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This month is the fifth anniversary of the Reverend Alpert series!  Goodness, how far things have come in five years and twenty stories.  Please enjoy this ridiculous comic I did specifically for the occasion, to explain the last face from the emoji meme.  Alpert is so reserved all the time, I figured there HAD to be a hilarious story behind that story. (Also, please enjoy the difference between GIMP and MangaStudio.)

A comic!  Text description below.
Poor Perfection.  All she wants is to troll Alpert and get a rise out of him.  I believe in you, Perfection!  One day, you'll get him good!

And the text version for my blind fans!

Perfection, a muscle-fat demon woman with big rams horns and stripy dark markings down her arms, runs into the panel, wielding a piece of paper. "Hey, Reverend, I drew ya a thing!" Alpert, a distinguished older gentleman with his hair in dreads, turns around. "Oh?  Let me see."

He holds the paper and smiles. "I didn't know you--"

The picture is of him making a ridiculous porny face, tongue lolling out.  In curly script at the top are the words 'By Perfection.' She has dotted the 'i' with a little heart.

Alpert pauses for a moment. "I see."

He pats Perfection on the back.  She's looking at him with a gleeful puppy face, but he says, "I'm so glad you're expressing yourself!  Keep it up!"

He leaves the panel, leaving Perfection there with a deeply disappointed look on her face.

"Killjoy!" she shouts after him.

Date: 2016-04-10 03:34 am (UTC)
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I love her... vivid... portrayal of how she sees The Reverend at certain times. XD
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