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big spoon/little spoon: M.D. doesn’t spoon. Thomas and Raige switch on and off. Often it’s just kind of a big pile.

favorite non-sexual activity: Mocking really awful books or movies. Movie nights are also a thing.

who uses all the hot water: M.D. She’s still in the mindset of hot water being a luxury, so she acts like every hot shower could be her last.

what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Raige. He’s the one with the money, he’s the one who cares most.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: They all live in separate places, so have their own ways of dealing with house repairs. M.D. calls her bosses, since it’s technically their property; Raige doesn’t call anyone if he can help it because he gets nervous. Thomas will try his hand, but its his parents’ house so he always asks them first.

who steals the blankets: M.D. She is the worst blanket thief, and she’ll kick in her sleep if someone tries to take them back.

who leaves their stuff around: Raige. He’s messy.

who remembers to buy the milk: M.D. and Thomas are good about it. Raige always forgets.

who remembers anniversaries: Raige.

who cooks normally?
: They are all unethusiastic cooks. Thomas is the least bad, in that he can cook meat and do some simple dishes. Raige is usually the one who springs for delivery, since he has the money.

how often do they fight?
: M.D. blows up a lot, especially at first because she’s used to terrible relationships. She calms down a bit after she grows accustomed to okayness.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?
: Raige is in college and also plays in the best jazz/klezmer marching band in the state of Arizona; Thomas and M.D. have their jobs. They also have friends of their own.

nicknames for each other?
: Thomas only gets called by his full name. M.D. gets called ‘kid’ by both, 'babe’ by Thomas if he’s trying to irritate her. Raige is a nickname already, but M.D. also calls him 'milquetoast’ and 'buddy boy.’

who kissed who first?
: Thomas kissed Raige, then Raige kissed M.D. a couple years later. M.D. and Thomas tried to romantically kiss once, and it was basically the most creepy wrong thing they ever did. They mutually agreed to never speak of it again.

who made the first move?
: Thomas.

who remembers things?
: M.D. and Thomas. They’re the ones used to living independently; Raige still kind of tacitly expects his father to take care of stuff.

who started the relationship?
: Well, Thomas tried to get Raige in the sack, but that went badly. Raige then tried to start dating M.D., but THAT went badly. She suggested the poly arrangement, and then they both awkwardly word-vomited at Thomas together until he figured it out.

who cusses more?
: Thomas is the only one who swears casually, but Raige has the foulest language by far, if pushed hard enough.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?
: M.D. would go straight to retribution. Thomas is a bit more restrained but would still get verbal. Raige would be torn between tears and panicked paralysis.
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