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I just realized that even though I CREATED a commissions info thing, I never actually posted it. No wonder folks don't realize I'm open for commissions. So here it is: How To Commission LB!

A little picture of LB smiling and waving.

First, contact me to make sure I’m available! You can reach me at loonybrain at!

A picture of a laptop saying, You've got mail!

Sometimes I’m not available immediately, but that’s okay! I will give you a timeframe for when I can get to your commission and take your info down.

A pic of stressed out LB drawing while a sword of Damocles hangs over their head, and a puppy calendar with a deadline marked.

First, tell me which kind of commission you want! Sometimes I have specials going, but here are my usual options:

Commission Type


Number of Roughs

Rounds of Edits Included


$30 (in advance)



Full character, B/W

$50 (after roughs)



Full character, color

$70 (after roughs)



Here's some examples of what those look like in practice!
An example of a bust commission, a color drawing of Rand Olajuwon from Disabled Cyborgs.
An example of a black and white character commission, showing my friend john dancing in a black trilby and checkered shirt and shoes.
An example of a color character commission, showing my friend Diana with pigtails in a suit of armor.

Then give me a brief description of what you want. If you’re worried what to include, imagine you’re shouting the description from a car as it speeds away, leaving me behind. What are the most important things you’d include?

A picture of a hypothetical commissioner saying, I want a cyborg wombat!

Also attach photos or drawings of the thing you want drawn. If none exist, you can give photos that are close, or remind you of them. Two to six pics are great, thank you! And if you want to pay me in advance, now is when.

Commissioner with a stack of pictures in her hands, saying, Here are my wombat pics!

If you bought a bust, I will come back with your finished commission. The art is yours.  If you bought a full character, once I have things ready, I will send you three rough sketches of the commission. They’ll look something like this:

A gray fuzzy outline of a cyborg wombat.

Choose which one you like most. Or, if you don’t like any available, you can use up a round of edits to get more.  Once you pick a rough, then I'll get to work on the finished version!

Commissioner looking dismaying and saying, Oops, he's brown, not gray!

If you’re not satisfied or I got something wrong, you can request a round of edits. When you run out of edits, you have to pay an extra $20 for each new round.  Rinse, lather repeat, until you're happy!

Commissioner holding up their drawing, making a thumb's up and saying, A-OK!

And now you’re done! You have some snazzy new art. Enjoy!

A finished commission piece of the cyborg wombat, now in color!
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