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Man, but I really am not a villains kinda person. In fiction, they get to be stone-cold badasses, puppet-masters and genius psychological manipulators... but in reality, they're such fucking BABIES.

Take the Nazis. I read in Andrew Nagorski's the Nazi Hunters that after World War II, a number of high-ranking Nazis were arrested and sentenced to death for war crimes. This did not surprise them; they kinda saw that coming. But then they found out they were to be executed by hanging and they completely LOST THEIR SHIT.

See, apparently they expected this “noble” death by shooting. Hanging, though, was so barbaric, so inhumane, so cruel! That they were suffering much kinder deaths than the ones they inflicted on millions never seemed to occur to them. Turns out that stripped of their power, they were whiny little shits.

Then you have the Klan. Ever read Superman vs. the Ku Klux Klan?  A reporter infiltrated the Klan, went to the Superman radio show guys, and they set about ridiculing the Klan's most mysterious traditions, via fiction. Turns out that grown men dressing up in bedsheets and calling themselves stupid shit like the Grand Cyclops is fucking ridiculous, and said men don't actually handle that being pointed out very well.

On a much more minor level, we can take my dad. Did you know he still tracks my online activity? After we ditched five years ago? He reads this blog obsessively, looking for when I mention him, and then sends me angry email about it. He's diligent too; he read the whole thing of this long post, and threw a tantrum about the two sentences in which I mentioned him! He wasn't much of a dad, but hoo boy damn, has he become a gold star mouth-breather, the equivalent of that douchebag who goes to theatres masturbating furiously in the back row.

See, at its core, evil is pathetic. That's the part that honks me off when I read about these oh-so-badass villains in stories, because in reality, they're pathetic! Nazi fashion, which I never want to see glamorized again, was highly impractical and smelly and some officers' pants were so ridiculously tailored that sitting required taking them off. The KKK chose their name to mimic the sound of a gun being cocked.  Kids who use that kind of naming scheme and spelling on the Internet get mocked as edgelords, and these guys were ostensibly adults.  And you've got Dad, who's reduced to sending us hate-mail like a common Internet troll!  And he's not even good at it!

How is that not pathetic?  How is that not laughable?

People like this hate being laughed at.  They want to hide behind pomp, theatrics, and intimidation, so as to hide their essential cowardice.  Whether they're remembered as tragic or super-cool badass villains, they like it, because they're being given glamour and coolness they don't deserve.  I've met actual real-life people who specifically WANT to be this kind of evil, BECAUSE they see it as cool and powerful.  Which is also supremely sad.  It's like, really?  You want to actually for-real emulate shit-heads who were so fucking desperate to look cool that THEY COULDN'T FUCKING SIT DOWN?  You want to be the kind of person who abuses their kids, and then whines about why they don't talk anymore?  That's really your highest aspiration?

That's fucking sad.

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