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(originally posted ages ago on tumblr) A silly little post about real-life analogues to the voices of the Infinity Smashed cast.

M.D. sounds like a cross between Jerry Lewis and Stephanie Dougherty.  She always sounds like she spent the prior hour shouting.  Her voice inhabits a special frequency of annoying which is she is very proud of.

Biff sounds like a cross between Christian Kane and George Thorogood, though the accent is all wrong. (Biff’s accent is an ungodly kludge of conflicting Southern white and black accents that all equate to ‘trash.’) He can speak “standard” US English, if he puts forth some effort, but it sounds creepy and unnatural and gives everyone the screaming meemies.  Mumbles a LOT.

Raige is pretty much entirely embodied in Nate Hartley. (That clip is from when Hartley was an adult though; his teen voice is more accurate.) Face, voice, EVERYTHING.  His voice is actually naturally deeper than Biff’s, it’s just that Raige talks high and hasn't spent ages training his voice.

Thomas’s speaking voice sounds like Bruno Mars (if Mars was from Texas) and his singing voice is a lot like Mitch Grassi’s. (Grassi is the high voice--Thomas can sing higher than most people assume.) Pop star smooth all the way.

Comboy Bob sounds exactly like the piggy bank from Toy Story.

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