Mar. 10th, 2017

lb_lee: M.D. making a shocked, confused face (serious thought)

I didn’t plan on taking the Jicarilla dictionary it home.  But the very first thing in the book is a foreword from the husband of Wilhelmina Phone, the primary writer.

“I would like to thank the Great Creator here for giving me a wonderful and talented wife, Wilhelmina Tafoya.  She has a God-given writing ability to hear words pronounced and put them down in black and white.  She never had formal training or education to write all the sounds of the words she hears.  She has been a leader in the preservation of the language by being one of the tribal members working to preserve our language, culture, customs, and traditions.  Many times she would give up and say, ‘No one will use all this material.  The material will end up on a shelf to gather dust.’ But she has persevered.”

This book was in the closed stacks, and when they brought it up for me, it was covered in dust.  It felt like everything Ms. Phone/Tafoya feared.  And I wasn’t even getting the book for any reason she probably made it for, just to spank some crackerass child-molesting cult leader wannabe!

So I took it home.  I dunno that Ms. Phone/Tafoya would approve of me using the Dictionary of Jicarilla Apache: Abáachi Mizaa Iłkee’ Siijai for this purpose, but maybe it’d at least entertain her, right?


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