lb_lee: A pencil sketch of me drawing/writing in my sketchpad. (art)
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Stuff I drew at [personal profile] nevanna ‘s writing night, while nibbling her DELICIOUS chocolate chip cupcakes!

Specialist Grey, a large white man with a balding buzz cut and a tire iron, leaning over Bob's chair to kiss him.  Bob is a fat East Indian guy wearing a phone headset and with his hand on a mouse.  They look happy.

Specialist Grey and Comboy Bob from Infinity Smashed. Haven't drawn these characters in a good while, so revisiting the nostalgia!

A big beefcakey picture of Gad, a strapping muscle-fat golem man.  He lacks all body hair and his features are a bit sanded down, but fear not, he is still hunky and very happy to meet you.

Gad/Gate Monster from The Princess And Her Monster.  Haven't drawn him in a good while either, which is a shame, he's so much fun!
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