Jun. 24th, 2017

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Had an awesome time. Made a 30-page travelogue comic about the trip. Got to watch Zyfron and Mystics get married. Saw moose and eagle and did not get eaten by bears. Very good, much fun. Ate reindeer.

God, we’ve known Zyfron ten years! Whaaaaaat? They were the big name behind healthymultiplicity.com for years; we were the johnny-come-lately so it seems funny that folks see it as our site now. (Don’t worry, I badgered them to do some stuff again. We’ll see if they do!) Due to reasons that likely aren’t my place to say, much of the Gemini archive has been lost. If any of you guys downloaded and saved any of it before then, it’d be a huge boon to us.

Pulled an all-nighter, then didn’t get in until 3 AM due to flight delays. We are wicked sleep-deprived and blurry slurry right now.
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Okay, so for Zyfron and Mystics’ stag party, pre-wedding, we went bar-hopping.  Both us and Zy were on the wagon for the night, but that’s fine, because the first bar had something way more awesome to do:


Zy and Mori made a solemn pact to see who would last longer while riding.  They each did three rounds.  The result: A TIE!  We still have bruises on our thighs, and of course I drew it all (and other members of the bridal party took video, which I’m sure will end up SOMEWHERE at some point).

Drunk Alaskans, by the way, are the BEST audience.  I highly endorse riding the bull at the Gaslight in Anchorage any day of the week.  Mori says that between the bull, the poledancing stage, and the jukebox, she has experienced everything she’d ever want to in a bar.

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