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Two things!

First, my story prompt list is mighty bare.  Lately, I've been writing whatever I feel like, and if y'all are okay with that, then awesome!  But I also totally welcome story prompts; I really enjoy the ideas that come my way, and writing other folks' ideas!  So please, if you want to, send me a story prompt here!

And second, Cultiples #2 has run into a snag: it's too long.  WAY too long.  I'm already at over forty pages, and that only covers 1995-2008.  I've still got nine years to go, and 52 pages is the absolute max you can fit into a floppy stapled book.  I'm a little stymied as to what to do--right now, the only options I can think of are:
  • breaking it into two issues
  • make it a book with a spine
  • make it a completely different size/shape
None of these are ideal.  The first would have a very awkward break, the second would interfere with my plans to make the whole Cultiples series in its entirety a perfect-bound book, and the last would just be awkward in its discontinuity.

I suppose I could try doing it as an ebook only?  But that would also be a bit of a pain; I rely on paper sales at events!

I don't know.  I'm open to suggestions, I suppose!

EDIT: hareteeth on tumblr suggested two floppy issues, which I could then package together, in a sleeve or a jacket.  Good idea!  Problem solved.

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