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Here it is! All the Infinity Smashed stories in rough chronological order! This page was last updated on 7/31/2017 with A Frayed Wasting Death.

Infinity Smashed is in progress and NOT written in order. There are still big gaps and some stories might be edited later; feel free to request continuations or fills here. Start reading wherever you like. Also check out Infinity Smashed 101, and if you want all the art that didn't make it in here, check the new gallery and the old gallery.

Swagger to Perdition
What Biff was up to before M.D. barged in on him.

Ten Years to Vanish, part One and Two: It takes Biff ten years to learn how to disappear.
A Day At the Salon: When Biff is twelve, his little sisters start getting their hair relaxed.
The Home at 252 Everclear: Frances Bertelli is an old misanthrope who just wants to set up her squat and be left alone. It doesn't work out the way she planned. A loose continuation of City Girl. (side-character-centric)
Born Lucky: Specialist Ebony Larkin has a terrible day that starts with fire and ends with more fire and also Biff in the back seat. (side character-centric) Linked old-ass illustration

Thomas's Adventures in Treehouse
What was Thomas up to before Raige and M.D. showed up?

Through the World-Hole: Strong-Legs first meets Thomas when he's confused, bedraggled, and stranded in another world.
A Clean Citizen is a Good Citizen: Thomas discovers that the concept of a private bathroom is not a universal one. Sketch
Carrying the Dead: Thomas is new to Treehouse, and he plans to spend Dia de los Muertos alone and miserably homesick. The citizens of Treehouse decide not to let this happen. Illustration
The Ride Home: Still adjusting to Treehouse, Thomas deals with a labor dispute and some weird relationship dynamics that he doesn't underand with his co-worker, Strong-Legs. Illustration.
Savaged by Garbage: Thomas gets a job cleaning out a home violating Treehouse sanitation norms, and realizes the situation is way worse than he realized.
Thomas's First Spring: Thomas has been in Treehouse for almost a year, and everyone's getting gussied up for spring. But formalwear means different things to different people... Illustration
Defenders of Treehouse: With Strong-Legs, Thomas decides to face his fears regarding the infamous carnivorous trees of Treehouse.

Infinity Smashed
Part One of the grand adventure.

Electrical Girl: M.D. thought she was odd. Then she got hit by lightning and met Bobcat. Illustration
Airport Security: M.D. makes it to the airport, meets Raige, and then reality unravels completely.
Thin Air: When Raige opens his eyes, he's floating. Then he looks down. Sketch
Where in the Worlds: After an impromptu landing, Raige, Bobcat, and M.D. make introductions and try to get settled.
Beginnings old-ass art (Raige and M.D.)
That Time With The Bears: Bobcat, M.D., and Raige encounter the local wildlife.
The Ball Drops: Raige continues his nervous breakdown over his situation. M.D. tries to help. old-ass illustration
Brain Hacks: Raige is too stressed out to sleep, so Bobcat decides to give him something else to think about and teach him about the chip that makes Bobcat Bobcat.
Use Industrial and Military: Bobcat hatches a plan to get him, Raige, and M.D. out of the bear-infested forest they find themselves in, and in doing so breaks inter-dimensional intellectual property law.
Third Language: As a child, Thomas Rodriguez had to learn English, and he hated every second off it. Now he's fifteen and he has to learn another new language and another, more alien culture. How do different cultures deal with linguistic differences and the learning curve?
Ends old-ass art (Raige and M.D.)
Too Much (old-ass art, and Thomas has developed more tact and decency since)
M.D., Space Slut of the Galaxy: Thomas bears M.D.'s alien children. Hypothetically.
To Work We Go (old-ass art of M.D.)
Junior Healer: Day 78: A day of M.D.'s life working as junior healer. Sketch
Junior Healer (just art, the oldest-ass art you will ever see here, M.D.)
What, Where, Why, How? (comic) M.D.'s work is filthy and gross, and Raige has a lightbulb moment.
Good Boys Go To Heaven, Bad Boys Go Everywhere: Raige is the first human Thomas has seen in a year and a half, and he knows music. This gets Thomas's attention, in more ways than one. Sketch
Earth Music: Raige and Thomas discover an old cassette at a Treehouse rummage sale and nag M.D. into making it work. Sketch
Better Than Space: Raige can't sleep. NSFW. Illustration. (Illustration is SFW.)

Grace Under Fire
Part Two of the Grand Adventure, but it collapses.

Old-Ass Fight Sketch old-ass sketch
Impervious To Shame art (M.D. and Biff)
Strange Woman Blues: Biff has tattoos; they just aren't visible, most of the time. M.D. is curious about them.
Many Minds: Drabble on how M.D. interprets the minds she's in.
Children: Drabble. Thomas, M.D., and Raige talk about what they were like as small children.
The Sacking of College Town: It's bulk trash day at Vaygo University, and M.D. and Biff go furniture-hunting.
Thomas Goes Home: After a year and a half in Treehouse, Thomas returns to home in Texas, and has NO IDEA how it's going to turn out.

Walking Wounded, Running Scared
The adventure is over; now what?

The Heart Is: Raige has a house, and he has a home. The two don't quite overlap. Old-ass illustration
Material Treasures: Everyone values something. For Biff, it's cooking. Sketch
Sixth Sense Vermin: What's the point in having a telepath around if you can't use them to check your apartment for pests? (Biff and M.D.)
In Shapes: Biff gains weight and keeps it on. M.D. loses weight and keeps it off.
The Solitary Drunk art (Biff)
Front Doors For The Weak (old-ass art of Biff and M.D.; remember back when we wanted Biff to have a balcony? Trololol)
Whatever Gets You Through the Day: Biff and M.D. deal with things in different ways. Biff deals with them badly; M.D. deals with them not at all. Illustration
Showers in Minimalist: Biff has no hot water. M.D. learns. Illustration
Wednesdays of Fury art (M.D. and Biff)
Bust It Up and Let It Go: M.D.'s starting to fall apart, but she's not broke yet. Biff tries to help.
Fixed: M.D. and Biff compare scars.
Fireworks: Thomas invites M.D. and Raige to his family's Fourth of July barbecue. Sketch
Rage: Raige's nickname isn't sarcastic. He explains to M.D. why.
Passing old-ass art (Biff and M.D.)
After the Fall: M.D. breaks, and Raige and Biff gets the blowback. Illustration
Six Weeks to Recovery, parts one, two and three: Biff gets shot, M.D.'s still broken, and Raige reads a lot of books about princesses. Sketch
How Not To Fuck Up: Raige and Biff talk about feelings. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
Children and Monsters: Biff and M.D. discuss what makes a monster and read Steinbeck.
Happy Godbirth, and Many Blessings On Your Meat: Biff and M.D. have plans for Christmas. Biff's involves a liquor store; M.D.'s involves giant larvae. Her plan wins. Sketch
Auld Lang Syne: It's New Year's Eve, and Biff and M.D. have fallen off the wagon.
Shades of the Past: M.D.'s bosses have finally had enough of her roller coaster of functioning, and deal with it in the Treehouse way.
Rough and Tumble Kids: (comic) Raige, M.D., and Biff have very different ideas of what constitutes normal behavior.
Raige at ROAR!: When Raige gets an opportunity to play at a local marching band festival, he starts having trouble balancing the parts of his life. Meanwhile, Thomas crams for his GED and M.D. tries to heal. Sketched!
Frayed Wasting Death: Number One comes to give M.D. some medical care, share some history, and fails miserably. Sketch!
A Matter of Taste: Thomas doesn't like being jealous of M.D.
The Next Adventure: Raige finally confesses his feelings for M.D. It goes... different.
Folie A Trois: Raige and M.D. have enough social awkwardness to sink a ship. Thomas guesses what they're trying to say, but he only gets half of it.
Out of Sight art (Raige, Thomas, and M.D.)
for the world is mine is yours is everything art (Raige and M.D.)

Well, things were SUPPOSED to end with Walking Wounded, Running Scared. Except I wrote stuff for afterward.

Boogie On Crack art (Raige and M.D.)
Coming Out to the Family Rodriguez: Thomas comes out to his family.
It's Better to Give: In Scorch-Unburnt and Flame-Belly's society, part of being a good citizen is giving gifts, but M.D. is new in town and refuses to accept presents. They take it upon themselves to find an occasion so giftable she can't say no. (Sprawls across Book One to Polyverse.)
Coming Out to Bobcat: After Scorch and Flame find out, M.D. decides to tell Bobcat about her new poly arrangement with Thomas and Raige. Bobcat takes it... characteristically.
Coming Out To Biff: M.D. tells Biff who she's dating. The world's most uncomfortable conversation ensues.
Calling Home: Raige gets a phone call from his mom and tells her about Thomas and M.D. There's only one problem...
Brick of Trauma: When it comes to emotional trauma, Raige feels outclassed. Thomas and M.D. try to talk him out of it.
When There's a Will, There's a Where: Raige goes to college, and Thomas and M.D. help him move.
Illegal Aliens: Thomas's family is full of cops, and some kids are stupid enough to vandalize their house. M.D. and Raige get sucked in.
Smell Like Home: Smell evokes the most powerful memories. (Raige, Thomas, and M.D.)
When the Scars No Longer Matter (art)
Zap!: M.D. is asexual, but that doesn't mean Raige can't do something fun for her. (Sexual content, but oddly SFW) Sketch
M.D.'s Valentine (art)
Ritual Purification Through Arson: Biff takes off for Georgia. M.D. frets. Also, there is property damage. Sketch
Hearts In Spades Biff and M.D. are both famous for cheating at cards. Raige gets him and Thomas out of ever playing another game with them again.
Turf War: Thomas and Biff decide to settle the dominance score the old-fashioned way: football. Sketch
Bodily Reconstruction part One, part Two; and part Three: Biff needs medical care he can't get in Vaygo. Lucky for him, M.D.'s junior healer. Illustration
Hooray-We're-Not-Dead Day: Winter is ending, and so Treehouse celebrates the renewal of the seasons. Biff, however, is recovering from major surgery and doesn't feel like celebrating much of anything. (Biff and M.D.)
Time to Go: M.D. wants to run away, but Biff wants to run TO.
The Passing-For-Yuppies Job: Biff and M.D. can pass for different things in different ways. They talk and troll each other about it.
The Road to Georgia: M.D. and Biff embark on a forty-six hour bus ride across the South, and it turns out Biff can't sleep sitting up... Sketch
Homecoming: After disappearing when Josephine MacGilligan was eleven, her big sister comes home, and it turns out she was keeping a lot of secrets.

AUs, Asides, and Other Snippets
This is for all the Infinity Smashed stories which aren't involved in the main plotline. Some of them are AUs, some of them focus on minor characters, and some of them just take place so far outside the time period in the main plot that I felt they might be distracting.

Raige Expressions: Random drawings of Raige's face. Art
City Girl: Frances Bertelli loves her city, and it loves her back. A love letter to Vaygo, through the point of view of Biff's not-landlady.
6 Times Raige Fell For M.D. What it says on the tin. (Sprawls ALL across the timeline of Book One.) sketch
Unstable Housing: M.D. has had a colorful, erratic history of housing over the years, but nothing that's safe, functional, and reliable. What is 'home' for her, and how does she find it when she's not even sure what it means? Bonus sketch!
Infinity Smashed Death Machine: (AU) Done in respect to the Machine of Death anthology. What if the main cast of Infinity Smashed lived in a world where they could find out how they were going to die?
Personal Space Invaders: M.D. meets her big sister Inanna... and she has platform heels and a big sword. For the "5 Cliche Challenge" prompt of 'Mary Sue.' (AU)
That Time The Zombies Invaded: Texas is a terrible place to stage a zombie apocalypse. For the "5 Cliche Challenge" prompt of 'zombie apocalypse.' Sketch (AU)
Wholesome Recreation: Thomas gives M.D. grief about her and Biff's preferred methods of recreation. (AU)
Struck (AU) An experiment in ubersquickery. Biff/M.D., which is really all you need to know.
The Gold Rings: Grey's job is the most important thing in the world to her. (AU)
Not Built to Last: M.D. plans the end of her life.

PIN Chronicles
In Infinity Smashed, the PIN is just a government organization devoted to kicking M.D. off their planet. But what is it actually like? Specialist Grey and Comboy Bob go about their lives working for a secret government organization, dealing with office politics, and their own limitations. Here's a (really old) picture of the PIN folks you'll likely encounter.

Destruction, Mutually Assured: Comboy Bob meets Specialist Grey for the first time.
Child of God: When Bob gets sick, Grey finds himself working with a woman who seems to have very unsettling ideas about his way of speaking and thinking...
The PIN Christmas Party: Grey gets drunk at the PIN Christmas Party.
MacIntire at Work (art)
Red Roses, Old Horses (part two): Grey and Bob lose a coworker, get attacked by a homicidal alien, and generally have the worst Valentine's Day ever.
Soon (lost scene from Red Roses, Old Horses) Illustrated!
Jenny's China Cabinet: After the events of Red Roses, Old Horses, Jenny grieves.
Aftermath: The morning after Red Roses, Old Horses, and Soon. Sketch
Through the Dark: Grey crashes, and deals the only way he can: repetition.
Habits Made: Bob starts getting used to having Grey around.
Habits Broken: Grey is a creature of habit, but they're starting to change.
Ice-Skating in Bumfuck Maine: Bob takes Grey ice-skating. Sketch
Slow: Grey gets called borderline retarded. Bob finds out why.
India (post-everything): Bob and Grey escape.

Giant Robots 'Verse
A fanfiction crossover between Infinity Smashed and Pacific Rim, where M.D. and Biff drive giant robots and punch giant monsters for the good of the world. M.D.'s health has failed and she relies on medication and crutches to get around; Biff is arguably more healthy than he is in the straight IS universe. You can read more extended notes about this setting here, and get the spoiler-free Pacific Rim crash course here.

Everlasting Summer: The world is ending, and the Pons System gets put on the fast track to development. Corners get cut, and M.D. gets... stuck. Warning: this is a body horror story involving medical abuse.
Feet On The Ground: M.D. and Biff were convenient guinea pigs to fine-tune the early Drift mechanism. They weren't expected to ever see action, never mind survive it... Sketch
The Dark of Winter: Before the PIN can catch up to them, Biff and M.D. dash to Jaeger Academy, in Alaska. In January. M.D.'s health doesn't take it well.
The Pharmacopoeic Rainbow: M.D. goes off her meds.
Sturm und Drang: The PPDC sees M.D. as either a mascot or an embarrassment. She fights both.
On a Dirt-Bike Made For Two: It's spring at the Jaeger Academy, and M.D. and Biff are desperate to get outside. Too bad April on Kodiak Island is also known as ‘ice rink season.'
Cigarette Break: Summer has come to the Jaeger Academy, and Biff and M.D. share a cigarette on the roof. They also meet Mako Mori.
Virus Factory: M.D. and Biff are pilots now, but they have no Jaeger. Then everyone catches the flu but still has to deal with a creeping, tentacled menace from the deep.
Someone To Blame: M.D. and Biff inherit a Jaeger, and then a position.
The Flesh Is Weak: When M.D.'s plugged into a Jaeger, she's joyous.
Drown: The apocalypse hits, and no matter what happens, Biff and M.D.'s giant robot is going to be left at the bottom of the ocean. M.D. just assumes she'll go down with it, but Biff isn't going for it.

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