Apr. 8th, 2017

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Due to work engagements, I didn't actually have a chance to thoroughly look over my copies of Cultiples #1 until now.

And this is really bizarre, but... apparently the bold text didn't come through as bold.  It's just... normal.

The ebook shows the bold text.  The original document shows the bold text.  It's ONLY the print PDF, which I didn't think to check, because literally the only thing I do to convert the ebook to print PDF is click a box.  It never occurred to me that bold text just... wouldn't come through, for some reason.

What?  Computer, how?  I'm so confused.


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We've had some folks come join DW from tumblr or Discord recently, so I thought I'd do a little Dreamwidth 101 post for you guys! :D I hope it helps!

Access, subscriptions, tags, cuts, memories, and communities, oh my! )
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What time is it?  Time for another post about Piers Anthony!  Haven't talked about him in a few years.

Piers Anthony is a speculative fiction writer who OWNED our tiny little geek soul from roughly the ages of 8-14.  I mean, none of our other childhood creators compared.  We owned... *counts* twenty-one of his Xanth books, and at least thirteen from other series, and I don’t even KNOW how many others of his books we read at the library.  God, when I think of the MONEY we blew as kids on that guy...

Creepy pedopologia and horse-sex behind the cut, because Piers Anthony, man. )
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