Jun. 30th, 2017

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Hey guys, I got some new folks who joined up recently, so I'm gonna forward y'all to the Big Dreamwidth Multi Introduction Post and remind everyone that it's open unto perpetuity!  If you want to keep an eye on it without manually checking it over and over, you can track it by by clicking the little bell icon directly underneath the post body. (You can see an example of it on this post too--it's the little bell at the far right right at the bottom of this post, right under the post body and just above the words 'Reply.')

If you track it, you will get an inbox message (and/or email) whenever someone new comments, so you'll know when the party's starting up again!

Have fun and play nice all y'all!

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Black Man and Cracker Jack Battle the Universe
Universe: Battle the Universe
Word Count: 3800
Summary: Reggie has a bad day and ends up a costumed vigilante by accident.
Notes: This was the original story the whole BTU series (not to mention its name) spawned from; notes on the series’ evolution at bottom. It was sponsored by the Patreon crew!

Reggie’s brother had died just before the election results went public. The two events were always entangled in his mind, especially as the years progressed. He remembered the glass in his hand, the taste of the cola, the sound of his father’s voice choked up over the phone. He remembered being numb, confused, unable to understand the old man’s words, and sitting down at the TV out of sheer habit. And he remembered seeing the news on the pixelated old screen, the new president smiling and glad-handing with the other suits.

The phone call was an earth-shattering shock; the election was not. Forever afterward, Reggie would be perplexed by anyone who felt otherwise. Of course the universe (or the country, at least) would take a sharp right turn for the worse, without Kevin. What else could he expect?

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I realized that Battle the Universe has gotten big enough and sprawling enough to require a 101 page.  So here it is!

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