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I FINALLY found that stupid Princess and Monster/Battle the Universe crossover shipper fic I made in 2010, the one where Gate/Gad gets together with T. It was a stupid crackmeme prompt that ended up spawning The Princess and Her Monster in its entirety, and the character of Trick/Tobiach.

I’d been searching for this stupid thing forever, only to never find it, and today I discovered why: I PUT IT ON MY FUCKING 1998 LAPTOP. No wonder I couldn’t fucking find it, Jesus! What the hell was I thinking? And I named the doc something ridiculous and weird too, so there was no way I could’ve told my comp to search for it.

You have no idea how happy I am to have found this stupid thing, for records if nothing else.
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Since Number One has the spotlight in A Frayed, Wasting Death, I thought I might put up some concept sketches and stuff about her!  So here's the Number One.  She's M.D.'s big sister.Art of the best worst sister you could have. )
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I realized that Battle the Universe has gotten big enough and sprawling enough to require a 101 page.  So here it is!

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In case you ever wondered what Reverend Alpert sounds like in my head, his voice sounds exactly like Greg Brown’s here.

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In honor of this post, here's some basic world-building questions about Treehouse, from Infinity Smashed!

From water to sewage and eating people! )
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(originally posted ages ago on tumblr) A silly little post about real-life analogues to the voices of the Infinity Smashed cast.

M.D. sounds like a cross between Jerry Lewis and Stephanie Dougherty.  She always sounds like she spent the prior hour shouting.  Her voice inhabits a special frequency of annoying which is she is very proud of.

Biff sounds like a cross between Christian Kane and George Thorogood, though the accent is all wrong. (Biff’s accent is an ungodly kludge of conflicting Southern white and black accents that all equate to ‘trash.’) He can speak “standard” US English, if he puts forth some effort, but it sounds creepy and unnatural and gives everyone the screaming meemies.  Mumbles a LOT.

Raige is pretty much entirely embodied in Nate Hartley. (That clip is from when Hartley was an adult though; his teen voice is more accurate.) Face, voice, EVERYTHING.  His voice is actually naturally deeper than Biff’s, it’s just that Raige talks high and hasn't spent ages training his voice.

Thomas’s speaking voice sounds like Bruno Mars (if Mars was from Texas) and his singing voice is a lot like Mitch Grassi’s. (Grassi is the high voice--Thomas can sing higher than most people assume.) Pop star smooth all the way.

Comboy Bob sounds exactly like the piggy bank from Toy Story.

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I got a question on tumblr about the flour Thomas uses for his pan de muertos in Carrying the Dead.  So here goes!

The flour used in Treehouse is... um.  I’m sure there’s a specific word for it, but it’s potato flour.  The native potatoes that grow in Treehouse are small and bright purple.  They look like this, and once they are in your garden, you will NEVER be rid of them.  While people DO make it into flour in Treehouse, and it is edible, it’s mostly considered a pest and a really weird thing to eat. (It’s usually used as paste, and it took Thomas a while to figure out that there’s a huge difference between INDUSTRIAL flour and EDIBLE flour.  Thankfully, some sympathetic soul saved him before he tried to eat Treehouse wallpaper glue.)

When it comes to food, Treehouse tends to focus on raw fruit, veg, and meat.  A lot of animals that would need carbs tend to get it by just devouring roots or wood straight.  Thomas is considered unusual that he CAN’T do this--there are lots of exciting wood dishes in Treehouse, and people are total snobs about it the way people are snobs about wine here.

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Dorothy is a character in Alice Nobody.  She looks like this! (And here is a little full-body doodle of her, which is more accurate to her physique.)

Dorothy is the tallest person in the game, and far stronger than she looks.  She is also terrifying.

You see, Dorothy knows that she isn't alive.  She's fully aware that she, and everyone else in the internal world, is a persistent delusion--and she's the only one self-aware enough to know what must be done.

Dorothy doesn't have a life, but she has a Purpose: to make the system sane again.  And to do that, she must destroy the internal world and everyone in it, including herself.  To her, it is all cardboard, devoid of meaning or importance.  Nothing can shake her from the pursuit of her duty.  Because of course, that's just the delusion trying to trick her.  Of course it would seem realistic; of course it would attempt to appeal to her emotions and human sympathy, because it wants to continue existing.

Dorothy knows better.

She's going to fix everything.

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In case you've ever wondered how Strong-Legs from the Ride Home looks and moves, this animation is pretty accurate.  Strong-Legs is a bit heavier and more muscled, more ostrich-y, but the general moves and look are the same!
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Infinity Smashed meta!

It hasn't come up very much, but due to how Pidgin Sign works, you generally can't phonetically transcribe a name.  Pidgin Sign was originally developed by the insect inhabitants of Silver Fern, most of whom are deaf as posts, and Treehouse tends to assume the average person is too. (This is why, in Hooray-We're-Not-Dead Day, there's no music for the dance; the heavy drum is there so the dancers can feel the beat as vibrations through the floor, and thereby keep time.) There are some work-arounds to describe some sounds ("roar," "hiss," "thunder-noise"), but it's too clunky and awkward to be useful for transcribing names.  After all, while many people in Treehouse CAN speak, the sounds they make are hugely varied.

This means that pretty much everyone gets a new name when they join Treehouse.  And Pidgin Sign has a gift of making everything sound just a little bit stupid.  Here they are!

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Okay, I was really hoping I wouldn't have to do this, because god knows, nothing thrills readers like timelines, but since I'm not posting the stories in order, and the Big Infinity Smashed Post is arranged in convenient read order, rather than strict time order, here it is. The big fuckin' timeline. Yes, I mapped it out, because there was just so much going on and also time and seasonal warp between Treehouse and Vaygo and fuck it. Here.

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Okay, this was a post I was kinda hoping I wouldn't have to make, because I wanted to be able to mesh it in-story, but I have yet to figure out how to do it without huge slabs of exposition that slows the story to a halt.  So: pronouns in Infinity Smashed!

Pidgin Sign does not use gendered pronouns.  The ones that are used roughly correspond to I/we, you/y'all, and it/they.  Number tends to be nonspecified, on account of it being developed by people like the Dead-Carrier Beetles, who don't have a concept of individuality as humans would recognize it.  I "translate" in the numbers just to avoid confusion.

Treehouse, where gender is WEIRD. )
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During the bonus poll, as an extra perk for y'all being so awesome this writeathon, y'all voted on some world-building stuff. Well, I'll be doing it a little differently this time around: I'm going to talk about HOW I build my story worlds.

A big long thing about process, complete with some images! )
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Hey guys!  At request of a friend of mine, I decided to upload the chalk works from Reverend Alpert.  These are the diagrams Alpert draws to exorcise, ward, and direct himself to his next case.

I’m actually pretty proud of the system I came up with for this, since I’m about as mathematical and geometrical as Silly Putty.  However, I wanted to make a system that followed a simple, versatile system, looked good, and that Alpert could whip out fairly quickly once he got the hang of free-handing circles and straight lines. (He spent a LOT of his first years as a chalk exorcist on his hands and knees, fighting with a compass and straight-edge.  He actually WANTED to choose a medium that required forethought and precision over instant sloppy power.)

The basic system is pretty simple: circles are for purification, triangles for warning, convex polygons are defensive, concave polygons are offensive. The more vertexes a polygon has, the more powerful they are and also the more energy they drain.  If Alpert is too worn out, he can’t power his works.

Chaining multiple works together doesn’t make them any more powerful; it just means when one goes dead, another will instantly take over.  No matter how spry Alpert is, all works eventually burn out.  Some shapes are more stable than others; wards can last all night if nothing trips them, while binding stars burn out within an hour or less.  Except for Veggie Star up there, which was designed specifically to last a long time, at the cost of power.  It’s good for exorcising bushels of possessed produce, but not much else, which is why Perfection can walk on it.

There’s more, but that’s the basics!

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Although I'm not likely to be able to get to this in detail for a bit, I've had a couple questions about it, so: a bit of info on constructs in Infinity Smashed!

'Constructs' are a catch-all term for any entity that is acted upon to become alive or sapient.  This includes artificial intelligences, vat-grown organs and people like M.D., clones, and 'uplifted' animals like Bobcat.  They come in a huge variety, but they are all property.

And man, does that get complicated fast. )
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Everyone thinks Reverend Alpert is a hotshot exorcist. They have no idea how many years he spent learning to freehand circles and straight lines; until then, he had to use a compass and straight edge like all the rest of humanity.

Yes, he spent most of his thirties on his knees doing geometry while angry spirits tried to eat him. The strong motivation quickened his learning, but not by nearly as much as he hoped it would, and he spent a lot of time running away.  Got really good at protection wards to.

This is why chalk exorcists with boners for geometry aren’t very common anymore.  Defeating spirits with math just isn’t as cool as it sounds.

(Also, I really need to make an Alpert icon, since he's so popular.)
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Being queer myself, I write a lot of characters with non-normative sexualities.  Also, due to the nature of how my series' run, a lot of stories may have it never come up--they usually have something else going on.  For my readers' enjoyment and edification, I figured I'd give a brief write-up for folks there, in the spirit of the Big Ace List and the Big Trans List.

Just because a character doesn't have something written, don't assume that means they're straight.  It just means I don't know.

Infinity Smashed

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The Princess and Her Monster

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Battle The Universe

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Old Bloods
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I'm kind of cooling my heels until my move can get underway, and so, Infinity Smashed world-building!  I'm going to focus on Vaygo, Arizona, the fictional city in which Raige and Biff live and a lot of the Infinity Smashed story takes place.

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Transgender Day of Remembrance is a time where trans people mourn and remember our dead. And honestly, so much has been happening to us lately that I feel like I can't really afford to mourn. So instead, I'm using today to help one of my newly-out trans friends and make a list of various trans and genderful characters we have in our fiction.

Why the character list? Because we actually have a lot of characters who aren't cis, and due to the nature of our online writing, they often go around without mentioning it, and while some stories will specifically focus on their struggles as trans people, other times, they're just busy scrubbing floors, saving the world, or trying to get bloody revenge on the people who wronged them. We have probably a hundred or more stories on our LJ, and so, for your convenience, dear reader, we shall list them for you with convenient links if you want to learn more about them!

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So, ysabetwordsmith linked me to an interesting blog post on asexuality in fiction. Being demi myself, and living in a system that skews aceward, I thought I'd highlight my ace characters, plus the characters who I don't consider ace, but could be read that way.

A fairly safe assumption in my work is that if someone's sexuality isn't stated and they show no interest in anyone in the story, they're ace. But apparently a lot of folks might assume they're sexual anyway, so here are some of the biggies.

Superheroes, aliens, and other such folks. )
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