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Computer repaired!  Thank goodness!  Seriously guys, having my drawing comp and my scanner comp as mutually exclusive machines was KILLING ME.  Now I can draw and scan on the same comp again, oh thank god! (And I can put BSOD back into retirement, where it belongs.)

And on that note, does anyone want my no-longer-needed ‘03 scanner?  It’s a CanoScan LiDE 30.  It still works, still has the install CD, but it’s admittedly old and creaky and I couldn’t get it to run on Windows 7 64.  Windows 7 32 is okay, though. (And for all I know, Canon has put up more updated drivers; I always used the 2003 install CD.)

I’ll probably just give it to Boomerang’s, perhaps with a note attached, but I figured I might as well check here first.  It was my first and only scanner for over a decade, and it served me well.  If there’s a baby artist in the house who wants it, I’m okay with passing it on!

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