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Hey guys, I'm opening up a special commissions rate this month: $20 headmate drawings!  Ever wanted your headmate drawn?  Here's your chance!  This is open to plurals of any and all types; if you find yourself asking, "Do I count?" the answer is yes.  Yes you do.


These would be a bit different from my usual commissions.  Because they're significantly cheaper, they have a set format: square image bust of the person from shoulders (or anatomical equivalent) up.  Perfect for user icons, con badges, stuff like that.  This would be a digital-only commission, but you'd get a high-res version that you can totally print out yourself if you should so choose.

For shading/color options, you'd get a choice of plain lines (so you can color it yourself however you like, like so):

...flat grays (like so)

or limited color (like so):

Unlike my normal commissions process, I would require full payment in advance, and there would be NO EDITS, unless I’ve royally messed up, in which case there would be one round.  What you see is what you get.

I'm opening up for ten slots this month, first come first serve.  Let me know if you're interested!

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