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The Big Multi DW Intro Post is blowing up again, and I'm sorry guys, I'm a slow turtle-man and can't keep up with you!

I PROMISE I WILL COMMENT.  Just... when I'm less overwhelmed!

EDIT: Ivan Velez Jr. responded to my email! @_@ AAAAAAH

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Oh man, I had a total lucky break!

So, we thought we had a dentist appointment today.  Turns out no, their automated texts were wrong, and since no human being actually checked with me, I had no way of knowing that it's actually next week.  Bummer, right?

Except I'm not sad at all, because it meant we got into the radical bookshop when it was open.  Got to do some business, sure, but even better, you'll never guess what I found in their fucking free box!  It was a bunch of queer comics from the old days, the first 21 issues of Hothead Paisan, and the complete series of Tales of the Closet! (I thought that I was missing the last issue, #10, but it turns out it was never printed at all!)

Holy crap!  I gave Hothead Paisan to my roomie and her girlfriend, but I'd wanted to read Tales of the Closet for years, but it's been out of print for ages, near as I can figure.  But now it's mine, ALL MINE!

I can't believe they just had it in a free box!  They had no idea the gold mine they were sitting on, Jesus!


EDIT:  Also I got Jeanine Renne’s Andy Blake book, When a Fan Hits the Shit, from [personal profile] dreamer_marie  today!  Best book day ever?  BEST BOOK DAY EVER.
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Hey guys, as promised, here's the slides and reading list from my trans comics talk yesterday!  Sadly, no notes yet, I'm kinda worn out.
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I noticed there wasn't a page that collated webcomics with transcripts, figured I'd make one.  This post will get updated over and over, likely.  If you know of comics with transcripts, please let me know so I can update this post!

NOTE: I make no guarantee of quality, merely accessibility.

EDIT: Added Trans Bunny
EDIT 11/12/2016: Added explainxkcd, Life, the Articles section and Comics Empower.
EDIT 11/13/2016: Added LOTS.
EDIT 6/24/2017: Added Robot Hugs.
  • Ask TBOI Big Sibs, by LB Lee (that's us!)  A tumblr ask blog for Maggie and Samson from the game the Binding of Isaac.
  • Awkward Fumbles, by the Comics Irregulars.  A collaborative webcomic: you send in pictures, they write the words.
  • Comics Empower: A comic book shop intended SPECIFICALLY for blind folks; it is all meant to be heard via audio.  Lots of different comics here, mostly by blind creators.
  • Darths & Droids, by David Morgan-Mar.  If the Star Wars prequels was actually a roleplaying game where half the folks are taking the piss.
  • The Dinosaur Whiteboard, by the Comics Irregulars. " I got a really cool Dinosaur Comics whiteboard (in fact I bought two, one for home and one for the office. No, really!), and decided to make comics with it and - this is the tricky bit - let people see them!"
  • General Protection Fault, by Jeffrey Darlington.   Geeky sci-fi comic, I think? I can't SEE the transcripts myself, but according to him, the entire archive is done.
  • Help Desk, by Christopher B. Wright. What if tech support actually were run by evil demons?
  • Irregular Webcomic, by David Morgan-Mar.  Comics involving Lego folks!
  • iToons, a webcomic that asks the simple question "What would it be like if you took every comic strip in existence, put them in a blender, and pressed max?
  • Kernel Panic, by Christopher B. Wright.  More tech comics.
  • LB Lee's Comics, by... well, us!  Mental health comics.
  • Leftover Soup, by Tailsteak.  Slice of life strip with various sexualities and relationship orientations.
  • Life, by Phillip Meyer.  Not web; a simple tactile comic intended to be perfectly readable for blind and sighted alike, done in Braille.  Apparently you can buy some print copies by contacting him directly!
  • Lightning Made of Owls, by the Comics Irregulars.  Gag a day.
  • Newspaper Comics Transcribed, by various.  Exactly what it sounds like.  Not in order.
  • Old Skool Webcomic, by Christopher B. Wright. "Two Circles, Mr. A and Mr. B, talking about whatever happens to tickle their fancy at the time."
  • PC Town, by Christopher B. Wright.  Techy noir.
  • Planet of Hats, by David Morgan-Mar.  A comic retelling of the original Star Trek episodes.
  • The Prisoner of Monty Hall, by Ian Boreham. "Mostly one-off strips. The only thing they are likely to have in common is that I think they are funny."
  • Rapid City, by Josh Dahl.  Superhero noirish drama! (I happen to know the creator.)
  • Robot Hugs, by RH.  Queers, kitties, depression, no ongoing story.  Note that the transcripts don't go all the way back; you'd be best off starting at the most recent strip and working backwards.
  • singingstranger's comic transcripts.  Not necessarily all by singingstranger.
  • Square Root of Minus Garfield, by the Comics Irregular. "a webcomic devoted to parodies and mash-ups of the popular comic strip Garfield, by Jim Davis"
  • Theri There, by frameacloud.  A strip about otherkin.
  • Trans Bunny, by KC Clearwater.  A surreal poetic doodle strip.  I know the creator! (NOTE: the transcripts are just for the dialogue soooo may not be the most clear.)
  • xkcd, by Randall Munroe.  Comics about SCIENCE!  And MATH! (Needs plug-in to see transcripts, but they are there.) (EDIT: Until I find that plug-in, there's this site devoted to transcribing and annotating every strip.)
Articles ABOUT Comics for the Blind
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Hey guys, do you know what’ll improve this week?  Coming to an awesome talk about a hundred years’ worth of gendertastic comics, covering everything from the gender anarchy of Krazy Kat to the webcomics of today.  It’s free!  Come get a dose of awesomeness and reassurance that no matter the social opposition, we exist!

Also, you know, get some titles for your reading list.
A little flier for the Trans Genders, Trans Comics event, showing Dororo, Sulla from O Human Star, Desire from the Sandman, and Xavin from Runaways.  Here in Somerville in the Taza chocolate factory this Saturday afternoon!

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Hey guys, thought some of my local followers would be interested--the Boston Comics Roundtable is offering a six-week Intro To Comics Storytelling course for $100 ($90 if you sign up before September).  If you've ever wanted to learn some comics, they're who I'm hooked up with, and they are great people.  More info here!


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Back when we were a tiny in high school, there was Career Day, where you'd pick a profession and the school would hook you up with someone in the field, who you would watch and learn from. Because we were us, we said we wanted to make comic books.

At this time, the concept of educational mental health comics had never crossed our mind. We hadn't even MADE a comic yet. Even so, we knew we wanted to, and we wanted to know how people in the field did it. We hoped to meet with someone who did superheroes for Marvel or DC.

Instead, our school sent us to Sam Hurt.

this nostalgia bomb brought to you by a friend linking us to a Youtube song with a Sam Hurt short animation. )
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This company makes entertaining, educational comics about science, including the space program, primatology, the infamous wire mother experiments, and stage magic. I've read two of their books so far (Wire Mothers and Feynman), and they were both good, involving artists and writers I've read elsewhere. I encourage anyone interested in comics or those subjects to either buy a copy or grab one from the local library!
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A while back, I talked about how, as children, we honest-to-god-no-kidding believed Lex Luthor to be biracial. Now I move on to another animated DC supervillain voiced by Clancy Brown: Harvey Dent, AKA Two-Face.
Alas, poor Harveys. I knew them, Bruce; men of infinite potential... )
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Okay, stupid story, followed by a stupid question.

Our first exposure to Lex Luthor was through the Superman cartoon of the mid-90s.  So our mental image of Lex Luthor has been and always will be, this guy:

A picture of Lex Luthor, evil and classy bastard that he is.

In our opinion, it's a good look for Luthor. (And a great voice, but Clancy Brown is inimitable.) He's refined, classic, dignified.

He's also, in our mind, biracial.
Read more... )
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In case it wasn't obvious enough for you, I love comics.  Despite all their issues (in more sense than one), goofy traditions, and reputation as lesser literature, I find the mix of pictures with (sometimes) words to be a reading experience like none other.  It requires immense amounts of time-consuming work for a product that has an immensely quick reading speed.

A bunch of my friends have told me they want to get into comics, but there are so frickin' many that they don't know where to start.  And mainstream USA superhero comics have a pretty genre-specific problem of eighty years of canon, and god knows how many writers, artists, and events.  It's impossible to just start at the beginning and read through; you end up flailing around blindly trying to find the parts that don't suck. (And with even forty years of canon, like the X-men, there is a lot of sucking.)

So, if you've ever wanted to read comics, I'm here to help!  I'm going to give you a list of awesome comics that are easy to get into.  Why?  Because the vast majority of them aren't DC or Marvel, so they're made by five people tops, all working together, and because the canon is much smaller and more manageable.  The mainstream superhero comics I'm going to mention are arcs that are pretty self-contained and also keep the same writers, so you don't have to worry about character switchbacks and unevenness due to sudden switches in creative time.

You ready?  Come check these comics out with me!

Zot! by Scott McCloud: optimism, pessimism, the door at the end of the universe, and people trying to revert everyone to monkeys. )

Grease Monkey, by Tim Eldred: monkey mechanics in space )

Empowered: a superhero lampoon with demonic entities who watch the Wire, cross-dressing vigilantes, and ninjas from New Jersey. )

Miki Falls: the only teen romance I have ever enjoyed and thought worthy of recommendation )

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So, we've gotten a couple of our friend's list into the Justice League, and we got a couple comments on our Guy Gardner icons, so it's time for an epic post of why Guy Gardner is Fucking Awesome.

Dial-uppers be warned, there be lots of scans behind this cut )
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Every once in a while, when mentioning I enjoy superhero comics, I get someone who can't fathom why I'd read such drivel.

It's true, superhero comics have many problems.  Any character that's not white, male, and straight tends to fare badly. (See Women in Refrigerators, and the wince-worthy prevalence of black superheroes with the word "Black" in their name).  And let's not mention superheroine outfits.

But sometimes, superhero comics have moments of pure, unadulterated cracktastic awesome, moments that no other genre would pull off because they're sane.

Have some awesome superhero comic book moments, ladies and gentlemen!

Deadpool brings a monster truck to a bazooka duel.

Spiderman and Deadpool fight.  Verbally.  Sorta.

Tarot #53.  It's bad.  But there's a line.  You'll know which one it is.

BRACE YOURSELF, NUBILE JACKANAPES! Most of you have already seen this one.  But some of you haven't, and I can't have people on my friends list who haven't seen ninja sock monkey bondage.

Superdictionary.  Ducks!  BEEEEEES!

Panties are a strategic advantage.  Deadpool knows this for a fact.

"Oh SHIT!  It's the goddamn Maid Man!" "You're goddamn right!" Another man knows about panty power.

Booster and the Blue Beetle build a better mouse trap.

People laugh at the Joker's boner.  The Joker decides to give them a boner the likes of which they've never seen before.

Batman knows his man ass.

Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da!
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I dreamed that I had a special iPod that could make me fly.  Well, not fly really; I can never fly in dreams.  More like be really light and bouncy and when I jumped, it would take me a really long time to come down.  Steering wasn't too good, though, and I had an easy time staying up, but not such an easy time coming down.  I would jump and go zooming along, trying not to hit things too hard.
Magic iPod! )

And, because I forgot, another doodle of Mac, just a quick bust.  Meant to do it earlier, but the computer was already turned off, and the scanner was acting funny anyway.
Doodle again )
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