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More Infinity Smashed tarot stuff. This time, it's the card that starts off all gameplay: the two of clubs.  I put up both rough and finished, because honestly, I feel I got the mood and energy better with the rough than the finished.

I'm going a little against the grain in that I'm using playing card suits instead of tarot suits (swords, wands, etc). The tarot suits just weren't working, and anyway, playing cards actually have a role in the stories. We always fantasized about having an Infinity Smashed card deck as kids, and what is the point of becoming an adult artist, I ask you, if you don't use it to retroactively fulfill Tiny You's wishes?

The Infinity Smashed timeline roughly follows four books, and four main characters. Each suit will correspond to one book (and, in the face cards, one character's family).

I also posted the rough concept work I did for this card, which perversely caught the mood and energy I was going for better. M.D.'s adventure starts with fire and ends with fire. Careful, or she'll burn everything down around her.
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