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Raige at ROAR! (part 2) (part 1 is here)
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: 2250
Summary: When Raige gets an opportunity to play at a local marching band festival, he starts having trouble balancing the parts of his life.  Meanwhile, Thomas crams for his GED and M.D. tries to heal.
Notes: This takes place in that yawning period between Shades of the Past and the Next Adventure, also during the Enron trials. M.D. is still in pretty intense mental healthcare at this point, and Raige is in his junior year of high school. For all the marching band notes, those are at the bottom.

Part Two: Thomas

Since moving back home, Thomas had started a mutually beneficial trade arrangement with M.D., trading granola bars, ginger snaps, and dollars in exchange for Treehouse scrip, sweets, and miscellany. It gave him an excuse to visit Treehouse and all his buddies there, plus check up on her every week. He still wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about her “descent into madness” (as she sardonically put it), but he knew that Raige’s combo of worrying and denial honked her off, so had chosen to deal with joking about it. Maybe it wasn’t the nicest thing to do, but at least it wasn’t pretending she was on vacation.

“Hey!” Thomas called, ducking under the root cage. “How’s it going, crazypants? I got your granola bars!”

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This is a VERY old piece of writing from 2009 I found while digging through my blog archives.  I've edited it up to repost here; there will be a couple other snippets.

Jenny's China Cabinet
Universe: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: very short
Summary: After the events of Red Roses, Old Horses, Jenny grieves.
Notes: You should read Red Roses, Old Horses before you read this.  It has spoilers for it.

The first thing Jenny did was break every piece of stoneware in the house.  Plates, glasses, vases, it all had to go.  Against walls, the floor, the door, everything.  It all had to break.  None of it was hers, after all; it was mostly MacIntire's, and she wanted nothing to do with it or him.

Bastard had LEFT her.  On the night of fucking VALENTINE'S DAY, he had just up and left and had to go and fucking RUN OFF on her...

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Another one of the 2009 edits and reposts.

Cracker on Fire
Universe: Battle the Universe
Word Count: very short
Summary: Jake's stupidity nearly kills him.
Notes: No context required for this one.  Just Jake (aka Cracker Jack) has minor super strength--on par with Zambi's toughness, but he's a touch stronger.  She's better trained, though, and he still would get easily wiped by, say, Martial Law.  Jake isn't that powerful, he just THINKS he is.

Reggie never forgot the time Jake nearly died and REALIZED it.

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More 2009 edits and reposts.  Wow, I didn't realize I ever posted anything with the never-to-be-finished alien cuddle romance.  Here you go, guys, enjoy this random snippet from a larger project that never got finished or posted!  Complete with an illustration even!

To Lose Oneself
Series: Cuddlelove aliens
Word Count: very short
Summary: Baku loses itself to its past, and suffers the effects.
Notes: For context: Baku is one of the only survivors of a hive-mind, desperately trying to adjust to life as an individual.  It's the blue being.  Ruuj is the big fuzzy brown guy, and he's an "outbreed," born to two different species and suffering from the health problems therein.  He's always been the only one of his kind; Baku's still getting used to it.

Baku, a scrawny amphibious blue entity with a tentacled fringe around its head, cuddles a long fuzzy ear of Ruuj, a big brown guy with three arms who isn't used to such treatment.

Baku headed the charge.  It was naturally a front-runner; its long legs effortlessly outpaced the Detekens, and Ruuj was too slow to do anything but bring up the rear.  For a moment, it allowed itself the pure pleasure of sprinting, feeling its circulation rush, its heart pound, lose all confusing concepts of identity in the raw exertion of running.

Because of its distraction, it was the one to take the powder bomb to the face.  It didn't hurt, only burst on impact like a spore, but Baku's vision was immediately obscured white, and it dropped, shaking its head, trying to clear the obstruction from its membranes.

And then it smelled... oh!  Oh, it smelled Home... like SoLarre...

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More 2009 edits and reposts.

The PIN Christmas Party
Series: Infinity Smashed
Word Count: Very short
Summary: Grey gets drunk at the PIN Christmas Party.
Notes: Bob references this occassion in Red Roses, Old Horses; the picture of Jenny and MacIntire here also dates from this party.  In case you're wondering, Agatha is the front desk lady whose job it is to be as unhelpful as possible; Darlene is senior comboy and has been part of the PIN for the entirety of her adult life.  I had totally forgotten that I wrote this.

For the first time in my life, I couldn't find Grey.  The bastard seemed to have wandered off.

The thing was, I couldn't figure out where in the hell he could've gone.  He'd hit the can an hour ago, and socializing... Grey didn't socialize.  It'd taken my best persuasion to even GET him here.  He'd probably planned to spend Christmas shooting things.

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