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Hey y'all, it's Mori.  I'm positive there are some hardcore Latin nerds following this blog, so I wanna double-check:

Is "mementote Mori" grammatically correct Latin? (Mori being my name, not, you know.  The verb form of death.)

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Man, but I really am not a villains kinda person. In fiction, they get to be stone-cold badasses, puppet-masters and genius psychological manipulators... but in reality, they're such fucking BABIES.

Nazis, Klansmen, and other such ilk. )

Hey McFly!

Jun. 1st, 2017 12:29 pm
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You know, these days I wonder if the reason Biff hates all sci-fi and fantasy is just that he's never gotten over Back to the Future.

On the plus side, I can easily revive all the memories of his most annoyed child schoolyard days just by shouting, "HEY MCFLY" at him.


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Okay, okay, so they never tell you this in Christmas time, but Santa and his old lady totally had conjoined twins as kids.

Now, Santa and the missus, they’re cool people right, they want to do right by their kids, but they totally weren’t prepared for this.  So they do what a lot of folks do, right, and they talk to the doctor about what the right thing is to do for their kids.  Should they be separated?  CAN they?

And the doctor says no, they share a digestive tract, there’s no way the kids could be safely separated.  Much better that they live as they are, since they seem pretty okay, just different.  They’ll be all right, because after all: a semicolon can be used between two closely related independent Clauses.


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Welp, that was a total bust.

The Jerk Bus beat me.  They kept moving too fast, not staying anywhere for long, and spreading misinformation about when and where they'd be, so I couldn't catch up to them.

So now I've got a bunch of resources and nothing to do with them.  You can download the whole load free here, I guess; I'm gonna take it down in a week, because some of it is pirated and I don't want to bilk my own community.  The whole thing contains:

Resources )Man, can't believe I burned all that energy for nothing.  Stupid bus.


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Oh my god tracking this stupid bus is like chasing Carmen San Diego.


EDIT: annnnnd now the CD burner isn't working.  Apparently it can only do three at a time and then it dies.

This whole thing is turning into a way bigger pain in my ass and chaotic clusterfuck than I anticipated.
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Okay, I got a Free Speech Bus plan. (The Free Speech Bus is this total horseshit bus covered in slogans about how only XX girls and XY boys exist and anyone who says otherwise is against free speech and also SCIENCE because that's totally how science works.)

Tempted as I am to just vandalize the damn thing, I talked to Rogan and I'm actually thinking I might be better off trying something else. Much as I hate giving these dude a platform, I think I hate being played even more, and their whole idea is to try and trigger outrage and then play the victim.  If I can't change their minds, and I can't stop the bus for longer than a short time, I'd rather help the people they go after.


The plan instead. )
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Hey [personal profile] mirrorofsmoke , I TOTALLY want Trin's voice saying 'DICKWHISTLING COCKMONGERS' to be the sound our computer makes when it boots up now.

I dunno what the best shutdown noise would be.  Maybe you saying "vagina" a whole bunch of times.



Jan. 8th, 2017 01:02 pm
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You know, I've only been alive as a system member for two presidential elections: Bush/Gore and /.

My opinions of American democracy are pretty low.


EDIT: Also, Rogan's doing his usual monthly writing poll thing again.  Go vote there.


Nov. 3rd, 2016 08:54 pm
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Mori: Man, we are the best headmates.  It took a few months of checking the local thrift shops, but me and Biff finally chased down an honest-to-god boombox for ten bucks.  The speakers are good, the CD player is good, the radio is good, the only issue it's got is that the tape deck is kinda fucked up so we can only play cassettes, not make them. (That and it constantly clicks.)

Rogan: Now I can finally listen to music again WITHOUT my damn computer.  YESSSSSS!  And listen to our damn mix-tapes!
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We finished reading the Subtle Knife.  And wow, holy shitcake, no WONDER we didn't like it as kids.  What was that ENDING?  What did I even just READ?  What?

Me and Rogan ranted about it to each other for half an hour. (Nice thing about headmates, you can do that and odds are good SOMEONE else in there will care about your topic.  Mac and Biff totally jetted though.) Seriously, what?  WHAT?

Man, I need to go clean out my brain-mouth with Enron books now.


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Wow, Biff has been here for over a year now!  I guess we can't call him the new guy so much anymore.  Seeing that and how he first showed his sorry ass here in 2001, I now declare him the OLD guy. (Seriously, he even predates Gigs.)

He decided to celebrate by scrubbing the apartment with me.  It badly needed a clean, and what with our shoulder being all fucked up, it's been Rogan stuck at front a while.  But now we can kick hiss ass off and take over again.  Yeehaw!

Anyway, roomie got Biff some apple cider (dude is fucking obsessed with cider) and caramel ice cream so he can make himself an apple cider affogato.  He is ridiculously excited about this.  And so am I since I am all for activities that involve me getting fed.  DESSERT FOR US!

Happy Biffaversary!



Sep. 18th, 2016 10:52 pm
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Rogan: Just finished watching the first season of Cleverman with our roommate.  Man, that show is INTENSE, and relentlessly paced, but great!  Uber-glad we watched it, dying for another season because it ended on a cliffhanger.

Mori: Also, Biff actually paid attention while it was on.  Usually he can’t give less of a shit about any kind of fiction.  It’s all science and history shows with him. (And cooking.  Dude fucking loves cooking shows.) I’m starting to think it’s not the fiction that bugs him, it’s how white and unrelatable it is to him.  Stuff to check out!

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Biff did Mori’s hair up in Bantu knots and then Sneak immediately wanted it too.  So enjoy this pic of the results.

A picture of Mori and Sneak with their hair up in Bantu knots, a hairstyle in which hair is twisted and coiled, making spiky little pyramids at regular intervals over their scalp.  Due to Mori's hairstyle, she has only four; Sneak's head is a total pincushion.  They both look pleased with their new style.
Not shown: Biff with a mouthful of pins and ponytail holders with the kids sitting at his feet, desperately trying to get their hair to cooperate because he's massively out of practice.


Aug. 31st, 2016 02:58 pm
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Everybody needs a hobby, I guess.  Sneak’s include horror game Let’s Plays and crafts.  Mac and Biff have cooking.  Miranda has slash fanfiction and meditation.  I’ve got cults.

Mori’s is apparently the seamy underbelly of the US business and financial sector.

And now she’s trying to explain securities and stock buybacks to me.  Good luck with that, kid.


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Biff went crazy and cleaned the apartment today.  Organized our desk, moved everything around, complained about how we'd had the new lamp for months and STILL not plugged it in, swept and scrubbed and grumped.

Congratulations, dudema, your jurisdiction is now cleaning, laundry, shopping, and all household matters that Rogan's too distracted and Mac's too lazy to do.

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Passing Phases
Series: LB/Infinity Smashed AU. Take your pick.
Word Count: 1600
Summary: Biff slowly builds up the image he wants other people to have of him... and then slowly strips it down.
Notes: This story was funded by the Patreon crew! Thanks, everyone. Also note that this story follows System-Biff's life, rather than the story version y'all're familiar with. More notes at the bottom.

It starts when Biff runs away from home.

He's had his powers a few years now, but he's still not very good at them. He's never needed them, not like this.

Read more... )
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Biff, a short stocky guy with a pony tail, being hugged from behind by Mori, who's about the same height but much skinnier, with all but her bangs buzzed off.

Biff and Mori, just paling around.  They aren’t touchy-feely in general, but make big exceptions for each other.  Biff’s facial hair is coming back in, and he’s just as shit about shaving it as he was ten years ago.

Drew this as quick figure study, because they’re almost the same height, but he’s beef and she’s noodles.
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Hi, Mori here. Okay, so I have a theory as to why you get these trends over and over again in the plural/soulbonder/fandom cults of the Internet.

The power of story! )
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Here's a doodle from the Livestream, which will eventually be one panel for a quick two page comic for Cuddlebook.

Image behind cut. )
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