Apr. 16th, 2017

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The Magical Girl House
Series: Magical Moonbeams
Word Count: 2600
Summary: Former Moon Princess Marge decides she needs to move out, and that her past history is weighing on her more than expected.
Notes: This story was actually bartered in exchange for [personal profile] nevanna mending my favorite shirt.  It is now good as new and she did a fantastic job!  Hooray for Nevanna!
A black and white portrait of Marge in her work clothes: an apron and a bandanna tied over her hair.  Her round, freckled face is equipped with a dead-eyed customer service stare.

Life seemed to have finally settled for Marge, former Moon Princess and current barista. She’d been at Homescross long enough to feel totally at home with her job and her customers. Not only that, but she’d spent enough of her free time wandering around the sprawling patchwork world to feel pretty steady in it.

As an informal roleplaying site, most of Homescross’s activity was done in certain areas: the coffee shop, the high school, the college. (There were also the more fantastic areas, Superburbia or Underhome, but Marge never went there.) Precious few players thought or cared about the infrastructure or manpower needed for these places to exist—where the coffee shop’s coffee came from, where the school personnel got trained. And that was fine. It meant the NPCs of Homescross could get some privacy from readers’ and players’ eyes and go about their ordinary lives in relative peace.

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