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Man, but I really am not a villains kinda person. In fiction, they get to be stone-cold badasses, puppet-masters and genius psychological manipulators... but in reality, they're such fucking BABIES.

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Whenever ANY issue of access comes into play, INVARIABLY you will have at least one person who points out, “Look, accessibility is hard. It takes a lot of effort. Give the creators a break.”

Sure, it’s hard, but it’s also vital. Accessibility is an imperative part of good design. That this would be even considered a question shows a very flawed idea of what good design IS. The whole point of good design, in my opinion, is wedding aesthetic appeal with functionality. Your product should work as well as possible for as many of your customers as possible, and it should be appealing while it does it. (And when in doubt, function wins out.)

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[personal profile] metahacker  linked me this article on the use of Twitter botnets and government-controlled media to spread disinformation and conspiracy theories.  It seems up the alley of maybe some folks here!

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Lately, I've found myself tempted to make work that's very happy and fluffy, where nothing bad happens to anyone.  Pure comfort reading.  And I've really been struggling with that.

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Recovered Memories
Universe: LB (nonfiction essay)
Word Count: 1000
Summary: How our recovered memory process works.
Notes: This essay was prompted and sponsored by dreamer_marie!  I'm trying to cover material that hasn't already been discussed in our All In the Family comics or our Repressed Memory Guide. Perhaps you would find those interesting too.

Biff and I are at our men's group for survivors of sexual violence. The group is just starting, doing breathing exercises, when I feel sudden crippling dread.

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The closer that DID con rears, the more ambivalent I feel about it.  On the one hand, it’s a networking opportunity I can’t pass up, having that many DID folks and their affiliates in one hotel. (Not to mention a chance to visit my Seattle peeps!) But I also feel REALLY uncomfortable about its tone and that Colin Ross is there.  It’s making me painfully aware of the parts of the psych industry and DID/abuse recovery that bother me--mainly, the focus on the individual sufferer beyond all other things.


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Baby Multis

Apr. 9th, 2015 12:21 pm
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Today, we're going to meet a baby multi who's just coming out.  A mutual acquaintance rigged up the meeting, since we were the only other multi they knew and they thought we could maybe be helpful.  In a few hours, we'll pack our bag with useful books and lug it on out to a public meeting place and have coffee or a meal with the newbie, answering questions and giving info.

The first time we did this, we lived in Texas and the multi was old enough to be our mother.  They had never met another multiple, and they certainly never got proper care; their shrink apparently tried to force-integrate them until reading MPD for You and Me.

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Part of our brand of crazy is dissociation.  If endangered, stressed, or even startled too hard, we space out.  It's a numbing reflex, protecting us from inescapable pain.

We're harmless to others in this state... too harmless, which is why we've actively worked towards not doing it.  Dissociated, we're extremely passive and docile; we look to others for direction because we know we're too crazy to trust our own judgment.

This is good, because it means other people can tell us not to jump off a bridge.  But enterprising abusers can take advantage, and they have.  They do something relatively minor to space us out, then do something major, and when we surface from the episode, pretend it never happened or that we misunderstand what transpired.  And since they're the sane ones and we're crazy, obviously our judgment can't be trusted over theirs.  They won't even have to cover their tracks, because dissociation distorts our memory. (For bonus points, add that when the memory does become clear, they can claim, "Well, it didn't bother you BEFORE, so obviously you're just trying to make me feel bad now, and it's too late to do anything anyway.") Dissociation is very handy around inescapable trauma; when it comes to abusers, though, it can keep the relationship going, because we can't learn from what we don't remember.

If you're a dissociative, and you notice that you're dissociating a lot more around someone, or find that your memory becomes increasingly scrambled and unreliable around them, that is something to be concerned about.  You should not constantly need your coping mechanisms in a healthy relationship.  Sure, hard times happen everywhere, but there's a difference between a stressful time and a stressful PERSON.  Even if that person is not manipulating or harming you, you might just plain be bad for each other.

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Coming out multiple has been a slow, often painful progress.  In the beginning, we weren't out to anyone offline, and then, over the course of six years, the circle slowly opened up more and more until now even the government knows. (That, alas, was NOT something I had control over. *sigh* Oh well.)

So you can imagine my annoyance when people flat-out tell me we CAN'T come out.  Some multiples take it weirdly personally, to the point of getting angry, as though by coming out, I'm judging them or forcing them out. (Even though that's absurd; people do what they have to do, and their life choices are none of my business.)

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Okay, so not long ago, I was contacted by an online reporter wanting to interview me about Andy Blake, the infamous abuser who ran multiple fandom cults around himself (and likely still is). The idea was that we were a somewhat removed party who could give info about DID/multi.

I am posting the information I gave publicly. I think Andy Blake is an abuser. Not was, is. His mental health, his supposed multiplicity, his IDENTITY, none of that affects his actions. I do not want anyone to think otherwise. However, because it's his identity we were asked to weigh in on: I do not believe Andy Blake is multiple. And even if he were, he'd just be an abusive multiple, no improvement.

A couple people have drawn parallels between Andy and ourself. We have both claimed to be multiple, we both have trans singlet presentations (though Andy likes to avoid admitting it), we have both claimed to have fictive members... we are even fairly close to the same age. The difference being, we haven't abused dozens of people and are not interested in using multiplicity as an excuse for bad behavior.

I have debunked Andy Blake's claims of multiplicity before, in the two-part MST. Now I take on his more recent claims. Let's go.

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EDIT: one more thing.  I have no interest in concealing Blake's identity or past actions.  It is all easily Googlable and a matter of public record.
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Now that Cracks of Sunshine is done, I've been pondering my next comics/zine project. I have a couple different things I'm aching to work on, and I'm running into the exact same conundrum with both.

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Lately, I’ve been reading some really good things on the specifics of abuse regarding LGBT people, where abusers take advantage of someone’s LGBT status (be it their victim’s or their own) as a tool to help them abuse. This has gotten me thinking about abusive systems I’ve known in the past, and so I’m going to talk about how people can use multi as a tool of abuse—on both perp and vic side.

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Being certified DID is WEIRD.

I was brought up in the "healthy multiplicity" community online, which basically argues that being multiple is not necessarily a mental illness. Which was a godsend to us when we were young and had "only" undergone the Raping Year--by DID trauma terms, that's nothing. We didn't feel traumatized enough for DID, and our memory seemed pretty contiguous, and "healthy multiplicity" gave us an alternative, allowing us to identify ourselves as multi without the huge therapeutic baggage associated with it.

A lot of our early comics and zines reflect this, FTMPD in particular. Within our tiny subculture, we became decently known for our viewpoint on multiplicity, on being an "example." God help me, there were people who saw us as someone worthy of looking up to.

And then the Bad Years happened.

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I have written about this before, but I have discovered that a lot of conventional wisdom about being a working artist horrifies me. Following it would be mentally and physically dangerous for me.

I can only imagine that this wisdom is meant for people with the complete opposite temperament of mine. I don't have a problem with motivation or concentration. I have a problem with all-encompassing hyperfocus that puts me in an ecstatic state where nothing is more important than the art, not my loved ones, not rest, not even food. And if you think that's admirable, try it. 'Starving artist' indeed.

So if I find a lot of the wisdom and tropes surrounding working artists to be toxic, what do I do instead?

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The closest thing I have to a mission statement is that I try and take the bizarre and make it ordinary, then take the ordinary and make it transcendent. I believe that the ordinary and everyday is beautiful, and regardless of the medium I'm using, that's what I hope to get across. My comics take mental illness and make it understandable, taking a lot of the fear out of it and (I'd hope) bringing compassion and empathy. Similarly, I try to ground my speculative fiction in the mundane--sure, Infinity Smashed is about test-tube soldiers and dragons and talking cats, but more than that, it's about dealing with being poor, being sick, being loved.

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You may have heard about Sneak and Gigi's fascination with the American McGee's Alice games. Well, we now have a copy of the first game (thanks, [ profile] 403!), and as I fumble around incompetently and run Alice into walls, I find myself thinking how refreshing it is to play a female character who isn't sexualized.

Some minor spoilers for a thirteen year old computer game. )
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Lately, there's been a PS3 animation test called 'Kara' that's been making the internet rounds.  The band Voltaire has also recently come out with a song called 'the Mechanical Girl.' Both concern robot girls, and are excellent quality in different media, but they take the 'human-but-not' trope in completely different directions.
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Okay, stupid story, followed by a stupid question.

Our first exposure to Lex Luthor was through the Superman cartoon of the mid-90s.  So our mental image of Lex Luthor has been and always will be, this guy:

A picture of Lex Luthor, evil and classy bastard that he is.

In our opinion, it's a good look for Luthor. (And a great voice, but Clancy Brown is inimitable.) He's refined, classic, dignified.

He's also, in our mind, biracial.
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Why doodling is important and like practicing for the Superbowl. )

To finish up, here, have a page of crayon doodles Sneak did with her little cousin.
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Drawings for your viewing pleasure.  As always: click 'em, they get bigger!

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