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Well, fuck tonight.  Got involved in another beating. (Not me, someone else.)

Was walking home from BCR tonight, and I was almost home when I see someone jogging.  He's talking loudly and strangely, but I can't make out the words; I think maybe he's on earbud-phone or something, and then he comes into the streetlight and he is COVERED IN BLOOD.

And he's just a kid.

He explains that he's been mugged, his phone has been stolen, he needs an ambulance.  Also it's his birthday tomorrow.  I call 911, and I stay with him until it gets there, and talk to the cops, and give him a paper napkin for the blood. (It was all I had.) Another passerby, a bicyclist, calls the boy's family and explains what's happened--which is good, because my Spanish is nonexistant.

I stayed pretty calm until I got home, at which point I started crying everywhere.  The first time this happened, I got drunk, but there's no alcohol in the apartment, and I was out of chocolate, so I had to settle for yogurt with raisins.

Yogurt with raisins, just so you know, is not nearly as good.  But my roomie and Genius Cat comforted me, we played a game of Bananagrams, listened to Disney tunes, and I guess I'm going to do more of that until I feel ready to sleep and just hope my nightmare meds do their job better tonight than they have the past week.

This is the third time I've been involved with something like this in the past five or six years.  Why does this keep happening?  Please stop, life.  I want it to stop.
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