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Hey guys, I got some new folks who joined up recently, so I'm gonna forward y'all to the Big Dreamwidth Multi Introduction Post and remind everyone that it's open unto perpetuity!  If you want to keep an eye on it without manually checking it over and over, you can track it by by clicking the little bell icon directly underneath the post body. (You can see an example of it on this post too--it's the little bell at the far right right at the bottom of this post, right under the post body and just above the words 'Reply.')

If you track it, you will get an inbox message (and/or email) whenever someone new comments, so you'll know when the party's starting up again!

Have fun and play nice all y'all!

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I just realized that even though I CREATED a commissions info thing, I never actually posted it. No wonder folks don't realize I'm open for commissions. So here it is: How To Commission LB!
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We've had some folks come join DW from tumblr or Discord recently, so I thought I'd do a little Dreamwidth 101 post for you guys! :D I hope it helps!

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Hello, Fandom Secrets person!  This is a quick info post concerning some of the common questions we get asked on F!S, all together for your convenience and so as not to spam the comm.  This post will probably gather more questions as they appear.

1. Why do you tag your posts?

We're multiple. Dissociative Identity Disorder, multiple personalities, whatever you want to call it. We make educational comics about it (and other mental health stuff) which have been used by shrinks, mental hospitals, and multiples themselves since 2008. We'll even be a speaker at the Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Conference in October 2015!

We tag our posts because different people here have different tastes and identities, and we figured it'd be less confusing.

2. I have a multi question.

We did a big 101 thread on F!S here.  Feel free to read through, or ask any questions you have there; the thread is open for as long as we're on Dreamwidth.  Alternately, ask the question here!  Anon comments should be active.

3. I heard you do write professional writer/drawer/comics things.  I have a question about that.

We don't want to spam F!S with things that might be construed as advertising, so feel free to ask the question here, and we'll be happy to go into more detail.  The very short version is: to supplement our disability payments, we are also self-employed as an artist, selling stories, comic books, and art commissions.  We've done this a couple years, and while we're still very much a small fish, we're doing better than expected.
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It's time for a practical post on repressed memories and how to deal with them.

Repressed memories are memories that get hidden from the conscious memory as a self-defense mechanism. I'm specifically talking about traumatic memories; the idea is, the pain is so intense that the conscious mind can not handle it, and thus rejects it.

Repressed memories are a short-term solution with long-term problems. If you're not consciously aware of a memory, then you can't learn from it, meaning you might find yourself committing the same mistakes or self-defeating actions over and over again, never understanding WHY. Also, while the memory might not reach conscious awareness, it's still there, often consuming a great deal of energy to stay hidden.

But how can you deal with something that, by its very nature, you can't identify? How can you bring it into conscious awareness safely and insure you deal with it better now than then?

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Headspace is one of those things that a lot of people find confusing or weird. Everyone’s headspace is different and manifests for different reasons. I think ours might look weird on the surface, but it’s pretty simple to explain, so I’m giving it a shot.

A quick blather about our internal landscape, and how it's a useful tool for us to be conscious of our gestalt needs and desires )
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There are many ways for a system to gain new members. We haven't seen anyone talk about the various methods in detail, so we thought we'd take it on!

Talks of splitting, integration, and walk-ins, with helpful diagrams! )
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Recently we have gotten to know somebody who admits that they get uncomfortable with our system name of Loony-Brain.  This is not the first time it's happened, and that's fine.  There's a reason we go by LB socially; I can understand why sane folks might kinda fidget over calling someone certifiably mentally ill "Loony Brain," even if that is indeed our name.  I think the question that just remains from that is: Why on EARTH do we call ourself that?  How can anyone take us seriously when we give ourselves such a belittling name?

There's a story behind that.

Come on back with me to 2007.  Bush was still president and we were just dealing with our multiplicity.

Hard as it may be to believe, we didn't just become magically okay with this overnight.  There was a reason we'd doggedly faked singletude for the prior seven years.  But our main fronter up and died, which left us facing the writing on the wall: YOU ARE CRAZY.

We didn't know about disability activism, or the Icarus Project, or hell, even feminism at that point.  All we knew was that we had failed one of the most basic tests of sanity, and all statements trying to assure us otherwise ("oh, you're not crazy, you just have severe emotional issues") just felt patronizing.  So we decided to own our craziness and poke fun at our own ambivalence, and we took the name Loony-Brain.  Alas, we had no way of knowing that we'd later develop some modicum of Internet popularity and be stuck with a really doofy name.

So why haven't we changed it?  Because however we feel now, I feel that it's important to remember our past, remember how afraid and ambivalent we used to be.  Because I know that jackholes are going to try and dismiss us by calling us crazy, and I want to show them that that word has no capacity to hurt me.  And because... we ARE crazy.  And that's okay.  We might as well poke fun at it.

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It seems we've gotten a lot of questions concerning uncloseting, since we've come out multi to a fair few people with a wide range of reactions.  Feel free to bring up suggestions, arguments, or anything you see fit; I wrote this on the fly, and I'm more than willing to revamp it at others' behest.  It's meant for multiplicity, but I think a bunch of the rules can apply for about coming out anything.  So:

So You're Crazy: the Handy-Dandy Loony-Brain Guide to Uncloseting )
Happy uncloseting.

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