARRRRRTTTTT! Because I finished all the required illustrations, which means anymore after this are optional and for fun! Huzzah!

a hojillion inked illustrations. This is what I've been doing the past month. )
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EDIT: illustration uploaded, finally, Jesus!

Hey guys, in honor of having the last of the illustrations done and being in the final days of editing, here's the final story from Infinity Smashed: Heart Sparks Beat!  Hope y'all enjoy!

Prom Night
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 2800
Summary: While M.D.'s sleeping off the excitement, Thomas and Raige have some fun.  NSFW, I guess?
Notes: Supported by the Patreon crew!  Takes place immediately after the Prom Story, which you should definitely read first.  This story got written because my husband pointed out that the one time I wrote Thomas and Raige attempting anything sexual ended in tears (in Better Than Space) and that this seemed horribly unfair.  I agreed.

Read more... )
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Howdy friends, Zyfron has uploaded a text-only version of their Becoming Median booklet!  Enjoy! (Or, if you missed it the first time around, here's the original!) Read about integration, un-integrating, and being in-between multiple and singlet!

No PMs

Jan. 12th, 2019 07:53 pm
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Sorry guys.  I've been having a STAGGERING drop rate with my private messages, so I'm just plain turning them off.  I don't know why half of all my PMs, both sending and receiving, seem to be disappearing, but I let Dreamwidth know about it months ago and am still having the same problems so... no more PMs.  It is actually causing me social problems with time-sensitive messages, or people assuming I'm ignoring them when either I never received their message, or they never received my response.

If you sent me a PM and I didn't answer, sorry, you'll just have to contact me some other way.  I swear to god I haven't ignored you; usually I try to respond to all my PMs in a timely fashion.


Dec. 26th, 2018 09:32 pm
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One of the things I've been quietly trying to do over the last few years is read more work by and about folks who aren't white, or aren't perceived as white.  Part of that is also reading stuff that shows the arbitrariness of racism--there are folks on this list who would be considered white now but weren't in the place/time of their stories, folks who are multiracial or self-proclaimed Racially Ambiguous, and so on and so forth.

Here's a quick list of the cool stuff I've read and reread, with quick blurbs and links when available. It's overwhelmingly comics and some nonfiction, and since a lot of it is self-published or super-small publishers, I'm trying to link to sources when available, but some of it is just out of print, not licensed in this country, or impossible to find.  Sorry.

Everything from true crime to historical romance, body positivity, trans cyborg porn, and the history of advertising, hoaxes, and the Black Hand. )
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