Sep. 4th, 2014

lb_lee: A pencil sketch of me drawing/writing in my sketchpad. (art)
Hi everybody!  Well, we're kicking off this writeathon with a story prompted and sponsored by titianblue, who requested "they also serve who only stand and wait." It takes place in the greater Princess and Monster universe, following Mara's family from a Family of Fools.

To Serve and Protect

It had been a freak accident, the kind that happened sometimes in every household.  Mara, Mordekhai, and Miriam had finished their Shabbat supper, and as they’d headed through the kitchen, back towards their beds, the knife rack had suddenly fallen off the wall.  There was a terrific clatter and commotion, and unable to see where the knives had fallen, Mordekhai gashed open his foot.

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