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Hey y'all, it's Mori.  I'm positive there are some hardcore Latin nerds following this blog, so I wanna double-check:

Is "mementote Mori" grammatically correct Latin? (Mori being my name, not, you know.  The verb form of death.)

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I didn’t plan on taking the Jicarilla dictionary it home.  But the very first thing in the book is a foreword from the husband of Wilhelmina Phone, the primary writer.

“I would like to thank the Great Creator here for giving me a wonderful and talented wife, Wilhelmina Tafoya.  She has a God-given writing ability to hear words pronounced and put them down in black and white.  She never had formal training or education to write all the sounds of the words she hears.  She has been a leader in the preservation of the language by being one of the tribal members working to preserve our language, culture, customs, and traditions.  Many times she would give up and say, ‘No one will use all this material.  The material will end up on a shelf to gather dust.’ But she has persevered.”

This book was in the closed stacks, and when they brought it up for me, it was covered in dust.  It felt like everything Ms. Phone/Tafoya feared.  And I wasn’t even getting the book for any reason she probably made it for, just to spank some crackerass child-molesting cult leader wannabe!

So I took it home.  I dunno that Ms. Phone/Tafoya would approve of me using the Dictionary of Jicarilla Apache: Abáachi Mizaa Iłkee’ Siijai for this purpose, but maybe it’d at least entertain her, right?


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Tutorial for you, Heather!  This is just a very brief overview; if you want to go over anything more clearly, just say so and I can write you up entries covering all these in more detail.  Some of these things we already talked about, but I thought it might be convenient to reiterate them here so you can find it in a hurry.  HERE WE GO!

Overview! )

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This question from the Syntax quiz today entertained me to no end:

"An imaginary exchange between you and your annoying roommate Ogel:

Ogel: What did you do last night?
You: I didn't do nothin' last night.
Ogel: That's bad grammar!  You should say 'I didn't do anything.' I thought you were taking a linguistics course on syntax and semantics.  Aren't you learning anything?

Task 3. (25%) Instead of slugging Ogel, reply by briefly describing the actual topic of this course, using and explaining the terms
descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar."

Lousy prescriptivists! *shaking fist of doom and glory* 
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Bet you're all excited hearing this entry title, ain'tcha?

Okay.  So I'm in Phonetics, as per usual, and we get on how much you rely on watching people's faces to figure out what you're saying. Now, you probably think, "Oh, like lip-reading!"  True, yes, but deaf people aren't the only ones who do it.  All of us do.  It's how you manage to talk on a bus without shouting.

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My fall into Phonetics love is complete: I actually enjoyed a lab that required me to download a program and borrow stuff.  This is unheard of.  Usually I drag my feet and whine the entire way if it requires anything but paper and a pencil.  I probably would've grumped if I'd had to buy a mic, but luckily for me, I have a bunch of computer science friends who are very generous with loaning out their equipment.

So I spent the past hour or so recording my voice repeating similar words with different vowels and labeling my formants, all while wearing a set of mic/headphones that make me look like a diehard WoW player.

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