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Since Number One has the spotlight in A Frayed, Wasting Death, I thought I might put up some concept sketches and stuff about her!  So here's the Number One.  She's M.D.'s big sister.

Number One, an andrognous woman with very grayish skin and blue-black hair.  She's wearing blue robes, and seems to be wearing ankle braces.  Her toenails are painted deep dark blue.
She is also very buff.

Number One again, this time just in underwear.  Her shoulders are broad, her muscles toned.  BUFF SISTER.

Number One is basically me asking the question of, "What if someone was TOO sane?"

In Infinity Smashed, M.D.'s arc is all about dealing with and overcoming her crippling issues.  She hits rock-bottom, and from there builds a solid foundation.  But what if she never hit that point?  What if she was more skilled psychologically, and adapted so well to everything that she never really lost her functioning?  What if, thanks to her own abilities, she could control her emotions in such a way that she'd never really feel despair, depression, or rage?

Without that suffering, would she be motivated to change?  Would she even see it as worthwhile?

Number One is an answer to that question.  She's maybe five years older than M.D., and while M.D. escaped and crashed onto Earth as a very small child, One stayed home and spent her life training herself psychologically to defang trauma, calm anxiety, scrub out despair or depression, and optimizing her own mental performance.  Everything she says in A Frayed Wasting Death is true: she's never been depressed a day in her life.  She's generally pretty happy, highly functional... by all conventional metrics, she's healthy as a horse.

She's just also a total ethical void.

For One, all that matters is the end result.  It's what she was created for, what she's rewarded for, and little else matters.  She is totally fine with retailoring her psyche to make herself into whatever the situation requires--if she needs to lie more convincingly, she will make herself believe what she's saying.  To anyone who isn't part of her environment, her body language comes off as incredibly offputting and fake--because on some gut level, people realize that what they're dealing with isn't genuine.  One has spent so much time tailoring herself so as to conceal her emotions, or manage them, that yeah, once she actually does try to emote, it looks horrifying.

A drawing of One with a disturbingly large grin on her face that looks artificial, while she says, I'm so proud of you.
Also, her favorite color is blue.  You might've noticed.
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