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Due to the nature of Tristan’s offenses, early newspaper articles covering his case were deleted from the Internet to protect the privacy of his victims. However, before the sexual abuse allegations came to light, enterprising newshounds at collated these early stories, which is the only reason I'm able to know what happened during the first month of the girls' disappearance.

As a compromise, I have chosen to insert screencaps, so my words can be fact-checked, but at the same time, I have censored them to protect the girls’ privacy. And since it turns out forum screen-caps are dreadful to read when forced into a zine intended for print (the ebook versions look fine, thankfully), I've chosen to post and transcribe these caps here.

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Okay guys, I finally got a working draft together of Cultiples #1, the Tristan Grey/Desiree Hamm issue.  And I'm considering putting it up for free, since I figure that this is information everyone should be able to access and use.

I'll also be selling print copies; maybe I'll do a 'pay what you want' for the ebook.  I haven't put anything up for free in years, it feels good to think about!

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(More reposts from tumblr for the sake of organization; this post originally dates from 2014.)

It is unsettling to me how incredibly common a certain kind of charismatic person turns up in multi/soulbonding/fictionkin circles.  They turn up online and are very active, creating a lot of work or discussion that other people find interesting.

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Okay, so other folks have started using the ‘little tin cults’ tag, and a couple others have asked me about it, so here’s where the name comes from.

When we were in high school, we really liked a book called Pyramid Scheme, by Flint and Freer.  The plot and content of the book is irrelevant, but at one point, there’s a joke where a bunch of academics are called “little tin gods,” because they expect the military staff around them to understand their field and resulting importance.

I started using the phrase to refer to anyone who were considered big fish in a very small, rather piffling pond.  And well, cult leaders who run these fandom/plural cults are stellar examples of the type.  They very well may be the center of their followers’ universe, and have a vastly bloated sense of their own importance, but outside their tiny circles, they really are nothing.  I mean, Scientology and Sun Myung Moon have been heard of outside their circles; they have a place in pop culture.  But these little guys don’t even rank among THOSE malcontents.  Even by cult standards, they’re unimportant!

So little tin gods have little tin cults.
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In my research so far, I’ve only seen one time when a cultiple got ousted with a minimum of time and bloodshed, and it still took a flame war.  It was the Usenet newsgroup alt.books.poppy-z-brite, and they drove off Draven (who at the time was Kurt Cobain and possibly the Crow) in April of 1999.

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Hey guys, this is part two of the Tristan Grey story. Part one focused on that multiple's crimes of kidnapping and raping teenage girls, and how we found this all out after becoming his penpal. This post will be focusing on the tactics they used, why they succeeded or failed, and hopefully, other people can learn from our own vulnerabilities.

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Feb. 9th, 2017 01:11 pm
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Considering making a zine series called Cultiples, with each issue focusing on a different system or a tactic. (Though some of these guys would need multiple issues, due to the size/age of their activities.)

Would anyone be interested in that?
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This is the first part of story of our experiences as the penpal of Tristan Grey, the system that is currently in jail for kidnapping and raping teenage girls. (His legal name is Desiree Hamm, and that is how the newspapers referred to him, but since nobody in the system went by that name and Tristan seems to be the one who did the crimes, I will call him by that name.)

NOTE: I do not know if Tristan's activity qualifies as a 'little tin cult.' Details are sparse on the ground; all I have to go on are fourteen letters, eight newspaper articles, and a few pages of court documents. I am listing it under this tag because it's in the general wheelhouse of plurals (or people claiming to be plural) using religion and online activity to control and hurt vulnerable people. Just this time, it's shamanism, rather than fandom.
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In the wake of Trump’s election, I’ve noticed a lot of folks organizing and trying to take care of each other, which is great.  But, I’ve also seen douchebags use it as cover to help gather followers.  They take advantage of people wanting to do right, and use it for their own ends.  After all, if they’re organizing a protest regarding the Dakota pipeline, they’re trustworthy, right?

Keep in mind, reblogging a post, or wearing a T-shirt?  Anyone can do that.  It doesn’t actually mean that person is reliable when the rubber hits the road.  Sometimes, if you strip out the “I agree with their opinions/politics,” you might find you’re actively horrified by their ACTIONS.  Or you realize that their actions are based entirely around an image, or aren’t actually DOING anything of use, or any number of things.  Looking good and DOING good are completely different things sometimes.

I know a lot of folks are in a moment of emotional transition right now, where they might be afraid or otherwise more vulnerable.  When you’re scared for folks who will help you, there WILL be folks who masquerade as just that for their own purposes.  Just… be careful, okay?

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A note on the little fandom multi cult leaders… they’re WAY older than you think they are.


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Hi, Mori here. Okay, so I have a theory as to why you get these trends over and over again in the plural/soulbonder/fandom cults of the Internet.

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And we're back! Welcome to Part Two of the Andy Blake MST. In Part One, we learned that Andy was the multiest multi who ever multied, but never sought out other multis or ever attempted to research his own condition, and was totally okay with ripping someone away from their life and forcing them to stay in-system to take care of him. Oh, and also that Andy was totally a victim all of this and has no responsibility for anything. Let's get back to it!

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Hi everybody! Well, I don't usually do this, but today, I'm going to be MSTing a very, very special guest: Andy Blake!

How can I describe Andy Blake? I can't, because if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. Here are some rough sum-ups by people more knowledgeable than me. If you want the uber-uber-UBER short version, Andy Blake is a con artist, manipulator, and serial abuser who started at least two cults around his channeling of hobbits, Narnia characters, Harry Potter characters, and other such things. But that doesn't even BEGIN to cover the sheer improbable chaos the man leaves in his wake. In this case, truth leaves fiction in the dust.

I'm MSTing an email Andy Blake sent carlanime, which he posts here. Why? Because this dude, without ever speaking to me, has managed to honk me off by using harmful myths and stereotypes about DID and multi (along with a ton of other things) to perpetuate his agenda... which mostly involves treating other people like toys and breaking them. That is unacceptable. That is the shit I fight.

So, here we go: Andy Blake's bullshit!

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