Sep. 10th, 2014

lb_lee: A tiny scribbly Rogan fleeing for his life with the big words, OH NO EMOTION (emotions)
It's time for a practical post on repressed memories and how to deal with them.

Repressed memories are memories that get hidden from the conscious memory as a self-defense mechanism. I'm specifically talking about traumatic memories; the idea is, the pain is so intense that the conscious mind can not handle it, and thus rejects it.

Repressed memories are a short-term solution with long-term problems. If you're not consciously aware of a memory, then you can't learn from it, meaning you might find yourself committing the same mistakes or self-defeating actions over and over again, never understanding WHY. Also, while the memory might not reach conscious awareness, it's still there, often consuming a great deal of energy to stay hidden.

But how can you deal with something that, by its very nature, you can't identify? How can you bring it into conscious awareness safely and insure you deal with it better now than then?

This post brought to you by the past three weeks of frustration. )
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