Date: 2007-10-13 05:35 pm (UTC)
My Man Rogan... :)

thanks for writing this up -- I've added this to my memories so I can give it a full read later (I've just skimmed this)...

After thinking things over -- Your advice to Carrie about doing smaller frontings sounds like a good idea. (not in drag preferably at first). I've already thought of a "victim", and introduced myself online to her last night via AIM -- she's a good friend of Carrie's and well trusted by both of us. It turned out that her friend was going to volunteer for it anyways...(I think she has a lot of questions still and some I'm not able to answer yet).

We'll probably see her sometimes next week... since she lives in SF and our new job's there too...

I'm hoping that things go well -- if I get comfortable fronting with her (she'll be at that party)then it'll be a better informed decision and not a shot in the dark...

I appreciate your feedback and Carrie does as well...

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