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Guess who salvaged a raw wood bookshelf off the side of the road today?  Really nice one too!  It just needed a quick wash, barely any dust or cobwebs on it at all.  Solid wood, no back, but well-built and surprisingly light!  Maybe one of the neighbor people made it, and decided they didn't want it anymore?

Anyway, I've given it to Sneak.  I'll get zer a new thing of gel medium or ModPodge  or something, and ze plans to decorate it like ze did the last one.  Ze's pretty psyched!

I feel like a successful big brother today.  Also a successful cheapskate.

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Oh man, I had a total lucky break!

So, we thought we had a dentist appointment today.  Turns out no, their automated texts were wrong, and since no human being actually checked with me, I had no way of knowing that it's actually next week.  Bummer, right?

Except I'm not sad at all, because it meant we got into the radical bookshop when it was open.  Got to do some business, sure, but even better, you'll never guess what I found in their fucking free box!  It was a bunch of queer comics from the old days, the first 21 issues of Hothead Paisan, and the complete series of Tales of the Closet! (I thought that I was missing the last issue, #10, but it turns out it was never printed at all!)

Holy crap!  I gave Hothead Paisan to my roomie and her girlfriend, but I'd wanted to read Tales of the Closet for years, but it's been out of print for ages, near as I can figure.  But now it's mine, ALL MINE!

I can't believe they just had it in a free box!  They had no idea the gold mine they were sitting on, Jesus!


EDIT:  Also I got Jeanine Renne’s Andy Blake book, When a Fan Hits the Shit, from [personal profile] dreamer_marie  today!  Best book day ever?  BEST BOOK DAY EVER.
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Hey everybody!  I'm putting a Reverend Alpert story up for sale.  It's a big one, finally cutting loose from the strict word count requirements of the writeathon, and it's called The Thing in the Drain.  Reverend Alpert and Perfection are looking forward to a relaxing night at Alpert's favorite bath house, but it looks like the management has changed...

This story is worth $90.  Normally, I wouldn't even be trying to sell something so big, but things have been a little tight financially, on account of the government docking my disability payments for my perceived art profits, and I just haven't been making enough to offset that.  I have $30 for the rest of the month, and while I'm trying to implement changes that'll free up some money, so far this state has dropped the ball on every application I've put into play, sometimes multiple times.  Not good.

Since I know my readers are not rich, I'm putting up the story up for group-funding.  Toss me what you can, and when the fundraising bar gets to $90, up the story goes!  Please help LB eat; I'm desperately trying to save up for a new work comp (this one is nine years old) but I can't do that until I work out a sustainable budget.

Thanks guys.

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Celebrating with Sneak's new icon, because that's how we feel right now.

Well, it took two blizzards and everyone in the house getting sick, but we've settled into our new home in Cincinnati with [ profile] aubergine_pilot and his partner.  We are safe and warm and happy.  For the first time in almost six years, we own a real bed, not just a mattress on the floor.  We have a desk, and for the first time ever, we have a drafting table!  And boy, is that a story for you!

In which Loony-Brain becomes the proud new owners of a mysterious solid metal drafting table that's most likely older than they are. )
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Hey guys.  Soooo, this is going to sound a bit strange, so soon after I've just closed homeathon, but I'm now taking writing commissions.  I've gotten homeathon out of the way, Bodily Reconstruction can't get done till next week, so I have some time freed up, and a couple folks have expressed interest.

Why now?  I'm trying to stockpile money to replace my wedding ring.  I lost mine last year, and my fingers have grown too thick for my engagement band.  Some people never liked wedding bands, but they're important to me.  I've seen a couple new ones I like for roughly $120, and also the local pawn shop has a nice one for $85.  I know that I can't afford gold, but at least I might be able to afford something.

I can't justify such a cost, with my system's budget, so I'm opening up commissions.  I'm open to writing fanfiction, erotica, a continuation of any of my existing stories, or something completely new.  Because commissions will be more to your specifications, they'll go for three cents a word, rather than two. (So, for instance, a flash fiction of the length I often due for writeathons would be roughly $30.) I will also request to be paid in advance, and depending on how many people answer, turn-around will be about a week.

If you prefer my art, you can commission me for that too.  My general rate is $30 per colored figure.  You tell me what you like, I make you rough sketches, and then you can choose your favorite and we'll go from there.  Payment covers two sets of revisions.

Please help me raise some money so I can have a wedding band again!

Go piggy, go!
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This is for Rhymers and Phoenix especially!

I just found this: Baen, a sci-fi/fantasy publisher, offers free e-books to folks with disabilities, though you have to apply.  Thought you might be interested.

Baen also offers Free Library downloads for everyone!  Dig it, y'all.  The books you can't download free, you can get at least the first few chapters for, so if there's that one book you've been itching to know about but haven't been able to, here's your chance!


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Guess who just bought the Care Bears Movie for two bucks?

:D Childhood nostalgia time!

Only one problem: it's a tape.  We don't have a VCR.  But this is a mere detail, a triviality in the face of the joy that is Care Bears.  Mac did not even know what a Care Bear WAS until last night, which is tragic.  Now he simply must know about these incredible cuddly bears that shoot rainbows out of their tummies and have little hearts tattooed on their asses.

While we were at the used stuff store, we also found Myth Adventures One.  Robert Asprin = beloved writer.  Phil Foglio = beloved comic guy.  Asprin + Foglio = explosion of joy.

All for less than ten bucks.  SQUEEE!  Thank you, thank you, used stuff store!

EDIT: I have just discovered this comic book exists.  The Marvel Universe as frickin' anthropomorphic talking elephants.  This is now the best night ever.


Apr. 18th, 2009 02:44 pm
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Guess who just got a half-tuition scholarship to UM?



EDIT: Waaaaait, a minute.  That just means it costs 8K a SEMESTER, not per YEAR.  That's still a LOT of money, and out of our range.

...well crap.

See UNT!

Apr. 12th, 2009 07:22 pm
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There has been a miscalculation in our grad school cost tally.  Simmons will be approximately $18K a year--MORE than UM, which is 16K a year. (This is tuition only.)

But then there is... UNT.  Yeah, the school Rogan makes cracks about having programs that say, "See UNT!" The school that's in... *sigh* Denton.

For those of you who do not know, Denton is a town in Texas, roughly forty miles north of Dallas.  It doesn't sound too bad, but it's probably not much of a tailormade fit for our brain.

But its deadline is not yet up.  It's the 16th most highly ranked library science grad school in the country.  And for a TX resident such as us, it would only cost about 5K a year.

That sounds very, very nice compared to 16K.  At 5K a year, our savings would be able to pay for our education without worries or panic.  And it would only be for a few years.

...but it's DENTON.


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Damn.  Our "financial aid" award from UM consists of loans and one work-study for three thousand.


Our DSS job, due to going on the cruise, is maybe five days of work in three months.  I am not going to worry about work.  Not going to worry about finding work.  Not gonna, not gonna.
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Today, we move to the Matchbox!  It is maybe ten feet square.  It has bright yellow walls and one wall outlet, and we have been given pretty much complete license to do whatever we desire to it.
Everything you need to furnish your room when you have no money. )

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