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Hi everybody! Well, I don't usually do this, but today, I'm going to be MSTing a very, very special guest: Andy Blake!

How can I describe Andy Blake? I can't, because if I told you, you wouldn't believe me. Here are some rough sum-ups by people more knowledgeable than me. If you want the uber-uber-UBER short version, Andy Blake is a con artist, manipulator, and serial abuser who started at least two cults around his channeling of hobbits, Narnia characters, Harry Potter characters, and other such things. But that doesn't even BEGIN to cover the sheer improbable chaos the man leaves in his wake. In this case, truth leaves fiction in the dust.

I'm MSTing an email Andy Blake sent carlanime, which he posts here. Why? Because this dude, without ever speaking to me, has managed to honk me off by using harmful myths and stereotypes about DID and multi (along with a ton of other things) to perpetuate his agenda... which mostly involves treating other people like toys and breaking them. That is unacceptable. That is the shit I fight.

So, here we go: Andy Blake's bullshit!

Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2011 7:48 AM
Subject: The Other Side of the Story

Note that Andy has been claiming to be "cured" for a couple years since this point. Horseshit.

First of all, before I begin anything, understand that this is being sent under the most extreme confidentiality.

Dude, you've swindled thousands of dollars, broken dozens of people, and have used lies about your mental health to do so multiple times. You lost your right to extreme confidentiality loooong before now.

I have talked to you fairly extensively since the Brittany’s eulogy debacle, and I believe you’re trustworthy and a decent person.

Not like those OTHER people! They just wouldn't understand...

You’ve also not published or gossiped about my diagnosis, nor caused wank on my Facebook, which gives me further incentive to trust you. However, not to be too harsh, but if one word of this pops up on one of the wank sites, I’ll know where it’s from and I actually will honest to God sue you for invasion of privacy.

I like you! But if you upset me, I WILL COME FOR YOU. But I like you, so that shouldn't be a threat at all, am I right? :D?

Remember that time I talked about Secret-Bearer relationships? This is EXACTLY what I was talking about.

Now that that unpleasant business is out of the way, it’s only fair for you to know the other side of this whole sordid mess.

What a flippant way of referring to at least two cults, dozens of abuses, and thousands of dollars in fraud. This is the man who is legally forbidden from operating non-profits in Oregon. "Sordid mess" doesn't BEGIN to cover it.

As you know , the official on paper diagnosis of what’s wrong with me: Severe Gender Disphoria leading to Dissociative Identity Disorder possibly comorbid with Borderline Personality Disorder on select aspects.

What an impressive load of horseshit. Later in this article, you claim to have 80+ system members. Gender dysphoria is not enough to make that many people. Sorry Andy, you ain't that special. Also, even if gender dysphoria COULD cause such an enormous system, that does not make a system abusive. That was all you, buddy.

I assume you’ve looked that up by now. However, I have to give that with the caveat that the psychologist who gave that diagnosis didn’t have the full story either. I withheld things because I’m afraid of anything from just being mocked and not believed all the way to being locked up.

SECRET KEEPER. SECRET KEEPER. RUN AWAY. Seriously, I don't like the psych industry either, but dude, you ABUSED DOZENS OF PEOPLE. If you're hiding shit, that's not a sign of how dangerous the psych industry is. It's a sign you want to keep controlling people.

I'm married to a guy in my head who used to shoot aliens for a living. I'm just saying, if my therapists can handle THAT, they can probably handle you. But that would wreck your mystique, and we can't have that.

If I’m lucky, it would be in a mental institution. If I’m not, it would be to be studied somewhere.

Dude. You aren't. That. Fucking. Special. Unless you are shooting laserbeams out of your eyeballs, the men in white coats don't fucking care. I know systems full of galaxies, vampire-fairies, and gods. Most of them live quiet lives where they're out to their friends. There wasn't this... elaborate charade of mystery around them. They just learned who to tell and when.

X-men was fiction. There aren't actually vigilante scientists traveling in packs, looking to bag the soulbonders.

The reality is that I don’t know what’s actually wrong with me, though I have theories, and I can tell you about it, even if I can’t categorize it. Whether you believe me or not is wholly up to you.

I totally believe that Andy can't categorize what's wrong with him. I do NOT believe that he's talking in good faith, or using this email purely to come out. Dude, by this point, you'd been pulling this shit for a decade. You can drop the theatrics now. I was over this after four years!

There is more than one of me.


My life has never been ‘right.’

I have no trouble believing this either, though probably not in the way Andy Blake wants.

I didn’t have a name for it for the longest time. When I was a child, I just knew that things were very confusing.

"Mommy, why is the sky blue?" "Because hobbits, darling."

It wasn’t about gender identity for me, because gender role was never a big deal in my house: my father was the gentle, artistic one who loved show tunes and rescued baby animals and ran rescue while my mother was the hardass welder and unquestionably ran the household.

That's interesting. You said something TOTALLY DIFFERENT both previously and later on, all about how you aren't trans because you're a REAL MAN and feel most comfortable only with other cis men or some such shit. Yeah, Andy, you're totally a champion against traditional gender roles. Or maybe you just say whatever you want folks to believe. You were a Rare Lesbian Paladin, here you're a sensitive gender warrior, and now you're a cis straight guy who's totally normal.

I did, however know that nothing ever seemed right or real, and that I often had gaps in my memories where people said - and it was obvious I had - done things I didn’t remember.

That's interesting, since your "memory gaps" these days always seem to come up specifically when you mistreat other people. Most multiples would overcome their fear of institutionalization if they kept blacking out and abusing people for ten years. But let's face it, Andy: you have NEVER cared about other people.

I was obsessed from literally toddlerhood with acting and pretending to be someone else, and those were the only times I felt at all ok. When I was just “being myself,” I always felt like I was trapped in something horrible. I was desperately lonely, but I didn’t want friends, because friends wanted to relate to me in ways that just made me feel worse. I wound up in several very abusive friendships before the age of ten, just because it actually felt more right to have a ‘friend’ who treated me like the dirt I felt like than one who was being nice to something that felt so wrong. [SISTER’S NAME REDACTED], on the other hand, was perfect, and I was gradually more and more simply the “bad” one, even exorcised several times because everyone knew something was very, very off, and in my mother’s religious circle, that meant demons.

This is all very touching, until you realize that Andy has a history of coming up with elaborate abusive backstories later proven to be untrue. Why should we believe you this time, Andy? How do we know this isn't just another bout of lying in the interests of grooming sympathy to bring people into your control?

Also, I actually KNOW systems who were raised by abusive fundies. Astonishingly, the one who did use constant playacting as a means of self-expression did NOT become a lying abuser. (Another, who didn't use playacting, became abusive, but not really a liar or swindler. They could only dream of perpetrating the chaos this guy does.)

I tried to be “good” and be what “a girl is supposed to be”, but I was frankly horrible at it, and lying then more than when everyone else said I was lying.

Good to see you started your constant lying early.

And yet I wasn’t a “tomboy”, either. No football and worms and GI Joes…I was my father’s gentle, artistic, idealistic, caretaking, son who didn’t even know how to explain that.

Remember: this is the dude who insists he's happiest around cis men. His story changes depending on his needs.

I retreated more and more deeply into fantasy, going to extreme lengths to become the youngest character interpreter in the history of Colonial Williamsburg and getting every hour I was allowed by law, because it gave me 20-30 hours a week of being someone who was ok with themselves.

Our original girl did this. Other multis I know have done this. The thing is, those multis don't have a proven history of lying about their mental health and their childhoods.

When I was about 12, horrible physical things started happening. That would be, if you want to be blunt about it, when what most people would call my sanity finally utterly broke. Imagine the most grotesque Eldrich abomination, body-horror type monstrosity you can. Now imagine that it’s eating your body. Slowly, painfully, unstoppably.

OH HEY THAT SOUNDS LIKE PUBERTY! Except most of the trans people I know, if dysphoria induces splitting, maybe get one to five system members out of it, not fucking A HUNDRED. What the hell, dude, did you need a system member for every inch of your body?

Now imagine that everyone around you is insisting that it’s normal and a good thing and that everything you do think about yourself or think is right or wrong is called a lie or worse.

Dude, preaching to the fucking choir. Stop acting like you're the only person to ever experience this. THIS IS FUCKING COMMON. Any fucking trans book in the library has this story. GET OVER YOURSELF.

And that you’re socially isolated, rurally homeschooled, in a hardcore right wing 700 Club/Irish Catholic environment with a sister who is the embodiment of everything that you’re supposed to be but aren’t. I really can’t say I’m surprised that something drastic happened.

That's interesting, seeing as you were hugely active on the Internet and had created your first website by the age of fourteen. Also, now you're saying that you had a great relationship with your parents. Gee, it's almost like you were lying again!

I started having more and more blank spaces. I’d lose huge chunks of time, and find evidence of what I’d done in the mean time. What was even more horribly surreal, these blank chunks apparently belonged to a different person. Or rather, two or three of them.
I had utterly no consciousness when it was happening; same as if I’d been knocked out, no control over my actions, and no control over what happened during them, but afterwards, I would remember…but as if I’d been watching rather than doing it.

Uh huh. So what you're saying is, you had absolutely no control over these things, but could remember them... but only afterward. That's... oddly convenient, seeing as it allows you to claim no responsibility for any terrible things that happen, but also allows you to know about them and wangst over it. If you could remember, Andy, why didn't you protect your victims better? Most people I know, they start abusing people, they'd check themselves in or start trying to get their act together.

Oh right. Because then the Sentinels would've rounded you up. Good to know you cared more about your sorry hide than the people you were hurting.

Two of them used my name, but seemed to have completely different memories and versions of my life, different likes and dislikes, different habits and talents, while the third was the character I’d been playing at Colonial Williamsburg.

That's nice. Why should we care? Are these people still AROUND? Seriously, dude, you're hemorrhaging your lifestory like this is the first time you've ever come out, not fucking TEN YEARS later.

My time at work was no longer mine, but everyone was suddenly utterly floored by my incredibly realistic performance. No other child actor was coming nearly as close to seeming like an entirely realized person! And NEVER breaking character!

Wow! It's almost as though you're LIKE EVERY OTHER FUCKING MULTI I KNOW. Seriously dude, get over yourself. YOU. AREN'T. THAT. SPECIAL.

What was even more eerie; these alter egoes didn’t seem to have any knowledge of me, nor awareness that they were anything other than full and complete human beings who had lived entire lives.

Uh yeah dude. Again, not uncommon. Sibyl, Billy Milligan, When Rabbit Howls... this is a very common thing. So why is it so eerie? Be reassured! You are totally, utterly commonplace. Plebeian. I've met cobblestones more unusual than you.

To this day, I don’t know what they are.

DUDE. Have you ever SPOKEN to another multi? Of course not, because then they might steal your thunder and make you look (dare I say it) BORING. And we can't have that.

Note that just about every multi I have ever met went on a research binge. They were FRANTIC to find others like them, desperate to know they weren't alone and that their system could be managed. That Andy doesn't seem to have ever considered this says way more about him than it does multi.

It’s the thing that scares and fascinates me the most, and that I can’t quite be honest with psychiatrists about.

Really? And here I thought you just wanted to be the specialest snowflake who ever snowed people.

They don’t fit the rules for DiD alternate personalities. They’re not only too fully realized; their self-contained histories are too complete, and contain information I couldn’t possibly have. They have skills I don’t have; some even speak languages I don’t.

God give me strength. Andy, everything you describe? Is totally within the bounds of DID. Billy Milligan? Had ALL OF THE THINGS YOU DESCRIBE. And he's FUCKING BILLY MILLIGAN. The book about him was out in the fucking EIGHTIES. That's how boring you are Andy; you were outdone THIRTY YEARS AGO.

And the book is FAMOUS too. Andy, the most cursory amount of research would've taught you this. But you didn't do your research. You are trying to paint yourself as somehow More Multi than even multis, and what's more, you're doing it badly. I'd be embarrassed for you, if I wasn't so mad.

I isolated myself more and more socially.

Was this before or after you discovered fandom and started making websites and sockpuppeting?

Now there was starting to be more pressure on gender roles, and the older I got, the less people treated me with a child’s androgyny. Boys started coming on to me. I started working a second job. I was working 50-60 hours a week when we got the computer and the internet.

You mean when you were fourteen? Because that's when you made your first website. You realize that's illegal, right?

I dove into it with all the desperate hysteria of the lonely who are incapable of socializing normally. It never occurred to me to present as a boy online. I still didn’t know what I was other than wrongwrongwrongwrongcrazywrongcrazy.

But you were totally okay with portraying yourself as a child prostitute who'd been sold into sexual slavery. THAT was okay, but portraying yourself as a boy wasn't? Uh huh.

I was doing everything I could to hide the alters. I was afraid they might be demons, or that they’d be treated as demons, but I also knew I absolutely could not cope with my own life.

I love how you're hammering in this subtext that you were grotesquely abused as a child, but not saying it outright, giving you plausible deniability. I suppose it's possible, but you have lied so many times, about so many related things, that the only rational response is doubt.

Yes, some of them took parts I had once desperately loved, but they also made it possible just to function by taking the parts I couldn’t bear, even as hiding them was making my life less and less functional and I was getting in more and more trouble for the things they did and the “lies” they told. You can’t exactly say “I wasn’t me, and it was true to them!”

Note he never actually SAYS what he couldn't bear. Again, the insinuation of abuse without ever actually stated outright. Also, hate to break it to you, Andy, but puberty is forever. It's not just a "part" you can't bear.

[excerpt from a prior posted explanation went here; I’ve cut it for length]

This is almost true. Except that it was almost never me online.

"It wasn't me! It was Alter Bob!"

Two of the by-then-three alters - the two I’ve already told you about other than the CW one - were the ones who got into the online stuff. They weren’t even aware of each other. They sent each other emails and worked together online on stories. It wasn’t a hoax or sockpuppets; it was the most surreal thing to be caught in the middle of, and I had no control over it at all. I simply had to dance faster and faster when it WAS me to try and get out of the hot water they kept putting me in.

Remember my post on system responsibility? This is exactly what I'm talking about. What kind of system member is totally aware of everything but makes absolutely NO effort to communicate or control his system members? He's portraying himself as a victim and totally erasing his own bad behavior, blaming it on poor old Alter Bob.

By the time I got sent off to college - at not quite 17, never previously schooled, away from home for the first time, living in Newport News with a cousin who hated me and constantly derided me as crazy and weird

I can't IMAGINE why.

- I was almost never in my own head.

Poor unfortunate woobie. A shame that all your internetting didn't lead you to ANY of the DID support sites at the time. I know Dark Personalities was around back then. Astraeas Web and Amorpha might've been too. Shame you never found ANY of the self-help books on the topic, since Amongst Ourselves would've come out at the time.

This would've been in the late nineties, at the end of the "multi epidemic" in the US. I have a hard time believing you never figured this out Andy. OUR first exposure to multi as something to be researched was in the Book of Lists #2, which was made in the eighties and which we found probably around 2000 or 1999. For someone who takes such stock in your intelligence, Andy, I'm having a hard time believing you were this stupid.

I was very seriously contemplating suicide. I was no longer working Colonial Williamsburg. That one went away.

Wait, what? If it was just a matter of quitting the job, why didn't you do that before? In systems where people just GO AWAY they also tend to be more easily controlled. You can't have it both ways, Andy. You can't have system members who are totally overpowering and at the same time just disappear at the drop of a hat. I thought these guys were here to handle your gender dysphoria. What, did THAT just go away too?

A new one showed up, and I hated her tremendously.

Compared to your OTHER headmates, who you so obviously adored.

I wanted to kill her, and I hated the situations she got me into. It’s the one you hear about a lot from CNU - the little asskissing theatre queen who almost married me off and (I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this) did what I honestly feel is rape me several times with several different men and a couple of girls. I call it rape because I DID NOT CONSENT to my body being used that way and had no control over it or ability to say no. But how the fuck do you ever explain to anyone that technically, you raped yourself?

I've been there. Again, this isn't actually that uncommon an experience with multiples. The thing is, our system actually talked about it and dealt with it. I've talked about it with people, and they were able to understand it. (I don't mean people who'd intensely studied unusual things either; an old army vet who ran a B&B in Iowa who as far as I know had no psych background whatsoever was able to get this concept.)

You, on the other hand, saved this information for your inner circle, and tell them only under penalty of (bogus) lawsuit, thereby guaranteeing you'd never tell anyone who could honestly help you. Why get help when you could just use fear and secrecy to bind people to you?

Or was it me? Again, I don’t know. They’ve never fit what dissociations are supposed to be.

Child, you have NO IDEA what dissociations are supposed to be. Or system members either.

And I couldn’t scream for help; instead I just had to do everything possible to pretend that I was only me, at the same time that I was still gagging with internal horror over what me was. It was like even when I was in my own head I was trapped in my body. I don’t know if I’m making sense. If I’m conveying the kind of nightmare it was.

Dude, everything you're saying here? Is completely usual to me. It's nothing that strange. The multiple community existed online at this point; I know people who were there! We found them in college. You're telling me that someone like you, someone who was on the Internet constantly, never did? And that NONE of your other system members figured it out except you? And you never TOLD them, with an email or a comment to them, since they were active online?

Gee, it's almost as though you're more interested in peddling a tragic narrative than actually making sense.

Then I met someone who for the first time offered me some kind of explanation, some kind of anything that made even the vaguest sense, and I pounced on it like water in the motherfucking desert.

Because everyone knows there's never been a multiple on the Internet who talked about stuff.

[another excerpt went here]
Again, strip away that I’m trying to hide the alters here, and you’ve got the brutally honest truth.

Except when you admitted it wasn't.

Under her “careful guidance” over a half dozen others appeared, and I was relegated to the nosebleed seats in my own head. Sometimes it was as much as a month before I’d be there.

I thought you said you were already never fronting? You're remarkably inconsistent for someone who uses this as a freaking form letter.

During this time, they got involved with Abbey. I say they, because I honestly didn’t know about it for the better part of three months,

I thought you said you remembered what they did afterward? I guess that changed? For some reason? For someone who's so paranoid about the wrong people finding out, you sure aren't interested in logical consistency.

and by then things were well underway. It was the alter from CNU and one of the Priestess’ servants who got to know her and started doing things with her while I was just using my very little time to attempt to bullshit to my parents why I was failing out of school.

Priorities! Why deal with your baggage when you can just bullshit?

Next thing I knew I’d been transferred to Georgetown in Washington DC. I had no say in that. A lot of my most prized possessions got discarded by alters to whom they meant nothing when I moved. Abbey had been flown out to see me, and they’d had sex with her “for Beltaine.” I’d hit a new low: a married woman. I stopped even trying to hold on and just let them take me.

Yes, because you were so in charge and holding on and not contemplating suicide at all.

June of 2002, I went to meet Orangeblossom in person in Oregon .

Wait, now I'm confused. Abbey IS Orangeblossom. So you're saying that you fucked her, but hadn't yet met her. Uh huh. Welp, I know the truth when I see it!

It was a deeply profound experience, getting to “channel freely’ with someone else in person,

I thought you were already doing it with that Priestess? Also that you hated your headmates? Swiss cheese has fewer holes than this.

and there it wound up taking a still-further turn into the bizarre. Focusing on trying to ‘reach’ Frodo, I found myself ‘bringing’ Elijah Wood by accident.

Why on earth would you be doing this, when everything you've said about being multi was that it was terrifying and unpleasant and got you raped? Why would you have thought this was a good idea, to "channel freely"? This doesn't jive with anything you've said so far.

Though even I was reluctant at first to believe it could be possible to have channeled a living human being, my doubts were shattered when things I had “channeled” were proven to be true in the DVD release and in interviews that hadn’t occurred yet.

Do you have records or proof of this? If you're so deadset on persuading us, you'd think there'd be proof.

I give a pseudobabble bullshit excuse for how I could have known those things (I’m good at trying to smooth over the impossible in my life) but the fact of the matter is that they were things I couldn’t have known. Again with the I have no idea what actually is going on. Are they ghosts? Mirrors of consciousness from another plane of reality? Some kind of time loop or alternate? Jungian collective unconsciousness creations? No fucking clue.

You being a liar? That seems more likely, considering your history.

As I try to tactfully explain, this was the first one who had openly been male. And as horrible as it was - because to him and his as I’ve mentioned before full personality and previous memories, he’d been yanked from his life and thrown into this mess - it was at the same time wonderful in a way I couldn’t possibly describe to be able to look over memories and actions and have them feel somehow more right even as they were so so wrong.

So what you're saying is, you took this dude, ripped him away from his life, forced him to deal with YOUR bullshit, but it was just SO NICE to have a guy in your head that you chose to do nothing about it and keep him around? That's a terrible thing to do. What a shitty channeler you are. I dearly hope you're lying here, because if it's true, I feel incredibly sorry for the chump who got stuck with you.

I let go. I let the alter have me because at least he was a he.

YOU ALREADY SAID YOU LET GO. Also, how could memories and actions feel right when they're NOT YOURS? None of this makes sense for ANY of the multiples I've ever fucking known! This doesn't read like an actual multiple. It reads like fiction, some drama about the poor innocent host who was too good for this world and the evil alters he lived with.

I believed heart and soul that I was channeling the spirit of Elijah Wood. I have tried to explain this away as just “role playing that got out of hand” before, or as “poking the tinhats”, but that’s just excuse-making to try and hide how phenomenally fucked up I was.

What you mean, WAS?

Being Elijah gave me the ability to be a boy, and I clung to it with a fervor I didn’t know I was capable of, nor was willing to admit to.

See, now you're saying that you ARE Elijah, not that he was a headmate. Again, not how multi works. The whole point is that you are DIFFERENT people. You can't just... merge and become them when it becomes convenient.

I believed that something had clearly gone wrong with the Paladin powers,

Oh dear Jesus, the Rare Lesbian Paladin. *facepalm*

because “Amy” was less and less willing to return (given the option, I was loathe to be a lesbian girl again) and Elijah was slowly splitting off a second consciousness from himself and taking over my body.

You keep switching between Elijah being you and Elijah being a different system member. I really don't think you thought this through, buddy.

This is about as far from reality as it ever got,


and lasted through all of 2003. Yes, I thought I was the split-off duplicate channeled soul of Elijah Wood the entire time I was planning and attempting to execute Project Elanor and all the other BitofEarth events.
Yes, that is crazy.
Yes, that is fucked up.
No, I don’t think that absolves me.

And yet here you are, fixating on how important it is and talking about how you felt. It's all about you, you, you, not the people you harmed. THAT has been entirely glossed over!

Okay, for contrast, we are also a system where the gender balance changed over time. We also became multi around the same developmental period that Andy is claiming.



We didn't even sockpuppet on the Internet! No, instead, we made friends, quietly came out, and got on with our life. Also, we made comics and wrote stories that while personally significant, were NOT treated as real life.

Because that's what multiples can do. Just because you have gender dysphoria, just because you're multi, just because you have an abuse history, DOESN'T TURN YOU INTO AN ABUSER. You play yourself as an innocent victim, Andy, but you weren't. You took no responsibility for your system. You have never ONCE said "I'm sorry" this entire post. I for one, am not buying your bullshit, because as someone who's actually LIVED the life you proclaim to leave, I know that you're full of shit. You're an abuser, and a con man, and nothing you say, no matter how tragic your sad little backstory, will make you anything else.

You'd be a sad little man, if you weren't so fucking dangerous.

Part Two will come later!

Date: 2014-07-23 10:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I am so awful at abbreviations when they are used but not explained. What does MST stand for? Even if I have asked and been answered before one of my memory problems is about this…

Date: 2014-07-24 12:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
P.S. The more I read about this guy the less I believe…

Date: 2014-07-24 04:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
MST is a shortening of MST3K, or Mystery Science Theatre 3000, a comedic TV show that ran for a while in which the three hosts would mock B-movies. It's kind of gone out of vogue now, but for a while it was a term for any similar format of mockery.


Date: 2014-07-25 01:06 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Well said! Very well said. Thank you for writing this, and for making it an enjoyable, witty read.

Date: 2014-07-25 05:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No problem. We aims to entertain!

Date: 2014-07-28 09:26 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
Spotted you linking to this on the Tumblr multiplicity tag. Gonna read part 2 in a sec, but here's some comments for this part:

"I'm married to a guy in my head who used to shoot aliens for a living. I'm just saying, if my therapists can handle THAT, they can probably handle you." LOL

"It wasn’t about gender identity for me, because gender role was never a big deal" Someone fails at not conflating the two.

I love "the minds of billy milligan" btw, shame on him for not reading it.

We're also a system in a trans* body with an abusive history (although I don't think our multiplicity was *caused* by abuse, but I think the abuse may have played a part) but yeah, lack of the whole con-artist thing, thankfully. :P

Date: 2014-07-28 09:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, I recall you! We probably saw you around back when we were on soulbonding and multiplicity, though I don't think we ever formally met.

Date: 2014-07-28 10:22 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
I definitely have seen you& around, so that doesn't surprise me. :) It's nice to see old faces, although I sometimes get Tumblrites treating me as a newbie to the community because they were never on LJ, which makes me laugh in a I'm-totally-offended way. :P

Date: 2014-07-29 01:25 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lolz. Yeah, I guess my comics protect me from that. A lot more people know me than I know them, so it's actually a pleasant change of pace to see someone I recognize!

And thanks, the icon is from our comic Gender Evolution (


Date: 2014-07-29 01:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lolz. Yeah, I guess my comics protect me from that. A lot more people know me than I know them, so it's actually a pleasant change of pace to see someone I recognize!

And thanks, the icon is from our comic Gender Evolution ( I'm a little conflicted about it, but it's a cute and easy way to communicate some of the more important labels.


Date: 2014-07-29 12:12 pm (UTC)
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From: [identity profile]
I remember reading your& MPD comic at some point, but I don't think I ever read any of the others. Wish we had *any* money to our name so we could buy some - one day, one day...

Date: 2014-07-28 10:23 pm (UTC)
ext_96057: (THUMBS UP!)
From: [identity profile]
Nice icon btw!

Date: 2014-07-29 12:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]


Wait, are you saying having weird stuff DOESN'T make you special?! But Adiel is our sparkly unicorn! Sometimes literally!

I joke because I read both parts of this spork and one of the sum-ups of the AB saga before them and I don't even know how to comprehend this level of batshit and horribleness. I just...duh...guh... *brainsplode*


Date: 2014-07-29 01:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Rogan: You are totally the specialist special who ever specialed, Adiel.

Mac: No, Daniel gets the prize. They need to fight for it!

Date: 2014-08-01 05:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Adiel: *smiles* I need no such prize, I assure you.

Daniel: Nah, sorry babe but you so get that prize. The dude cries rainbows! I can't compete with that shit! Yeah, I'm a faery king, but of a tiny little backwater kingdom. I can't tell you how not exciting that really is. I'm like a D-list celebrity, tops.

Elle: ...Being a father has really changed you, my love.

Daniel: Oh, right! That didn't sound like me at all! I AM THE SPECIALEST! I AM THE BEST! GIVE ME ALL THE PRIZES!

Elle: There, now I recognize him again.

Date: 2017-02-23 11:44 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] apprehensiveacolyte
"X-men was fiction. There aren't actually vigilante scientists traveling in packs, looking to bag the soulbonders."

Someone needs to tell my old friend Katrina this

Date: 2017-02-24 07:05 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] apprehensiveacolyte
Yep, that would be her, the one whose fanfics read like a cross between InfoWars, My Immortal, and Battlefield Earth.

She's also claiming now that she was forced to have astral sex with her boyfriend during Thanksgiving dinner and delivered twin babies (like, actual twin babies, not spirit children) on Christmas. Sweetie, that's not how it works.

My girlfriend (against my advice) actually talked to Katrina under a false name and identity. Can provide screencaps of their conversations on request. It's pretty surreal.

Date: 2017-02-25 12:48 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] apprehensiveacolyte
No, that wasn't my girlfriend's conversation. Our friend Vulpecula (a fellow ex-member) got surprise-messaged by her.

My girlfriend won't publicly post these caps because she's afraid of the repercussions (which is understandable), but she's given us permission to send them to others privately.
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