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There are PASSIONATE fights about multiplicity elsewhere online.  One relatively recent nugget of bullshit that keeps cropping up on tumblr is the idea that unless you have a diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (and/or DDNOS-1, depending on the flavor of bullshitter), you CAN NOT use the word 'multiple.' You have to come up with some completely unrelated word, otherwise you are appropriating from a Very Serious Mental Illness.

Of course, this is total nonsense, but it can really fuck with the heads of young, baby multis first venturing into selves-awareness. And by depriving them of the very words to describe their experience, douchebags keep them from attaining that awareness and community.
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Okay guys, after my post about Split, I wanted to make a list of awesome plural folks with stuff for sale!  So here’s a quick list of for sales and shop pages for plurals and plural-positive media!  Please comment  to let me know about more things to add to the list!
  • Navelgazed’s Patreon: art and fiction
  • Artists of the Desired Constellation: Paintings and such, but @1ff needs to make a shop page to more easily funnel money. :p
  • got parts?, by ATW: a DID self-help book by a DID system.  Awesome nuts and bolts.
  • Cuckoo, by Madison Clell: autobio comics about having DID.  Clell has since integrated, but she is awesome!  And she probably has other work for sale on her site somewhere.
  • Amongst Ourselves, by Alderman and Marshall: another DID self-help book, made by a DID system therapist and their wife, also a therapist. (Woo, queer plurals!)
  • When Rabbit Howls and A Creature of Habit, by the Troops for Truddi Chase.  The Troops have passed on, but their work remains!  All of us who’ve ever criticized the medical model owe a debt to the Troops.  Read and remember! (A Creature of Habit was published after they died.  We haven’t read it, but we want to!  It’s expensive due to being lavishly illustrated by the Troops’ paintings.)
  • I’m Eve and A Mind of My Own, by Chris Costner Sizemore.  Ms. Sizemore has also passed on, sadly, but she is also an inspiration to us all due to her fighting a hard legal battle to regain the rights to her life story.  The Three Faces of Eve was inaccurate; please, read her books in her own words. (Also, handy because her system was quite different than how we think of DID systems now.  Learn your history!  Her papers are also a special collection at Duke)
  • Ysabetwordsmith is singlet, but her Polychrome Heroics poetry series has a pretty awesome multi superhero, Damask!  Ysabetwordsmith was also a huge help to us when we first started working in art.  You can prompt and sponsor poems in her regular Poetry Fishbowls!
  • @spacerobotcrew ‘s Etsy store, which includes great things like multi pride jewelry.
  • Alien Shore, by C. S. Friedman, is by a singlet but apparently quite good in its depiction of a multiple!
  • And of course, we, LB Lee, have a Patreon (for fiction, art, and comics), and ebooks and paper comics.
  • @chocolate-oxygen​ is offering pay-what-you-want writing/fanfic commissions right now, in part to help start paying for DID-focused therapy! I don’t think she has any specifically multiplicity-related works available for purchase, but it’d still be money going to supporting (a) multiple artist(/s) 👌
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You know what, guys?  I don’t care much about Split.

If you want to see it, see it.  If you don’t, don’t.  Either way, it doesn’t particularly bother me.  And it CERTAINLY won’t bother the creators of the movie.


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You know, guys, you act like Loony-Brain is the worst system name ever, but it could've been WAY worse.  Had I been around when we were getting named, I would've worked my ass off to get us named the Shit-House Rats.

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Nope, no, it’s too late, now I’m mad.

Going off the posts that inspired this, ‘little’ can mean, depending who you’re talking to, ‘small,’ ‘a child,’ ‘my inner child,’ ‘a member of a multiple system who is a child,’ or ‘a role that I play in kink activities.’ All of these uses of ‘little’ make total sense, and pretending that using any one version is ‘stealing’ from the DID community is so laughably absurd that I’m astounded anyone even pauses to consider it.  Except I'm not, because it’s actually a clever little thought-trap.

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Dyscalculia: The Social Math of Multiplicity, by theroyalus.  They're working on a follow up. <-- hats, scarves, communication and stim jewelry by the Space Robots Crew! <-- a webcomic <-- a webcomic by our friend Zyfron, though the comic has been on hiatus forever and probably will remain so forever. <-- paper comics by Madison Clell, who self-published 'Cuckoo' back in the 90s.


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Headspaces can be handy for system communication and organization.  Ours allows us to talk to each other and act upon each other with conscious awareness, rather than out of sight and out of mind.  However, our headspace didn’t just pop fully formed from the abyss; most of it, we had to actively create.  If you’re interested in creating your own, here is how.

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One of the tropes you hear about multiples (or whatever Special Snowflake who’s too weird to exist) is that we want attention. I personally have rarely found it to be so. Most multiples I speak to are terrified, hiding behind anon screenames, dummy email accounts, and stating the absolute bare minimum they have to. They are PETRIFIED of being found out, petrified that they are faking or trying to usurp someone’s Very Serious Mental Illness.

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Even in something like multiplicity, which is popularly considered an unbelievably florid mental illness, there is a hierarchy.  Having people in your head, that’s okay, but they have to be the RIGHT people, or you’re just… TOO crazy, I guess, and faking it for shits and giggles.

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People assume that self-identified multiples just accept their existence with no incredulity or skepticism whatsoever.  These people don’t know shit.

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Let’s talk crazy chasers.  These are the creepy people who pursue a relationship with you (platonic or not) specifically because of your mental illness, diagnosis, or eccentricity.  There can be varying reasons–they want to “save” you, they think you’re more vulnerable to their predation, they have an extremely specific fetish–but it all boils down to creepery because it’s not really about YOU.  You’re just a container for your crazy, which is the only part they really care about.

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People will often talk about the closet as though it’s safer.  This has not been my experience; it’s merely a different set of risks, which I personally am less able to deal with.  For me, being out of the closet IS safer.

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So one thing that I notice multiples really not discussing much is death.  Like, I'll see people talking about integration as death as a rallying cry, but we rarely ACKNOWLEDGE that in everyday life.  That is, I have not met many systems who will actually say outright that a system member died.  "Split," "integrated," "left," "missing"... but never DEAD. (Unless the system member is still posthumously up and walking around, in which case folks seem a little more open about it.)

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Okay, there’s this idea I’ve seen around tumblr, so let’s get this out of the way: ‘multiple’ is not a word you can appropriate from people with DID/MPD/DDNOS.

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The idea that ‘system’ is a DID-only term seems to be very much a recent tumblr thing.  Back when we joined up on LJ back in ‘07, ‘system’ seemed to be the neutral term that everyone could agree on.


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Hi, Mori here. Okay, so I have a theory as to why you get these trends over and over again in the plural/soulbonder/fandom cults of the Internet.

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Huh, interesting.  There’s a chapter from an old 90s book on trans stuff, called Current Concepts in Transgender Identity, and Chapter 10 is called “Multiple Personality Order.” A decent chunk of it seems to be on Google Books.  Something for me to read when it’s not so late and I’m not so tired; part of me is curious, another part is worried it’ll be AWFUL.

(Our memory on a day-to-day basis is generally pretty good.  The only things that get nuked are specifically TRAUMATIC things, and usually the blackout is specifically for isolated terrible incidences, so kinda difficult to track, unless it’s something like, “Oh, I used to X, but I have no idea when or why I started.”)


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Okay guys, so, we went to the DID conference called IGDID over the past weekend.  If you want the longer, more personal version of events from Mori, that's filtered; let us know if you want to see that but can't.  Here is the quick TL;DR sum-up:

IGDID was extremely poorly organized.  Our table on the first day was hidden between a pillar and stairs, far from the rest of the con.  The second day, that table just disappeared and we were placed in the middle of a fire door, so we had to move, and our backs were to everyone.  The talks were also poorly scheduled, so that while I did the same workshop twice, one had twice the time as the other.

On top of that, the con felt in some ways the epitome of what people complain about with DID.  There were therapists claiming and stating things I found pseudoscientific and flat-out incorrect--mainly involving repressed memories, including ones involving the afterlife, infancy, and pre-birth.  I do not believe in such things, haven't seen good empirical support for them, and don't believe they belong at a professional conference.  The conference was deeply fixated on belief, conflating it with support and respect, which I personally disagree with.

On the whole, between the poor organization and deeply concerning cults of personality I felt manifested among the speakers, we will not be returning and can not in good faith recommend it even for fellow people with DID.  DID often involves difficulty with reality; I do not believe a conference like this would help that at all.

On the plus side, we've managed to meet up with a bunch of Seattle-area friends, which has been a lot of fun and deeply rewarding.  Pretty much everything that DIDN'T involve the conference has been great.

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The closer that DID con rears, the more ambivalent I feel about it.  On the one hand, it’s a networking opportunity I can’t pass up, having that many DID folks and their affiliates in one hotel. (Not to mention a chance to visit my Seattle peeps!) But I also feel REALLY uncomfortable about its tone and that Colin Ross is there.  It’s making me painfully aware of the parts of the psych industry and DID/abuse recovery that bother me--mainly, the focus on the individual sufferer beyond all other things.


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Hey guys!  Our friend Peter sent us a link to this Vice article about the multiple community online!  It's actually pretty cool, though of course, you shouldn't read the comments.

--Sneak and Rogan

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