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It's berry season!  Me, Mori, and Biff went and picked everything we could reach off the public portions of the mulberry tree and raspberry bushes near our house.  We almost filled a big yogurt container!


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The Big Multi DW Intro Post is blowing up again, and I'm sorry guys, I'm a slow turtle-man and can't keep up with you!

I PROMISE I WILL COMMENT.  Just... when I'm less overwhelmed!

EDIT: Ivan Velez Jr. responded to my email! @_@ AAAAAAH

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We will be out of town until Sat. June 24th!  Likely no internet.  See you when we're back!
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HEADS UP: Due to LJ moving their servers to Russia, and refusing to use secure connections, we will probably be moving entirely to Dreamwidth relatively soon.  We will keep you guys notified, but yeah, if those of you on LJ only haven't ported over to Dreamwidth, now might be a good time.  Feel free to follow us; our handle is the same on both sites.

So, because New Year's is way cooler a holiday to me these days than Christmas, here's the past year in review.

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Thank you

Dec. 23rd, 2016 11:20 pm
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Christmas is a hard time of year for us, but this year, I am so cognizant of the wonderful people we have the privilege of knowing.  Friends, colleagues, associates new and old or who we've reconnected with after a long absence, it is all of YOU who have filled our lives with hope and joy.  It is you who have helped us come so far, and your kindness and generosity are beautiful.

So from all of us to all of you, thank you for being in our lives.  Thank you for giving us such optimism and love for humanity.  May you love and prosper through the new year.

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I'm thirty-seven today.  B surprised me with surprise headspace birthday pie (pie is way better than cake), cooked me some corporeal bacon, I got good news on the health insurance front and bought some fun things, and now I'm gonna finish today off with Mamma Mia.  I know Ro hates it, but it's my birthday, which means I get to make him watch it.

Happy birthday to me!



Nov. 3rd, 2016 08:54 pm
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Mori: Man, we are the best headmates.  It took a few months of checking the local thrift shops, but me and Biff finally chased down an honest-to-god boombox for ten bucks.  The speakers are good, the CD player is good, the radio is good, the only issue it's got is that the tape deck is kinda fucked up so we can only play cassettes, not make them. (That and it constantly clicks.)

Rogan: Now I can finally listen to music again WITHOUT my damn computer.  YESSSSSS!  And listen to our damn mix-tapes!


Nov. 1st, 2016 12:29 pm
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Okay, now that I'm not quite so banged up, Halloween weekend was AWESOME!

After much flailing and bumps, I managed to get everything together and was at MICE, where I blew all my sales records out of the water, wooooo!  For the first time in ages, I spent a load of money buying things I really wanted, and I don't even care, because it still didn't make much of a dent in my profit!

I debuted a seasonally appropriate comic called Murderer which I would put up for sale except I am going to be completely sold out of my run by later today.  I might make it a limited run item; I haven't decided.

Also, we dressed up for Halloween.  The vessel costume you'll see in a bit, once roomie uploads the photos, but in headspace, we also took up our costumes:

Gigi: Bedsheet ghost.  Gigi is always a bedsheet ghost.  This is tradition.
Sneak: Pilot mechanic.  Goggles, aviator cap, flightsuit.
Rogan and Mac: Beauty and the geek.  Rogan in his old heavy frame glasses, contrasting plaids and argyle, pocket protector, Mac in a prom dress and pearls.
Miranda: Sexy witch.
Mori: Mako Mori from Pacific Rim.
Falcon: Film noir protagonist. (Mori claimed he cheated, since he pretty much dresses like that all the time anyway.)
Biff: Also a bedsheet ghost, which he half-assed with illusion, much to Mori's disgruntlement. ("Dude, you're lame, you're not even TRYING, come onnnnnn." Even she could not persuade him.)

So happy belated Halloween from all of us!  ...l'm going to go keel over and rest for a while now.


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(I do not have a good icon for me and Biff's relationship.  This will have to change.)

I had an episode today, and afterward, Biff and I went for a quiet walk to get some groceries, because even though I was tired and laggy, I wanted to enjoy the sunlight with him.  Biff, being the system smoker, lit up, and the following conversation ensued:

Me: I know why you're a smoker.

Biff: ?

Me: It's because you're HOT.

Biff: *shakes his head, groans*

Me: That was good.  Admit that was good.

Biff: Man, that was awful.

But I got him to smile at least, and it made me laugh, so I'll take it as a success.

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Wow, Biff has been here for over a year now!  I guess we can't call him the new guy so much anymore.  Seeing that and how he first showed his sorry ass here in 2001, I now declare him the OLD guy. (Seriously, he even predates Gigs.)

He decided to celebrate by scrubbing the apartment with me.  It badly needed a clean, and what with our shoulder being all fucked up, it's been Rogan stuck at front a while.  But now we can kick hiss ass off and take over again.  Yeehaw!

Anyway, roomie got Biff some apple cider (dude is fucking obsessed with cider) and caramel ice cream so he can make himself an apple cider affogato.  He is ridiculously excited about this.  And so am I since I am all for activities that involve me getting fed.  DESSERT FOR US!

Happy Biffaversary!



Aug. 31st, 2016 02:58 pm
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Everybody needs a hobby, I guess.  Sneak’s include horror game Let’s Plays and crafts.  Mac and Biff have cooking.  Miranda has slash fanfiction and meditation.  I’ve got cults.

Mori’s is apparently the seamy underbelly of the US business and financial sector.

And now she’s trying to explain securities and stock buybacks to me.  Good luck with that, kid.


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Biff went crazy and cleaned the apartment today.  Organized our desk, moved everything around, complained about how we'd had the new lamp for months and STILL not plugged it in, swept and scrubbed and grumped.

Congratulations, dudema, your jurisdiction is now cleaning, laundry, shopping, and all household matters that Rogan's too distracted and Mac's too lazy to do.

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I went and visited the shop whose kitty recently died, and there's a little memorial there!

The owner has a bunch of photos of the kitty, including a big album of them taken throughout Kitty's life.  There were cards from local children and business owners, and someone had made a beautiful chalk drawing of the kitty on the sidewalk outside the insurance agency.

I am so glad the kitty is being remembered.

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I was feeling a bit down yesterday, plus had cabin fever, so I decided to go get some groceries.

As I was walking there, I passed by the local pet grooming place, which has three parrots which reside in the front window. The largest is a blue and yellow macaw who, for lack of a better name, I shall call Big Blue.

Big Blue happened to be right up front and center as I was walking by, and as I passed in front, it started swaying back and forth. For the heck of it, I imitated it.

The parrot stopped. I stopped.

The parrot started headbanging. I started headbanging.

The parrot started swaying AND headbanging, stopping at random intervals as though to see if it’d catch me out. I tried my best to keep up with it, which seemed to entertain it. We kept it up for maybe five minutes or so.

Unfortunately, I was sick, and I still had groceries to get, so I bid adieu to Big Blue and walked on. As I passed out of view, I heard a loud, indignant squawk, as though Big Blue were declaring, “Wait, come back!”

We pass by that shop so regularly, I suspect Sneak and I will be attempting the Happy Parrot dance in the future. We’ll see if Big Blue remembers us.

EDIT: by the way, we have our Patreon story poll up on LJ.  Make me write what you want to read!
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2015 was an interesting, experimental year, and on the whole, it was worth it.

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May 2016 be even better!

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Here's a panel in progress from the Livestream today. (Which is why the phone and its cord aren’t finished.)
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Well, the heater is now working (just in time for the cold front to break) but now we have ants.  It's impossible to do homework on it, because I keep having to swipe the little buggers off with a napkin.  Fixing the vent must've stirred them up; another room's been complaining of ants too.

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