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Hey guys, recently I read a romance novel I thought folks here would enjoy!

On Thursday, I was feeling like absolute garbage, and as I headed out of the library, I found myself wanting some good ol' comfort reading: a gay romance, preferably not with a pure white cast.

And lo and behold, the library delivered: Wanted, A Gentleman, by KJ Charles.

I admit, my hopes weren't high. I know "M/M" is all the rage these days, but I saw that it said 'LGBT' on the cover, the hero on the cover was black, and it was short. These things insured I took it home, and I'm glad it did!

Even though I was pretty brainfogged and worn out, I was able to follow everything happening in the book--which is good, because a lot happens in a short amount of time! Martin St. Vincent, a freed man who's built a life for himself after his emancipation, finds himself in the emotionally contorted position of doing a favor for the family of his former owners--and it's a messy situation. Their teenage daughter has run off to elope with a total jackass, and his job is to bring her back.

He calls upon Theodore Swann, who runs the Regency version of the personals ads that the daughter met her jerkface guy through. Swann will do anything for a buck, so him and Martin are off to chase down the wayward girl.

This book got a sensitivity reader, and it shows. I was dubious as to how racism would be handled in the book, but I found the world realistic and the characters delightful. The book dealt with this complex minefield of issues well, I feel, and the whole thing was satisfying enough that I'm thinking of buying it.

I'm not really much of a romance reader, never mind historicals, but this one really impressed me, and I definitely hope to read more of Charles's work. Recommended!
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