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Due to the nature of Tristan’s offenses, early newspaper articles covering his case were deleted from the Internet to protect the privacy of his victims. However, before the sexual abuse allegations came to light, enterprising newshounds at collated these early stories, which is the only reason I'm able to know what happened during the first month of the girls' disappearance.

As a compromise, I have chosen to insert screencaps, so my words can be fact-checked, but at the same time, I have censored them to protect the girls’ privacy. And since it turns out forum screen-caps are dreadful to read when forced into a zine intended for print (the ebook versions look fine, thankfully), I've chosen to post and transcribe these caps here.

Appendix A

Appendix A, a Scared Monkeys forum post.  Transcription below.

Transcription: A forum post from Nut44x4

Re: [BIG SISTER] & [LITTLE SISTER] [F] (16 & 15) Spring Branch, TX Last seen 2/11/10-
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This is very disturbing. [emoticon of a sad monkey face shaking its head]
Parents still searching for missing teenagers

By Bryan Shettig
The Herald-Zeitung
Published February 20, 2010

Two Spring Branch teenagers have been missing for a week and law enforcement have asked their mother not to contact the woman she believes enticed them to run away.

[BIG SISTER] and [LITTLE SISTER] [F], ages 16 and 15, are both students at [SCHOOL] and left their home between last Thursday night and Friday morning when a stranger picked them up outside the house, [Ms. F] said.

The girls told some classmates they were going to California and others that they were going to Florida. The girls met a 22-year-old woman, whose screen name is “Tristan” on an online role-playing game and decided to meet her in person.

The woman, who lives in San Diego, Calif., has called the family and even asked, “how she can help.”

“I want my daughters back, that’s how she can help,” [Ms. F] said. “The longer it takes, the more worried we get.”

[Ms. F] said Comal County Sheriff’s detectives, who are investigating the case and have listed the two girls as runaways, told her not to speak to the woman anymore.

[BIG SISTER] started role-playing online about eight years ago, [Ms. F] said, and she originally supported her daughter.

“We moved around a lot for work, so I thought it would help her stay in touch with people and could be a creative outlet,” she said. “But eventually it went south.”

[Ms. F] said her daughter would not tell her parents what Web site she role-played on, but it was not a traditional video game, rather a writing game where participants wrote stories for each other to play through.

The games, which feature a shamanistic theme, spilled over onto online chatting, [F] said, where players couldn’t be regulated by a Web site.

[BIG SISTER] then started calling “Tristan” in December, racking up phone bills —9,000 minutes talking with her in December and 11,000 minutes in January, [Ms. F] said.

[F] said she pays phone bills online and didn’t look at all the minutes those months.

When [BIG SISTER] stayed on the computer most of Christmas break and didn’t interact much with friends and famly, Anne said she got worried. Soon after, she and her husband, Hollis [F], took their child’s computer away.

In a diary [BIG SISTER] kept from that time, she wrote “taking away her computer and all her friends was unacceptable,” [Ms. F] said.

“She’s a very intelligent girl and very mature,” [F] said. “We thought she had control over the game, but eventually it ended up controlling her.”

[BIG SISTER] is with her sister [LITTLE SISTER], who [F] said, went along to protect [BIG SISTER] and take care of her. [LITTLE SISTER] was not into the role-playing until recently, her mother said, after a relationship ended and she became “very depressed.”

She moved into [BIG SISTER]’s room, changed the way she dressed and a family member told the mother [LITTLE SISTER] got “very excited when [BIG SISTER]’s online friends accepted her.”

The pair are believed to be on their way to San Diego and have about $1,000 between the two of them, [Ms. F] said.

The family also believes the unknown San Diego woman has given the pair untraceable cell phones.

The family has hired private detectives to help find the girls and have been raising money through a page titled “MISSING GIRLS: [BIG SISTER] and [LITTLE SISTER] [F].”

“It’s been amazing, the support we’ve got,” [Ms. F] said. “I’ve heard from people I haven’t seen since I was 10 years old. It’s given me a lot of strength.”

Parents are urging residents with any knowledge of the girls’ whereabouts to contact the Comal County Sheriff’s Office at (830) 620-3400. The girls are both about 5-feet 3-inches tall. [BIG SISTER] has blonde hair, while [LITTLE SISTER] has brown hair. The girls sometimes speak in British accents and often wear zip-up sweatshirts.

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Appendix B

Re: [BIG SISTER] & [LITTLE SISTER] [F] (16 & 15) Spring Branch, TX Last seen 2/11/10-
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Internet role-playing cited after girls vanish
February 18, 2010

By Jennifer R. Lloyd - Express-News

Parents believe their two teen daughters ran away from their Spring Branch home last week after becoming absorbed in Internet role-playing involving witchcraft and vampirism.

The two [SCHOOL] students — [BIG SISTER] [F], 16, and [LITTLE SISTER] [F], 15 — left home between 9 p.m. Feb. 11 and early morning last Friday, said Anne [F], the girls' mother.

The Comal County Sheriff's Office has listed the teens as runaways, Lt. Mark Reynolds said.

Reynolds said officers are working to keep agencies posted that may be able to help locate the sisters.

Anne [F] believes someone else assisted the teens in running away. The two took money, passports, school records, health records and Social Security cards, Anne [F] said.

“Somebody has helped them because we live in the country, and they didn't take our cars,” Anne [F] said. “There was evidence that somebody has picked them up outside of the gate or outside of our fence, and we still don't know who that person was.”

Desperate for news of their two teens, the oldest of five, the family has hired a private investigator from San Antonio.

About 4,100 friends and family members also have sought to aid in the search by joining a Facebook page titled, “MISSING GIRLS: [BIG SISTER] and [LITTLE SISTER] [F].”

The girls had told some friends at school that they were going to take a bus to California and others that they were going to take a bus to Florida, said Anne [F].

The mother believes a woman in San Diego, who [BIG SISTER] frequently role-played with and called, may hold clues to the girls' whereabouts.

Anne [F] said phone records show [BIG SISTER] and the woman spoke for about 20,000 minutes during January and February and that the girls might have received packages of clothing from the woman.

Anne [F] said both she and the police have spoken with the woman in California since the girls' disappearance.

The woman met [BIG SISTER] on a Web site about witchcraft and shamans after posting a blog calling for role-playing participants, Anne [F] said. The woman told Anne [F] that [BIG SISTER]'s role-playing often included vampirism and was bloody, gory and dark.

“We really think [BIG SISTER] has kind of become delusional, and she equates herself with the Internet character that she has created,” Anne [F] said.

Anne [F] said her daughter's role-playing character was named “Snow,” someone [BIG SISTER] described as cold, unforgiving and beautiful. She also believes [LITTLE SISTER] went with her sister to take care of her and keep her safe.

“In this diary, ([BIG SISTER]) said her Internet friends were her true friends,” Anne [F] said. “We'd been getting on her about spending so much time on the Internet and not doing anything, not being with friends. She's a junior in high school, and she doesn't have a social life.”

Anne [F] said she and her husband, Hollis, took [BIG SISTER]'s computer away at the end of winter break but gave it back to her a few days later.

“We think she just kind of snapped then, like we were taking her life away. She said that was unacceptable,” Anne [F] said.

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Appendix C

Picture of Appendix C, a scaredmonkeys forum post from Muffybee.  Transcription below.

[BIG SISTER] & [LITTLE SISTER] [F] (16 & 15) Spring Branch, TX Last seen 2/11/10(Found Safe)
« on: February 17, 2010, 12:14:49 PM »
(Video Available)
Family says missing girls lured away by woman they met online
Reported by: Demond Fernandez

The girls’ mother, Anne [F], told News 4 WOAI she has not seen her daughters [BIG SISTER], 16, and [LITTLE SISTER], 15, since last Thursday. (

SPRING BRANCH, Texas – [BIG SISTER] and [LITTLE SISTER] [F]’s family is very worried right now. They believe the teenage girls were coerced into running away by an adult the teens met online on a role-playing website.

The girls’ mother, Anne [F], told News 4 WOAI she has not seen her daughters [BIG SISTER], 16, and [LITTLE SISTER], 15, since last Thursday. Family members believe the girls ran away to San Diego, California to meet a woman who goes by the online character name “Tristan.”

“This person online has advised them, told them what to do, what to take, and how to avoid detection,” [F] said.

[F] is convinced the girls now have untraceable cell phones and may be traveling by bus to meet the 22-year-old woman. [F] says the woman who’s been talking to her daughters claims she is an Indian Shaman who likes tarot cards, witchcraft, and dark sorts of things.

“I’m afraid for them,” [F] said of her daughters. “This person has not been completely forthcoming with us. She keeps feeding us tidbits.”

The Comal County Sheriff’s Office and police in California are investigating. Anyone with information on the missing teenagers is encouraged to call police.

[F] says she just wants her daughters back home safely.

“We really just are worried. We want to hear from you.”

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Appendix D

Image of Appendix D, a scaredmonkeys forum post from MuffyBee.  Transcription below.

Re: [BIG SISTER] & LITTLE SISTER] [F] (16 & 15) Spring Branch, TX Last seen 2/11/10(Found Safe)
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Spring Branch runaways back with family
Wednesday, March 17, 2020

Two teenage sisters who ran away from home to California to meet up with a woman they met online are now back in Comal County. They returned by their own choice.

[BIG SISTER] and LITTLE SISTER] [F], ages 16 and 15, left home Feb. 11 after going to bed, said their mother, Anne [F].

They told classmates they were going to Florida or California to meet a woman they knew from an online role-playing game.

Family spoke to the San Diego woman, who goes by the name “Tristan,” on the phone, [F] said, but Comal County Sheriff’s Office investigators told her to refrain from speaking to the woman.

Phone calls resumed, however. [F] said her relatives spoke to the woman, and [F] was told Tristan had warrants out for her arrest. It was unclear to [F] on Tuesday what agency has warrants out for the woman’s arrest or on what charges.

Family members bought plane tickets for LITTLE SISTER] and [BIG SISTER] and they both boarded a flight from San Francisco on Sunday evening, [F] said. The girls said they were returning to “protect” their friend in California.

Both girls are [SCHOOL] students.

The teens had dyed their hair in California and were using aliases, [F] said.

They are now staying with relatives, and refuse to speak to their mother. Despite that, [F] said she is glad they are home.

“We’re just trying to get help for them,” [F] said. “They’re safe here. I’m really glad they’re back.”

[BIG SISTER] started role playing online about eight years ago, [F] said, but wouldn’t tell her parents which Web site she was using. The games soon turned more private as she started playing with people through chat services, where Web site administrators couldn’t monitor them, [F] said.

[BIG SISTER] started calling “Tristan” in December, racking up phone bills – 9,000 minutes worth in December and 11,000 minutes in January, [F] said.

Soon after, Anne [F] and her husband, Hollis [F], took their child’s computer away.

In a diary [BIG SISTER] kept from that time, she wrote, “taking away her computer and all her friends was unacceptable,” Anne [F] said.

The parents believe the woman gave the girls cell phones and paid for them to be picked up at their Spring Branch home.
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Appendix E

Screen capture of appendix E, a scaredmonkeys forum post from MuffyBee.  Transcription below.

Re: [BIG SISTER] & [LITTLE SISTER] [F] (16 & 15) Spring Branch, TX Last seen 2/11/10(Found Safe)
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Girls back in Texas after learning of warrants
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Charleston family's two missing nieces have returned home to Texas after running away to the West Coast and eluding authorities for more than a month, relatives said Tuesday.
[BIG SISTER] and [LITTLE SISTER] [F] flew home from the San Francisco area Sunday night after learning that investigators had obtained arrest warrants to charge a California woman with helping them run away, family members said.

"When the girls heard the news they got very, very mad," said uncle Dan [M], a Charleston real estate agent. "They came home thinking that maybe that would lead to the warrants being vacated."

Whether that happens remains to be seen. In the meantime, the girls are staying with relatives in the Lone Star State but have refused to speak with their parents or return to their home in Spring Branch, Texas, said Anne [F], their mother and [M]'s sister.

Anne [F], a Charleston native, said the girls blame her for getting "their best friend" in trouble with the law. [BIG SISTER], 16, and [LITTLE SISTER], 15, met the San Diego woman on the Internet through role-playing games involving witchcraft. Their family is convinced the woman helped the teens prepare to run away on Feb. 11 and assisted them while they were gone.

"I'm so happy my girls are back and that they are alive and well," their mother said. "I wish I could go to them and give them a big hug, but they don't want to see me. It's very hard."
Family members heard nothing from the sisters until early March, when they contacted relatives on their father's side to say they were safe. They wouldn't reveal where they were or discuss why they left. Before leaving, the girls turned off their cell phones, cleaned out their bank accounts and left with their passports, Social Security cards, health records and school files, [F] has said.

Phone records show thousands of minutes worth of phone calls between [BIG SISTER] and the San Diego woman in the two months leading up to their disappearance, family members said. The girls also received a package from her shortly before they left, they said.

Police and child welfare workers interviewed the girls on Monday, their mother said, but she has not yet been briefed on what they revealed.
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Commenting mostly to suggest you censor the high school name; given the year and the ages of the girls are available [ETA: plus brief physical descriptions and the fact that they're siblings], it's probably possible to identify them from the high school name, since year books and class lists are often publicly accessible.
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Augh, good luck with the marker.
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