Mar. 5th, 2017

lb_lee: (art)

Okay, it looks like I’ve got a rough draft ready of my sexuality zine, which looks like it’ll be titled Red, Yellow, Green.  It’s a mix of illustrated text and comics, more so than my past zines, and while it’s not porny, it is pretty thorough.  I cover topics like navigating internal relationships, non-monogamy, masturbation, penetration, and balancing vessel vs. individual bodies, kink, and shared dreams.  While I glancingly mention trauma and triggers, it’s nothing intense, mostly just their effects on those earlier topics.  This is no All In The Family!

I started this as a personal detox project, to prove to myself I could make something about myself that wasn’t focused on awfulness and horror.  That part was a success, but it also made me realize how few resources there are regarding plural sexuality.  Sexual trauma, sure, but that’s about it.  In-system relationships in particular tend to be a taboo subject.

And now folks on tumblr seem interested, so I hope to be debuting it and Cultiples #1 (the Tristan Grey issue) together, perhaps at a local book signing!

Here's hoping this works out!


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