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So, it turns out HMS_Beagles, who haven't been around since 2011, still had their email account up all this time.  People were sending them emails about adding sites to the list as late as 2015!  Which is embarrassing; I had no idea. (And even then, it never would've occurred to me I could or should access their account.)

Before I delete the account, I've been manually wading through all the spam and sending messages informing everyone that Beagles is gone, the listing is gone, and for all other inquiries, they should email us instead.

But in the process, conveniently, I happen to get a hard citation for the creation of the multiplicity symbol--you know, the one with the interlocking circles?  People on tumblr are apparently claiming it's a DID-only symbol now, and here's hard proof that it's not, because the creator, ouregaiya, emailed it to Beagles when they created it in October 2011.  Ouregaiya are still active, and about as hardcore as it's possible to be, as far as medicalization of DID goes; their site reads, "Multiplicity is not an illness or disorder."

A screencap, for evidence:Cut to avoid spam. )
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Hey guys, at the library yesterday, I got myself a weird old multi book: (George), by E. L. Konigsberg.

This book is kinda a fascinatingly weird artifact; it's a children's book from 1970, so before Sybil, and before the whole "multiplicity is caused by trauma" thing.  Hell, this book is older than the freakin' diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder!  Back when this book was written, it was "Hysterical Neurosis, Dissociative Type."

But anyway, this book, true to the other Konigsberg books we've read, is a quiet, gently-paced story about this chemistry geek, Ben, the "little man who lives inside of him" named George, and Ben's little brother Howard, who knows about them both.  As Ben starts getting into middle school age, he starts having disagreements with George about a friend at school, and finally George, Ben, and Howard all have to join forces to set things right.

Spoilers and talk about the book behind the cut. )

Proof, I guess, that even before Sybil, the two conditions got confused a lot, enough to get on Konigsberg's nerves.
So yeah.  I'm not sure I'd recommend this book as being awesome or anything, but it's an odd, quirky little historical artifact that at least depicts a multi system who are pretty happy and better off as they are!  Worth a read, if you're curious, though be warned there is some mental health stuff in there that can be upsetting.  But nothing really bad happens to anyone, and everything turns out all right in the end.  This is a Konigsberg book, after all; even at their most intense, they have a quiet feeling to them.
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I've had a couple requests on this, so here it is, a recommended list of DID books (or DID-ish books) that I wish all multiples would read, even if they're on the opposite end of the multi spectrum.

Why? Because a lot of multiples on the Internet only use Internet sources... and overwhelmingly, they use sources from just the past five to ten years (if you can get a proper source date on them at all). What your teacher used to tell you is true: those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it. Online plurals are constantly reinventing the wheel, and nogoodniks will take advantage of people's ignorance to claim patent falsehood.

A lot of people don't read these books because a lot of them are terrible. I won't pretend otherwise. They are boring, depressing, infuriating, or factually incorrect. But I'm not recommending these books for pleasure or even teaching what they intend, most of the time. You're not here to see yourself reflected in literature; you're here to learn your history and where all these trends and counter-trends online came from in the first place. It will make some effective bullshit-repellent. (And if you want the works that I have found more helpful personally, skip down to Part Three.)

Optional books are listed as BONUS ROUNDs. You don't have to read them, but if you're feeling up to it, go for it! I've also put them in a general recommended reading order, and tried to stick with books that are easy to find. (And if they aren't, I offer my own copies.)


There were multi cases in the 1700s and 1800s, but sadly I don't know a lot about them, and they're hard to find. So we're skipping ahead to the 70s, with the books that helped form the core of multi tropes in pop culture (and sadly, also among therapists), for a good while, leading to the backlash. Florid descriptions of abuse abound!

First, the Classics. )

PART TWO: THE BACKLASH (and the backlash against the backlash)

This section, I promise, will cure you of any fears that non-DID multiples had anything to do with people disbelieving in multiplicity; the backlash was overwhelmingly about abuse and repressed memory. As rates of diagnosed multiples suddenly skyrocketed, the mental health folks were in a bind. Had they truly missed a ton of horrifically abused multiples all these years? Were they overdiagnosing us? Also, we tended to have incredibly creepy, enmeshed relationships with our therapists, who were reparenting us, using drugs to help our recall, and selling books they wrote about us. We had become a status symbol. Backlash was inevitable.

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Okay, I feel parts 1 and 2 pretty much cover the multi history stuff most folks on the Internet don't bother with.  Those are the bits I cared most about.  But continuing onward, plurals were moving online and speaking for themselves by the mid-90s (with Usenet groups like So here are some other things, overlapping with and progressing from the backlash period, which I myself hope to read and learn from (but in many cases haven't gotten to yet; I'll note those with the word 'UNREAD').

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There is a chestnut of misinformation on tumblr claiming that 'system' is a term made by DID folks, for DID folks, and nobody else is allowed to use it.  This is often wrapped up in the idea that multiplicity is owned by people with DID/DDNOS/OSDD, and anyone else claiming it is appropriating.  This is utter nonsense.  I've written numerous posts on this before, but here is the more thorough breakdown, first focused on the politics of this statement, and then the actual facts of reality.

The Politics: why this argument doesn't make sense, even under its own logic. )

The Facts: twenty-plus years of non-DID multiples using 'system.' )
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Okay, so for everyone's geeky entertainment, here is the full-text transcription of my first exposure to the concept of multiplicity: Pg. 377-380 of The Book of Lists #2, by Wallace, Wallechinsky, Wallace, and Wallace, copyrighted February 1980.

Many of the cases listed in this book have since been recategorized as non-multi. And this is a pop culture book that gets a good few of its solid facts wrong, but I still hope you guys will enjoy it.  I will add my notes on the cases in brackets, correcting facts that the book gets wrong, and adding sources.  Besides those, all the rest of the text is the original article.


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(EDIT: This post is open unto perpetuity.  It never closes.  Feel free to comment here whenever you want; if it is truly done, you will no longer see it!  If you would like to track this post--that is, to get an email/inbox message whenever a new comment shows up, so you don't have to manually check it--click the little bell icon at the bottom right of the post text, right above the "X Comments" and "Reply" text!)

Hello everybody!  Over in a group we know, folks were talking about wanting to meet other plurals through Dreamwidth, so we decided to make this post to help people get to know each other.

Please, whether you know us personally or not, feel free to leave a comment saying who you are and what you like to do.  Also, for an ice-breaker question, discuss your favorite adorable lifeform.

I hope I can connect plurals together with other plurals and plural-friendly singlets!  Say hi, folks!

--Sneak and Rogan
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There are PASSIONATE fights about multiplicity elsewhere online.  One relatively recent nugget of bullshit that keeps cropping up on tumblr is the idea that unless you have a diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (and/or DDNOS-1, depending on the flavor of bullshitter), you CAN NOT use the word 'multiple.' You have to come up with some completely unrelated word, otherwise you are appropriating from a Very Serious Mental Illness.

Of course, this is total nonsense, for many reasons.  I have already covered why the logic of this argument doesn't hold water in my post about usage of the word 'system,' so I won't repeat myself.  I'll just jump straight to the history of the word 'multiple' and its usage, which most certainly is not one of brave, noble warriors with DID coming up with an insider term just for them.

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Okay guys, after my post about Split, I wanted to make a list of awesome plural folks with stuff for sale!  So here’s a quick list of for sales and shop pages for plurals and plural-positive media!  Please comment  to let me know about more things to add to the list!
  • Phineas Frogg's Disability T-shirts: Phineas Frogg is an awesome plural-friendly person who does queer, disability, and politics T-shirts.
  • Navelgazed’s Patreon: art and fiction
  • Artists of the Desired Constellation: Paintings and such, but @1ff needs to make a shop page to more easily funnel money. :p
  • got parts?, by ATW: a DID self-help book by a DID system.  Awesome nuts and bolts.
  • Cuckoo, by Madison Clell: autobio comics about having DID.  Clell has since integrated, but she is awesome!  And she probably has other work for sale on her site somewhere.
  • Amongst Ourselves, by Alderman and Marshall: another DID self-help book, made by a DID system therapist and their wife, also a therapist. (Woo, queer plurals!)
  • When Rabbit Howls and A Creature of Habit, by the Troops for Truddi Chase.  The Troops have passed on, but their work remains!  All of us who’ve ever criticized the medical model owe a debt to the Troops.  Read and remember! (A Creature of Habit was published after they died.  We haven’t read it, but we want to!  It’s expensive due to being lavishly illustrated by the Troops’ paintings.)
  • I’m Eve and A Mind of My Own, by Chris Costner Sizemore.  Ms. Sizemore has also passed on, sadly, but she is also an inspiration to us all due to her fighting a hard legal battle to regain the rights to her life story.  The Three Faces of Eve was inaccurate; please, read her books in her own words. (Also, handy because her system was quite different than how we think of DID systems now.  Learn your history!  Her papers are also a special collection at Duke)
  • Ysabetwordsmith is singlet, but her Polychrome Heroics poetry series has a pretty awesome multi superhero, Damask!  Ysabetwordsmith was also a huge help to us when we first started working in art.  You can prompt and sponsor poems in her regular Poetry Fishbowls!
  • @spacerobotcrew ‘s Etsy store, which includes great things like multi pride jewelry.
  • Alien Shore, by C. S. Friedman, is by a singlet but apparently quite good in its depiction of a multiple!
  • And of course, we, LB Lee, have a Patreon (for fiction, art, and comics), and ebooks and paper comics.
  • @chocolate-oxygen​ is offering pay-what-you-want writing/fanfic commissions right now, in part to help start paying for DID-focused therapy! I don’t think she has any specifically multiplicity-related works available for purchase, but it’d still be money going to supporting (a) multiple artist(/s) 👌
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You know what, guys?  I don’t care much about Split.

If you want to see it, see it.  If you don’t, don’t.  Either way, it doesn’t particularly bother me.  And it CERTAINLY won’t bother the creators of the movie.


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You know, guys, you act like Loony-Brain is the worst system name ever, but it could've been WAY worse.  Had I been around when we were getting named, I would've worked my ass off to get us named the Shit-House Rats.

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Nope, no, it’s too late, now I’m mad.

Going off the posts that inspired this, ‘little’ can mean, depending who you’re talking to, ‘small,’ ‘a child,’ ‘my inner child,’ ‘a member of a multiple system who is a child,’ or ‘a role that I play in kink activities.’ All of these uses of ‘little’ make total sense, and pretending that using any one version is ‘stealing’ from the DID community is so laughably absurd that I’m astounded anyone even pauses to consider it.  Except I'm not, because it’s actually a clever little thought-trap.

The thought-trap and how it works )
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Dyscalculia: The Social Math of Multiplicity, by theroyalus.  They're working on a follow up. <-- hats, scarves, communication and stim jewelry by the Space Robots Crew! <-- a webcomic <-- a webcomic by our friend Zyfron, though the comic has been on hiatus forever and probably will remain so forever. <-- paper comics by Madison Clell, who self-published 'Cuckoo' back in the 90s.


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What is a headspace?  It's an internal world that system members can live in.  Some people have multiple headspaces; others have no headspace at all.  All of these things are okay!  This post is specifically if you want to build one.

Headspaces can be handy for system communication and organization.  Ours allows us to interact with each other, and to some extent our subconscious.  But most of our headspace didn’t just pop fully formed from the abyss; we had to actively create it.  If you’re interested in creating your own, here is how.

She'll be spamming for when she comes... )
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One of the tropes you hear about multiples (or whatever Special Snowflake who’s too weird to exist) is that we want attention. I personally have rarely found it to be so. Most multiples I speak to are terrified, hiding behind anon screenames, dummy email accounts, and stating the absolute bare minimum they have to. They are PETRIFIED of being found out, petrified that they are faking or trying to usurp someone’s Very Serious Mental Illness.

I like HM in June, how about you? )
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Even in something like multiplicity, which is popularly considered an unbelievably florid mental illness, there is a hierarchy.  Having people in your head, that’s okay, but they have to be the RIGHT people, or you’re just… TOO crazy, I guess, and faking it for shits and giggles.

HM spam posts sing this song, doo-da doo-da! )
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People assume that self-identified multiples just accept their existence with no incredulity or skepticism whatsoever.  These people don’t know shit.

More posts, doo-de-doo-de-doo )
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Let’s talk crazy chasers.  These are the creepy people who pursue a relationship with you (platonic or not) specifically because of your mental illness, diagnosis, or eccentricity.  There can be varying reasons–they want to “save” you, they think you’re more vulnerable to their predation, they have an extremely specific fetish–but it all boils down to creepery because it’s not really about YOU.  You’re just a container for your crazy, which is the only part they really care about.

Another healthymultiplicity article. I'm sorry guys there's going to be a bunch of these. )
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People will often talk about the closet as though it’s safer.  This has not been my experience; it’s merely a different set of risks, which I personally am less able to deal with.  For me, being out of the closet IS safer.

Another index post for revising )
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So one thing that I notice multiples really not discussing much is death.  Like, I'll see people talking about integration as death as a rallying cry, but we rarely ACKNOWLEDGE that in everyday life.  That is, I have not met many systems who will actually say outright that a system member died.  "Split," "integrated," "left," "missing"... but never DEAD. (Unless the system member is still posthumously up and walking around, in which case folks seem a little more open about it.)

This is a revision of a post we made years ago, fixed up for the new index. )
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Okay, there’s this idea I’ve seen around tumblr, so let’s get this out of the way: ‘multiple’ is not a word you can appropriate from people with DID/MPD/DDNOS.

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