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Work SURVIVED.  Praise be.

To celebrate, I bought a used copy of Rupert Kinnard's B.B and the DivaI have about half a little shelf devoted to queer comics, and I'm excited to add another one of the old classics!

Now.  Rest.


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The Big Multi DW Intro Post is blowing up again, and I'm sorry guys, I'm a slow turtle-man and can't keep up with you!

I PROMISE I WILL COMMENT.  Just... when I'm less overwhelmed!

EDIT: Ivan Velez Jr. responded to my email! @_@ AAAAAAH

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Oh man, I had a total lucky break!

So, we thought we had a dentist appointment today.  Turns out no, their automated texts were wrong, and since no human being actually checked with me, I had no way of knowing that it's actually next week.  Bummer, right?

Except I'm not sad at all, because it meant we got into the radical bookshop when it was open.  Got to do some business, sure, but even better, you'll never guess what I found in their fucking free box!  It was a bunch of queer comics from the old days, the first 21 issues of Hothead Paisan, and the complete series of Tales of the Closet! (I thought that I was missing the last issue, #10, but it turns out it was never printed at all!)

Holy crap!  I gave Hothead Paisan to my roomie and her girlfriend, but I'd wanted to read Tales of the Closet for years, but it's been out of print for ages, near as I can figure.  But now it's mine, ALL MINE!

I can't believe they just had it in a free box!  They had no idea the gold mine they were sitting on, Jesus!


EDIT:  Also I got Jeanine Renne’s Andy Blake book, When a Fan Hits the Shit, from [personal profile] dreamer_marie  today!  Best book day ever?  BEST BOOK DAY EVER.
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We were well enough to go to our neighborhood Pride block party!

I found a nice shady un-crowded spot near the entrance and the ATM and did free queer tarot readings for folks, using my Thea's Tarot deck, a radical lesbian feminist deck from a local! :D I did maybe a dozen readings, and some of them gave me money.  It let me meet all sorts of new people and chat with them and share this little hint of local queer history with them!

And I got a purple hoodie from a yard sale!  A past owner sewed yellow spikes and purple wings on it, so it is now my SPYRO THE DRAGON HOODIE!  I can't believe I found it for two bucks!

What a great Pride.  And Biff had a great time too!

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There must be some bibliophilic older queer woman in my neighborhood who keeps dropping her queer books in the free library. Whoever she is, THANK YOU LADY!

From this hypothetical human, I have managed to get my hands on Exile and Pride, a really crappy pink book about multiplicity that I ditched, and now The Lusty Lady which is about the woman-owned peep show by the same name in Seattle. Back in the 90s, a photographer wanted to tell the dancers’ stories, only to be told that if she wanted to get it, she needed to work there. So she did, and the book is made up of her photos and work stories.

I picked the book up because I’ve heard of the Lusty Lady and wanted to learn about it, only to get an awesome reference text of queerness, sex work, and women in the 90s.

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One of the bonuses of my profession is that every independent queer comics creator in the area seems to meet me at some point.  Which means I now have delightful access to some freaking FANTASTIC indy queer comics.  For someone who struggled finding queer material I liked as a teenager, I am in hog heaven.

So, time for a list!  In this case, my favorite indy queer comics. (Excluding porn, which gets its own list.) To simplify things for myself, I'm putting in some provisos: only one title per author, only series that are either complete or which I am sure will finish, only shit I own/read regularly, and only titles that are still legally findable.  Anyway, in no particular order here they are!  I hope other folks enjoy them and check them out!
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Hey guys, I finally typed up my notes for my trans comics talk from November, and put up all the materials for it and my queer comics talk on Patreon for you guys to enjoy!  Now it's all in one place for y'all to download. (And it's public, so you don't need to worry about being a patron to get it.)
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Because Calamus Bookstore (the last gay bookstore in Boston) is shutting down for good, us and roomie went to ransack its bones and buy all the queer stuff we could get our little hands on.

I did not have much luck in traditional books, but I did have a pretty neat haul!  I got some leather pride flag stickers, found a tiny trans pride flag lapel pin, some old gay mags (worse comes to worse, Sneak can chop them up for zer craft projects), but that is not the crown jewel of my haul!  I found a really cool surprise hidden in there!

For some reason, I found a copy of Oni Comics/Rosy Press’s Fresh Romance!  The thing was, it wasn’t a book.  It looked like all the pages in proof form, just printed out (at very high quality) on ordinary paper, held together with brads.  No cover or anything, just... a pre-book, as it were.

And I got it for like $6!  Dang right I nabbed that sucker!  And it was really awesome and cute and I’m so glad I was able to get all this stuff for less than $20 altogether.

Goodbye Calamus.  You were a great shop. :(


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A heads up to my local people, it looks like the last gay bookstore of Boston is closing this week!  All remaining goods are 25% off!  We're going to be making an excursion, try and buy up as many of the good old gay comics they've got... it's where I got my copy of Leonard and Larry a few years back!

Anyone want to join in?


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Hey guys, did you know there's a Queer Cartoonists Database?  And that it accepts submissions?

I've already added a bunch of my cartoonist buddies; add yours, and also explore to find more comics that you want to read!  This thing might look old-fashioned, but it's got images, demographic information, and lots of links.  A true labor of love.
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Flier image for Here, Queer, Comics--full description below

Here, Queer, Comics

An LGBT comics show and tell with LB Lee, hosted by New Spirit MCC, Northside Second Saturday Entertainment, at 4033 Hamilton Ave. Cincinnati OH on Saturday, Nov. 8, at 7:30!

I'll be talking about queer, trans, and gender nonconforming creators and characters in the US comics industry, from Red Tornado and Madame Fatal to the webcomics of today!  I will have my own rather large personal supply of LGBT comics for folks to read and check out.  If you're in the area, you should visit me!

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Being queer myself, I write a lot of characters with non-normative sexualities.  Also, due to the nature of how my series' run, a lot of stories may have it never come up--they usually have something else going on.  For my readers' enjoyment and edification, I figured I'd give a brief write-up for folks there, in the spirit of the Big Ace List and the Big Trans List.

Just because a character doesn't have something written, don't assume that means they're straight.  It just means I don't know.

Infinity Smashed

Read more... )

The Princess and Her Monster

Read more... )Reverend Alpert
Read more... )

Battle The Universe

Read more... )

Old Bloods
Read more... )


Read more... )
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So, ysabetwordsmith linked me to an interesting blog post on asexuality in fiction. Being demi myself, and living in a system that skews aceward, I thought I'd highlight my ace characters, plus the characters who I don't consider ace, but could be read that way.

A fairly safe assumption in my work is that if someone's sexuality isn't stated and they show no interest in anyone in the story, they're ace. But apparently a lot of folks might assume they're sexual anyway, so here are some of the biggies.

Superheroes, aliens, and other such folks. )
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When we read a book, or watch a movie or whatever, we will assume a character is not interested, and their sexuality will just be left blank until otherwise changed.  If a character is proven to be interested, we'll assume them to be attracted to the gender of the character they're hitting on, and leave the option for other gender attractions blank.  So yeah, I've got no problem with a bi Guy Gardner or Harry Potter.

Anyway.  There are some adult characters who we read specifically as asexual.  For instance:

A few heroes, including one who talks to toasters! )
Apparently this is supposed to be rare or something and nobody ever imagines other characters as being asexual.  With my friend's list, I refuse to believe that's true.  Got any more characters to add to the list?
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