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Hey guys, since the winner of today's poll is a short one, I have a thought!

The Mother of All Plagues isn't really a story suited to expansion like the others.  It was intended to be short.  That leaves a good seventy-five dollars (or 1500 words) free, which seems a shame to waste.  To make up the deficit, I'll be posting a non-fiction essay called Ligeia Grows Up to go with it.

Ligeia Grows Up is about the influence Piers Anthony's work has had on our life, for better or for worse.  Due to the nature of its content, I will not be posting it publicly.  Patreon folks, of course, will get it, but for the rest of you, if you want access to the essay, please let me know, so I can insure you see it.

Thanks so much, guys!  Mother of All Plagues is thankfully the last remnant from the older days when my stories were shorter.  Now my Patreon is at a more reliable level, so I have a better idea of the word count necessary month by month.  Hopefully, things will run pretty smoothly from here on out.

I hope you guys enjoy both works when I post them!

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