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There are many ways for a system to gain new members. We haven't seen anyone talk about the various methods in detail, so we thought we'd take it on!

Most famously, there is splitting. However, splitting itself comes in at least three different types!

First, there can be one person who dies, breaking into two (or more) completely separate people. Sneak and Rogan are an example of this type; when their predecessor died, they rose from the wreckage.

Second, there can be one (or more) people who split off another person who survives the process. Gigi is an example of this type; she split off the Ur Girl, who staggered on for a few years before dying.


Third, you get a new system member who is formed from fragments of multiple people, who may or may not survive the process. Scratch was an example of this type; it was formed from dissociated emotions from Rogan, Sneak, Gigi, and Miranda. (You may ask why you never spoke to or heard of Scratch, and that's because the poor bastard only survived for a few months, and was completely nonverbal during that time.)

Integrations can also occur the same way, only in reverse. You can have two (or more) people glom into one totally new person (which has not happened here). You can have two (or more) people glom into one person, but one identity is retained. This happened with Miranda and Lollyanna; Miranda was changed by the integration, but still maintained a continuous identity. And you can have one person be integrated into a bunch of other different people--like Scratch, who died after returning emotions and memories to Miranda, Gigi, Sneak, and Rogan.

Splitting and integration is what most people think of when they think of "multiple personalities." However, there are other ways a system can gain/lose new members, and that's from outsiders/walk-ins. These are people who come from somewhere else; no death or splitting required. Mac and Falcon are examples of this type--they had their own memories, their own skillsets, and tend to have a weird dark horse status in our system.


Walk-ins come in a huge variety. They can be channeled spirits, past lives, people from fiction (AKA soulbonds), or just visitors from elsewhere. A lot of people can get tetchy over them, because obviously soul zombies are totally reasonable, but having Bugs Bunny in your head is just absurd. (On the converse, you sometimes get channelers or soulbonders who are horrified/baffled by splits because of the stigma of YOU'RE CRAZY.) Really, walk-in is a catch-all term.

For instance, Mac and Falcon are both walk-ins, but totally different from each other. Mac was a redshirt from Infinity Smashed; there's a reason Red Roses, Old Horses is known colloquially among our friends as "the Mac Dies story." (Fortunately for us, Mac refuses to believe we had anything to with his fate; he believes God ordained his death and we were just recording it.) Mac has always been open about his history and where he comes from, what he remembers clearly, and is totally willing to talk about the differences between our world and his. Falcon, on the other hand, just showed up one day, told us jack squat, and has continued coming (and sleeping on our couch for extended periods) for over ten years. He obviously comes from somewhere, but good luck chiseling the details out of him.

Different systems have different line-ups. We know some systems made up entirely of outsiders. We know some systems made up entirely of splits. There are systems like ours, that straddle the line, burn it, and dance on its ashes. I've generally found that there is no weirdness threshold for plurality... and probably a lot of other things as well.

--Rogan, Miranda, and Sneak

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We decided on a wild boar to be our symbol, we have some pictures we got off the internet to give you a better idea I will upload them to LJ in a day or so - but we definitely decided on a wild boar. much like this one: (

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That looks good, we don't care about colors - you can use whatever colors you find fits the picture.

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Yup, that is totally fine.


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Great :)

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This is an excellent entry - whilst I did know about those things in reference to your system and about those processes, it's still good to read. :) (We ourselves might be called a system of walk-ins, though we don't all use that term.)


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Interesting and useful, thanks!

Personally, my own experience has been of the "walk-in soulbond" and "fragment" variety.

There were a few years when my entire identity consisted of fragments that never fully-manifested into people, and had no awareness of each other, or intentions of telling each other about their plans or whereabouts. It was pretty much a total mess. x.x

I also have history of soulbonds, though they never stick around very long. They ONLY come when I'm being traumatized, and promptly leave as soon as my life is back on track. No idea why... *shrugs* The longest-lasting was the Cheshire Cat, who is more-or-less around whenever I'm being traumatized, since I was 8 or so. Others have included Claudia from Interview with a Vampire, assorted characters from Buffy, assorted characters from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Samantha and Nelly from American Girl Dolls. (My 90's upbringing is showing). ;-) More recently, there was... damn, I forget her name, but a trickster character from A Fistful of Sky, the book about witches that Annie lent be the summer you started hanging around Looking Glass. I definitely have a thing for trickers... like, fae are also often hanging around my head, but I think of them less as soulbonds and more as a religious phenomenon, like spirits or totems or guardians or something.

There's in fact, in general, a LOT of overlap between my multiple-ish experiences and my spiritual beliefs/experiences. SoulCollage in particular, which acted as a way for me to facilitate communication between fragments in that time to maintain some semblance of stability (until ultimately, I more-or-less integrated, inner child "little Nikki" aside, who shows up whenever I'm doing something kids would like but who very rarely fronts in writing... I'm not even sure if she knows HOW to write much of the time, she's like 4 or something).

I have...a lot of thoughts about all this. Many of them are confusing and contradictory. =/

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More recently, there was... damn, I forget her name, but a trickster character from A Fistful of Sky

Her name is Altria. :)
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