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On tumblr, I use the tag 'IMPURE OF HEART' to describe that super-gross identity politics all about conspicuously performing virtue.  Someone showed me this filk of the Gravity Falls episode 'The Last Mablecorn,' called Pure Of Heart and I thought folks here might enjoy it.


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Huh.  Interesting.

Apparently when I'm in a really bad mental way, the music of PengoSolvent helps.  I randomly grabbed their Leave It Less album, because I liked 'Tangential Friend' and I'm finding it's perky enough to lighten my mood without being grating, and quiet enough to be calming.  I'm not really good at categorizing music, but it's kinda glitchy and quietly ambient, and it makes me think of watching clouds go by.

They also did an Ib song called 'Let's Keep Our Flowers' which I also liked.


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Hey guys, do you feel hopeless?  Frustrated?  Need some music for continuing on fabulously and/or fighting back?  Have a bunch of the songs I’ve been listening to a bunch lately.

Dangan Ronpa game soundtrack - all the execution songs
Hedwig and the Angry Inch Original Cast Recording - Wig in a Box
Against Me! - Gender Dysphoria Blues
Bay Area Progressive Musicians Association - assorted labor songs
Chumbawamba - The Day The Nazi Died
Sleep of Oldominion - Say Goodbye
Angel Haze - a Tribe Called RED
A Tribe Called Red - R.E.D.
Kimya Dawson - Walk Like Thunder
William Shatner - Common People
Wingnut Dishwashers Union - Burn the Earth!  Leave it Behind!
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Because MSTing requires mood music!  Snark doesn't just write itself.  And because shared pain is lessened, while shared joy is increased.  Enjoy! (Note: link leads to file folder; you can download whichever songs you like from there. Er, in theory.  If it doesn't work, would you please let me know?)

The Song List

Regurgitator - My Ego
Carly Simon - You're So Vain
Weird Al Yankovic - Do I Creep You Out
Sublime - Date Rape
the Police - Every Breath You Take
Alanis Morissette - Narcissus
Tenacious D - Fuck Her Gently
Susan Sarandon - Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me
Eartha Kitt - Just an Old Fashioned Girl
Janis Joplin - Oh, Lord, Won't You Buy Me A Mercedes Benz
Oingo Boingo - Nasty Habits
Lesley Gore - You Don't Own Me
Meat Loaf - I Would Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That)
Saddam Hussein - I Can Change
Regurgitator - the World of Sleaze
Dr. Hook - I'll Kill You (If You Leave Me)
the Wild Party - Maybe I Like It This Way
Amanda Palmer - What's the Use of Wond'rin
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I'll say this about the movie Watchmen:

It has a wicked soundtrack.  Any CD that can manage to not only pull off a transition like My Chemical Romance --> Nat King Cole --> Bob Dylan, but make Nat King Cole sound bitterly ironic purely in the process gets my vote for awesome.
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I haven't put up a mix in a while.  Like system soundtracks, certain things I write have music associated with them, music I listen to pretty constantly.  Some of you might enjoy it, so here, have a mix.  So, at Lee's request, here's the one for Specialist Grey and Comboy Bob stuff.  You can probably guess who has which songs.

The Mix

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We've been fighting the blues today.  Want to know how we beat them?

With ukuleles and accordions!

Some people make life better just by existing.  Jason Webley is one of them.  We've been listening to him nonstop lately, and I swear to God he's getting us through a lot of bullshit.
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I made an Infinity Smashed mix-tape.

Yes, I carry blank tapes.  I like making tapes.  Even though CDs are better sound quality, last longer and... you know, aren't obsolete.  But I like the feeling of putting the songs on one at a time.  I actually enjoy spending a couple hours making one stupid tape, instead of putting together a playlist and clicking the 'burn' button.  I don't keep that much music on my computer, and my stereo can tape from tapes, records, and CDs, so it's more effective.

I didn't make it through all the Infinity Smashed songs either.  I'm going to have to make another tape for the techno and the opera drinking songs and the Spanish.

I realized this week that Infinity Smashed is over ten years old.  Damn.

The IS Mix-Tape Songs )

Now, I've got a zine, at least one comic, and a handful of stories to work on.  The night is young!
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Sneak has discovered the Kremlin Grooving Boys ("the Groovingest Boys of the East!") and their song, Traktor.  Thanks a lot, Ivy.

Why, WHY do we envision this song being sung by these two guys throughout their day-to-day activities?

Traktor, Traktor,
It is big and it is Red,
If it hits you, you'll be dead
Because it weighs five tons--HEY!

Traktor, Traktor,
Its wheels are big, its seat is high,
It's too slow for a drive-by
But still we carry guns--HEY!

One hundred years post the decline
Of Marxism, your traktor's fine!
Sky blue pain with pinstripe line
Prevent against decay!
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The Galaxy Song (courtesy of Monty Python)
A song that will cheer you up forever. )
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After way too long, the Mac Fanmix is up.  It was ready long before Gigi's was, but got sidelined.  So here it is!  Love, Death, and Jesus!

The big file includes little bits of album art, song list, all the lyrics that could be found.  The songs in the mix, uploaded individually for your convenience, ARE...

01. the Spicy McHaggis Jig - the Dropkick Murphys
02. Life of the Party - Charlie Robison
03. Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - Mika
04. Powers - Blackalicious
05. Put in the Thing - Bunji Garlin
06. Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
07. Paper Planes - MIA
08. Men In Black - Will Smith
09. Old Before I Die - Robbie Williams
10. Do You Realize? - the Flaming Lips
11. You Are My Sunshine - Norman Blake
12. I Just Drove By - Kimmie Rhodes and Willie Nelson
13. If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly
14. As Good As I Once Was - Toby Keith
15. Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
16. Amazing Grace - MAC Church
17. In the Garden - Joel Rosenberger

Also, as an extra bonus, the copy of "Boris the Spider" on Gigi's soundtrack is very poor quality.  Well, Dad came through and had a better one, so here's Boris the Spider as it should be heard!

Er, unfortunately, a thunderstorm is about, and the battery is running low.  The big mix is up, but it might take a little before all the individual tracks are uploaded.  Sorry about that!

Finally, just to keep track of how many songs people have already, if you could take a moment to just say which songs you didn't know, that'd be great.


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Jadies and lentilmen, lend me your ears!

So, following the noble tradition of the Choir and the Boostle Fanmix 4.0, we're doing system member soundtracks for your fun and enjoyment.  Mac's was meant to go up first, but... well... his album art is being a bitch.  Gigi, dear thing that she is, had some already available.

Thus do we proudly present Ghost: a Gigi Mix.  All the creepy little girl music you can shake a spider at!

01. Hace Mucho, Mucho Tiempo - Javier Navarrete
02. Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven
03. Creepy Doll - Jonathan Coulton
04. Monster Hospital - Metric
05. It's Just Like Surgery - the Warlocks
06. Blood - My Chemical Romance
07. He's No Good For You - New Blood Revival
08. Missed Me - Dresden Dolls
09. Apres Moi - Regina Spektor
10. Apocalypse Please - Muse
11. Davy Jones - Hans Zimmer
12. Mephistopheles' Return - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
13. I Need Some Sleep - Eels
14. Green Bird - Yoko Kanno
15. Kidnap the Sandy Claws - Danny Elfman
16. Fur Elise - Beethoven
17. Boris the Spider - the Who

Beware the big zip for it is HOOJ.  Besides all the songs listed above plus a playlist and lyrics, you also get some nice little snippets of album art doodles for songs #3, 13, and 10, and a front and back cover.  So yes!  You too can make yourself a little Gigi album!  Also, putting up all the songs individually.  Links coming as they're put up, so might go through a bit of cycling.

Enjoy, folks!

EDIT: Also, if you guys could do us a favor and mention how familiar you are with the songs, that'd be cool.  Trying to keep the soundtracks to a mix so it's not something everyone's seen before.

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