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The First Rule of Blackmail
Series: Battle the Universe
Words: 2000
Summary: Tank lies in a hospital bed, and Lucinda and Kara plot what to do next.
Notes: This story makes reference to ‘the Gynecologist.’ You’d be best off reading at least that story, and probably ‘The Choice’, ‘One Step Ahead,’ and ‘Hamster Man’ as well. This story was prompted by [personal profile] mirrorofsmoke and [personal profile] kaylin881 , and sponsored by the Patreon crew! The scene with Zambi and T, believe it or not, was actually one of the first things we ever wrote involving Tank, so this story has been a long time coming! We hope you enjoy it.

As the All-Seeing Eye rolled off, Kara lay in the hospital bed and thought hard. Lorry was still out cold, half-sprawled on the front, and probably would be until pain and exhaustion passed; Kara certainly wasn’t going to take on the added inconvenience. She was angry enough as it was.

But this was an opportunity to prove that she’d been right all along, that she was the only person who could truly manage the group. Lorry had lacked the intelligence and creativity. TJ was a child, probably sobbing in panic and fear in back right now. The Zombie needed no explanation. And as for Lucinda…


Kara snarled, but that was all she could do. With Lorry down and her own strength exhausted, she was trapped at front, unable to do anything. It was difficult to even mentally see, in her position; Lucinda seemed only an ominous silhouette behind her. Kara didn’t like it.

“The moment we’re out of the hospital, Law and Justice gives us the eject,” Kara sneered. “Ungrateful insects.”

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More 2009 edits and reposts.

The PIN Christmas Party
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: Very short
Summary: Grey gets drunk at the PIN Christmas Party.
Notes: Bob references this occassion in Red Roses, Old Horses; the picture of Jenny and MacIntire here also dates from this party.  In case you're wondering, Agatha is the front desk lady whose job it is to be as unhelpful as possible; Darlene is senior comboy and has been part of the PIN for the entirety of her adult life.  I had totally forgotten that I wrote this.

For the first time in my life, I couldn't find Grey.  The bastard seemed to have wandered off.

The thing was, I couldn't figure out where in the hell he could've gone.  He'd hit the can an hour ago, and socializing... Grey didn't socialize.  It'd taken my best persuasion to even GET him here.  He'd probably planned to spend Christmas shooting things.

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More 2009 edits and reposts.  Wow, I didn't realize I ever posted anything with the never-to-be-finished alien cuddle romance.  Here you go, guys, enjoy this random snippet from a larger project that never got finished or posted!  Complete with an illustration even!

To Lose Oneself
Series: Cuddlelove aliens
Word Count: very short
Summary: Baku loses itself to its past, and suffers the effects.
Notes: For context: Baku is one of the only survivors of a hive-mind, desperately trying to adjust to life as an individual.  It's the blue being.  Ruuj is the big fuzzy brown guy, and he's an "outbreed," born to two different species and suffering from the health problems therein.  He's always been the only one of his kind; Baku's still getting used to it.

Baku, a scrawny amphibious blue entity with a tentacled fringe around its head, cuddles a long fuzzy ear of Ruuj, a big brown guy with three arms who isn't used to such treatment.

Baku headed the charge.  It was naturally a front-runner; its long legs effortlessly outpaced the Detekens, and Ruuj was too slow to do anything but bring up the rear.  For a moment, it allowed itself the pure pleasure of sprinting, feeling its circulation rush, its heart pound, lose all confusing concepts of identity in the raw exertion of running.

Because of its distraction, it was the one to take the powder bomb to the face.  It didn't hurt, only burst on impact like a spore, but Baku's vision was immediately obscured white, and it dropped, shaking its head, trying to clear the obstruction from its membranes.

And then it smelled... oh!  Oh, it smelled Home... like SoLarre...

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Another one of the 2009 edits and reposts.

Cracker on Fire
Universe: Battle the Universe
Word Count: very short
Summary: Jake's stupidity nearly kills him.
Notes: No context required for this one.  Just Jake (aka Cracker Jack) has minor super strength--on par with Zambi's toughness, but he's a touch stronger.  She's better trained, though, and he still would get easily wiped by, say, Martial Law.  Jake isn't that powerful, he just THINKS he is.

Reggie never forgot the time Jake nearly died and REALIZED it.

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This is a VERY old piece of writing from 2009 I found while digging through my blog archives.  I've edited it up to repost here; there will be a couple other snippets.

Jenny's China Cabinet
Universe: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: very short
Summary: After the events of Red Roses, Old Horses, Jenny grieves.
Notes: You should read Red Roses, Old Horses before you read this.  It has spoilers for it.

The first thing Jenny did was break every piece of stoneware in the house.  Plates, glasses, vases, it all had to go.  Against walls, the floor, the door, everything.  It all had to break.  None of it was hers, after all; it was mostly MacIntire's, and she wanted nothing to do with it or him.

Bastard had LEFT her.  On the night of fucking VALENTINE'S DAY, he had just up and left and had to go and fucking RUN OFF on her...

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Raige at ROAR! (part 2) (part 1 is here)
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 2250
Summary: When Raige gets an opportunity to play at a local marching band festival, he starts having trouble balancing the parts of his life.  Meanwhile, Thomas crams for his GED and M.D. tries to heal.
Notes: This takes place in that yawning period between Shades of the Past and the Next Adventure, also during the Enron trials. M.D. is still in pretty intense mental healthcare at this point, and Raige is in his junior year of high school. For all the marching band notes, those are at the bottom.

Part Two: Thomas

Since moving back home, Thomas had started a mutually beneficial trade arrangement with M.D., trading granola bars, ginger snaps, and dollars in exchange for Treehouse scrip, sweets, and miscellany. It gave him an excuse to visit Treehouse and all his buddies there, plus check up on her every week. He still wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about her “descent into madness” (as she sardonically put it), but he knew that Raige’s combo of worrying and denial honked her off, so had chosen to deal with joking about it. Maybe it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but at least it wasn’t pretending she was on vacation.

“Hey!” Thomas called, ducking under the root cage. “How’s it going, crazypants? I got your granola bars!”

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The Defenders of Treehouse
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 3200
Summary: With Strong-Legs, Thomas decides to face his fears regarding the infamous carnivorous trees of Treehouse.
Notes: This story was prompted by [personal profile] ljlee and sponsored by the Patreon crew!  Happy New Year, you guys!  Also, you would be well served to read Through the World-Hole before taking on this one.  This is one of the later Thomas stories; it takes place less than a month before meeting Raige and M.D.

By the age of fourteen, Thomas could’ve sworn that he knew the woods behind his house like the back of his hand. His family had lived next to it for ages, and he’d spent years tromping around, exploring caves, avoiding coral snakes, and learning the plants and rocks. Between that and a good sense of direction, he’d been about positive that he could navigate the place blind.

So he was disturbed to realize he had no idea where he was.

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The Other Legend of John Henry
Word Count: 1900
Summary: John Henry and his wife Polly know better than to make a deal with the Devil, but when the steam engine comes, they have no choice.
Notes: This story was the winner of the Patreon poll for this month, and was sponsored by my awesome crew at Patreon!  And since donations hit a new milestone for me, I thought I'd both expand this story a little bit and give it an illustration, on top of what I already planned since the money vs. wordcount added up a little funky.  I hope you enjoy!  More notes at the bottom.

All in sepia tones, a picture of John Henry, a strapping man with a LOT of hair, hugging his wife Polly Ann, a pregnant woman in a dark dress with a kerchief around her head.  Their expressions are peaceful and loving.

Everyone knows the story of John Henry, the man with the hammer who fought the machine of progress and won-- for a little while, anyway. Everyone also knows that the victory came at the cost of his own life.

But there’s a different story about him and his wife, one less well known.

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Raige at ROAR! (part 1)
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 2250 (of roughly 9000)
Summary: When Raige gets an opportunity to play at a local marching band festival, he starts having trouble balancing the parts of his life.  Meanwhile, Thomas crams for his GED and M.D. tries to heal.
Notes: This takes place in that yawning period between Shades of the Past and the Next Adventure, also during the Enron trials. M.D. is still in pretty intense mental healthcare at this point, and Raige is in his junior year of high school. For all the marching band notes, those are at the bottom.

Wendy Ogata was a fellow member of Raige’s high school marching band, first clarinet. She was short, stocky, wore red cats-eye glasses, and while she and Raige were united in casual marching band camaraderie, he’d never really had the chance to get know her better. Woodwinds and percussion rarely practiced together, and while her clarinet skills were impressive, they were also intimidating, so Raige’s shyness won out.

Until one practice, she approached him, nervously fingering the keys of her instrument as though practice scales could protect her.

“Hi, Raige,” she said, “can I talk to you?”

All the other percussionists (who knew full well Raige’s romantic and social incompetence) immediately turned to look. Some held wolfish grins; others went, “ooh.” This only made Wendy look more uncomfortable.

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Perfection's Birthday
Series: Reverend Alpert
Word Count: 3000
Summary: It was one year ago that Perfection met Alpert, and she wants something very special...
Notes: This story was prompted by Megan and rolodexaspirin, and sponsored by the Patreon crowd! Extra thanks go to Megan, who kindly let me play with her character Puck for a little while. (You can read Puck's first appearance here, and see pictures of her here and here.) Also, instead of an illustration, I gave this story the word-count it deserved.  Happy birthday, Perfection!  Further notes at bottom.

The letter burst into life outside the window, stuck to the Ace of Wands.

Alpert sighed. “Dorothy Ives. What could she want now...”

“Mine! It's mine!” Perfection cried, crawling over the back of her chair and taking a flying leap to the window so as to snatch the letter before Alpert could move to look at it.


Perfection was already shoving him out the door, letter clutched in her teeth. “Yup! Mine! Get out, go find a job or something!”

And Alpert found himself unceremoniously ejected from his own inn room, perplexed and a little indignant.Read more... )
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Use Industrial and Military
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 1826
Summary: Bobcat hatches a plan to get him, Raige, and M.D. out of the bear-infested forest they find themselves in, and in doing so breaks inter-dimensional intellectual property law.
Notes: This story was funded by the Patreon crew: thanks, guys! This is an early story, taking place immediately after The Ball Drops and Brain Hacks. The title change is due to me re-writing this story; the plot is the same, just a different title. More notes at the bottom.

Bobcat didn't dream—not the way humans or minus-cats did. The implant that supplied his higher functions interfered with his natural REM cycle, providing instead a sort of mental screen saver that recycled and rehashed recent events as it processed them for better long-term storage. Since Bobcat had to sleep anyway, it was a good time for routine self-maintenance.

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The Kids Wore Red
Word Count: 1768
Summary: Rhonda Burns is the school outcast, and Brent Garbo is the golden boy, but they share a secret in common...
Notes: This story was prompted by Anonymous and sponsored by the Patreon crew!

It had started with Rhonda Burns and Brent Garbo.

Rhonda was known as Fat Rhonda by the nastier kids at school—they couldn't really think of worse to call her, because that would've required they get close to her. Despite being one of the tallest girls in school, she was mostly forgotten by her classmates, drifting through the halls like a sleep-walker, hiding in enormous oversized hoodies and billowing skirts with her frizzy hair obscuring her face. Unseen. Unnoticed.

Brent Garbo noticed her.

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Oh hey, apparently I forgot to post this, but I wrote a Gravity Falls short fic for my friend [profile] nevacaruso .  Spoilers for Season Two!
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Hayada, the White-Gloved General
Universe: Disabled Cyborgs
Word Count: 1700
Summary: Toshi Hayada was a mediocre pianist but a brilliant soldier. And then he got blown up.
Notes: This story was prompted by [personal profile] md84  who requested the premise therein. It was sponsored by the Patreon crowd. You don't need to read any of Disabled Cyborgs to understand this story; Hayada's first appearance was merely a one-line reference in Portia, the Mechanical Girl.

The Hayada family was known for two things: musical skill, and deafness.

Hearing aids, auditory grafts, and cochlear implants were, of course, out of the question. If their bodies were ever modified, they would be cyborgs, and cyborg musicians were held to drastically different musical standards. Borgs had mechanical dexterity, could hit more notes than human anatomy allowed, but everyone agreed that they were nothing better than fancy player pianos, incapable of the human drama and emotion and brilliant imperfection that made music great. So, for the sake of their careers, the Hayadas not only embraced their deafness, but played it up—after all, what showed the drama and tragedy of human life and art but its inherent obsolescence?

Mrs. Hayada was a world-renowned cellist, Mr. Hayada a much beloved organist. Their two daughters, Mei and Kimiko, had respectable careers on the oboe and the bassoon, respectively. In between them was their brother Toshi, who nobody ever called Toshi—his temperament earned him the nickname 'Old Man' at nine.

Old Man Hayada's hearing was the best in family. His musical skills, sadly, were not.

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Series: Giant Robots (Infinity Smashed/Pacific Rim crossover)
Word Count: 2000
Summary: The apocalypse hits, and no matter what happens, Biff and M.D.'s giant robot is going to be left at the bottom of the ocean. M.D. just assumes she'll go down with it, but Biff isn't going for it.
Notes: Title comes from a song by Nojahoda. This story wasn’t a winner of the poll, but its price was the same as the remaining money  left over, so here it is! This is the END of the Giant Robots series, and you’d be best served reading the rest first. Further notes at the bottom.

After so many years in the pilot seat of Whiskey Delta, M.D. is practically half-robot herself. She seems happiest strapped into the braces and the Drift, where there's no pills, no pain, and all the strength and power she could ever need.

“It's not being a gimp that bothers me,” she tells him once, unprompted. “It's all the baggage everyone else has about it. Well, that and the pain. I'd be okay without the pain.”

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Thomas Goes Home
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 2000
Summary: After a year and a half in Treehouse, Thomas returns to home in Texas, and has NO IDEA how it's going to turn out.
Notes: This story had no prompter, and was sponsored by the Patreon crew! More notes at the bottom.

Much as he’s grown to love Treehouse, Thomas has always ached to go back to Austin. Treehouse is lush and green, cool and damp. Austin is hot and dry, with oak and ashe juniper and limestone. Treehouse has monsters, friendly and otherwise, who all want in on your business, and he likes and loves a lot of them. But while they are his second family and Treehouse his second home, they can't replace his first.

So when Thomas gets to return home, after a year and a half in Treehouse, he's aching and terrified and set to blow with longing, all at the same time. What if his family has changed? What if he's changed? What if the intricate puzzle of his family, all the colorful, unique pieces, don't fit together right anymore?

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Passing Phases
Series: LB/Infinity Smashed AU. Take your pick.
Word Count: 1600
Summary: Biff slowly builds up the image he wants other people to have of him... and then slowly strips it down.
Notes: This story was funded by the Patreon crew! Thanks, everyone. Also note that this story follows System-Biff's life, rather than the story version y'all're familiar with. More notes at the bottom.

It starts when Biff runs away from home.

He's had his powers a few years now, but he's still not very good at them. He's never needed them, not like this.

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Broken Cup
Series: the Princess and Her Monster
Word Count: 1000
Summary: After a transformation, Gad deals with his new body.
Notes: Wow, it's been a long time since I posted a proper PaM story!  It was prompted by kaylin881 and sponsored by the Patreon crew! Like other Judith and Gad stories, this story is named after a Jason Webley song, which is my PaM music. Also, if you're curious, the fortress's layout is here; it's a rough square, with the courtyard at the center.  I also have an old drawing of Gad before and after his change.  More notes at the bottom.

At first, Gad hardly noticed his transformation. He didn't want to notice. Too much had happened, too quickly, and all he wanted was to focus on the task at hand—removing the dead from the fortress.

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Hamster Man
Series: Battle The Universe
Word Count: 1500
Summary: Chester "Cheeks" Maccio has come from the boonies to see what superheroing is like, and he and Lorry end in a firefight.
Notes: This story takes place after the Gynecologist. It was prompted by contrapangloss, and sponsored by [personal profile] silvercat17 ! Thanks, guys! More notes at the bottom.

“Okay, everyone,” Martial Law said, “this is Chester 'Cheeks' Maccio. He came all the way from Vermont to see the big leagues, so let's give him a big city welcome!”

Cheeks waved. “Hello!”

Even by Law and Justice standards, he stood out a little. His cheeks were round and bulgy, and his skin seemed intended for a man much larger than him, which made him look oddly deflated. He wore a loose belted garment that looked somewhere between a muumuu and a jumpsuit.

“I'm just a small-fish do-gooder at home,” Cheeks continued. “I'm really excited to be here. In fact, as a small token of my appreciation...” he opened his mouth, reached in, and removed a large shrink-wrapped cheese from his cheek, “I brought snacks!”

“That is disgusting,” Lucinda thought, in the back of Lorry's head.

“That is so cool,” TJ thought.

Lorry agreed with them both.

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How Jazell Got Their Earrings
Universe: None
Word Count: 1300
Summary: When Jazell moves to a new school, they're ordered by their brother to make a new friend.
Notes: This story was prompted by [personal profile] chanter_greenie  and sponsored by [personal profile] desertroot ! Thanks, guys! It's also in the same universe as the Tanika stories Sympathies and Somebody's Watching You, but you don't need to read them to enjoy this.

Where Jazell grew up, everyone wore earrings. Women wore big hoops, bangles and dangles, and the men wore small hoops or diamond studs. Jazell had always thought they were beautiful, all colors and sparkle and gleam, but in their family, it was traditional to wait until the children were old enough to most assuredly make the decision for themselves—and pay for it.

“And make sure you're ready to take the pain too,” Jazell's mother said. “Your brother screamed like a stuck pig when they were doing him, and I don't want none of that.”

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