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Hey everybody! Welp, I've written up all my prompts for Journeython, and you guys have a lot of free money and bonuses coming your way! You guys are awesome; it hasn't even been two weeks, and you guys have racked up $165! Give yourselves a pat on the back.

I'll cut to the chase. You folks have $83 (or 2767 words) to spend as you wish. Where should that money go? What stories get posted? YOU get to decide! (And once I have posted all the stories there are to post, I'll be back to let you guys choose the bonus sketch/s.) You do not need an LJ or any history with me to take part in this poll; leave your choices in the comments below if the poll glitches for you.

Have fun picking your goodies!  And of course, if you need more detail about any of the stories up for grabs, you can check out the thumbnail blurbs here.

[Poll #1971581]
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