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I FINALLY found that stupid Princess and Monster/Battle the Universe crossover shipper fic I made in 2010, the one where Gate/Gad gets together with T. It was a stupid crackmeme prompt that ended up spawning The Princess and Her Monster in its entirety, and the character of Trick/Tobiach.

I’d been searching for this stupid thing forever, only to never find it, and today I discovered why: I PUT IT ON MY FUCKING 1998 LAPTOP. No wonder I couldn’t fucking find it, Jesus! What the hell was I thinking? And I named the doc something ridiculous and weird too, so there was no way I could’ve told my comp to search for it.

You have no idea how happy I am to have found this stupid thing, for records if nothing else.
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I need bad fanfiction cliches!  I haven't read crappy fanfiction in so long, I've lost touch!  So it is imperative that my beloved friend's list assists me in this super-secret endeavor!

So, bad fanfiction cliches.  I already have Mary Sue, crossover, characters discovering fanfiction of themselves, genderswap, on a game show, zombie apocalypse, and working in a coffeehouse (seriously, WTF, I'd never heard of this one, maybe because I can't fathom what could be that interesting working in a coffeehouse).

But I need more.  MOAR, do you hear me?  It's important.

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Apparently "previous entries" on my friend's page dies after 200 entries back.

That gets me up to the beginning of May.

Yeesh, I don't even have that big a flist...
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Ode to the Nice Guys

Mac: Why, I love good men!

Rogan: So do I, my man! We should discuss this like mature adults!

Miranda: Here we go again.

Nice Guy Rant MST: THE MUSICAL! )
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I can't believe I actually wrote Phantom Stranger/Dr. Thirteen crack.  Elle?  Choir?  I BLAME YOU FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN.

Dr. Thirteen detests the Phantom Stranger. )
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The soapy escapades of the Loony-Brain Dolly Family )
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Last night, we dreamed that we got married.  We wore a white dress, and though we got nervous because no one looked like they'd show, our parents and Audrey came, and we were all happy.

Then we realized we still had cow shit on our arms from working, so we postponed the wedding and went zorbing.

...I blame Sneak for this.

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I swear, this is the dullest class I've had. And Texas history? INTERESTING.  Do you have ANY idea how many kooky governors we've had?  There were the Fergusons, who got elected FOUR times, despite being plagued with charges of corruption and missing money almost every time, and when Jim Ferguson got barred from ever running for office again, he got smart and ran his wife.  And she won too! (She's the source of the great quote concerning English-only public schools: "English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for us.") And then there was Pappy O'Daniel, the flour salesman who wrote bad poetry about Texas mothers and used hillbilly music to promote himself.

One more test.  I've studied.  Memorized the dates of governors and senators.  I know so much stuff about governors now, you would DIE OF SHOCK.

...please excuse me, I have to go fetch my brain, it's trying to throw itself out the window again.  Come back here, you stupid thing!  I have a test!
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This question from the Syntax quiz today entertained me to no end:

"An imaginary exchange between you and your annoying roommate Ogel:

Ogel: What did you do last night?
You: I didn't do nothin' last night.
Ogel: That's bad grammar!  You should say 'I didn't do anything.' I thought you were taking a linguistics course on syntax and semantics.  Aren't you learning anything?

Task 3. (25%) Instead of slugging Ogel, reply by briefly describing the actual topic of this course, using and explaining the terms
descriptive grammar and prescriptive grammar."

Lousy prescriptivists! *shaking fist of doom and glory* 
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"Reading, I shall argue, is dialectical.  What I first called forward and backward movements and then centripetal and centrifugal impulses are the differential forces that drive the reading process... we must resist the impulse to think of the centripetal as the uncreative, the unimaginative, the oppressive restriction of meaning."




Why am I reading this again?  Is this even English?  Or has it finally happened, and my temporal lobe has broken down, and I am now a babbling Wernicke's aphasic, incapable of understanding or uttering even the most simple sentences?

I feel stupid.
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